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Is Frozen a bad movie?

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Started: 4/14/2015 Category: Movies
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I believe that Frozen is one of the most, if not THE most overrated movie on this planet. The songs were catchy, yes, but only if you don't really pay attention to what you're singing. For example, "Let it Go" is a song that comes across as Elsa saying, "I don't care about my people or my kingdom. My feelings are more important than all of that."

The characters were just plain awful. Anna was an idiot who couldn't put one foot in front of the other without falling. The way she treats Hans and Kristoff is just appalling. And that brings me to another point. There are no real male role models in this film! Most Disney movies have at least one guy for the boys to cheer about. Not this film. All that males saw when they went to watch this so-called "great" film was a bunch feminist hogwash. Who takes care of the kingdom when Elsa flees and Anna blindly runs after her? Hans does. Kristoff is a really weak guy that gets pushed around easily by Anna. What kind of message are we sending to our children, especially the girls? This movie is one of the worst Disney have made in recent years, plain and simple.


I believe that Frozen is not a bad movie and deserves every ounce of success it has earned. The songs conveyed powerful messages with Let it Go talking about feeling isolated in your life and hiding secrets and to let these feelings go and be yourself, Do You Wanna Build A Snowman talking about feeling isolated from your sibling, and For The First Time In Forever talking about finally getting to enjoy your day and these are just a couple of them.

The movie gets you emotionally attached quickly with Elsa hurting her sister, their parents, and Elsa continuing to abandon her sister despite her repeated attempts to get close to her. The visuals are stunning with lots of time and money being put into it. The characters are great with Olaf providing comedic relief with his lovable personality and being clueless to the reality of heat and Anna being relatable to many being clumsy and naive. These characters teach many lessons thanks to the great plot.

The music is extremely catchy making it relatable to the Lion King's successful soundtrack and the movie is enjoyable to all races and gender. The movie has been so successful that already after just two years a sequel has been planned and a short film was made with the Cinderella release as a treat to the many fans. Due to all these reasons the movie is good.
Debate Round No. 1


I concede that the visual effects used in the movie were good, but that's it. I appreciate you taking up my challenge.

Let it Go- so, doesn't the song backfire in its' purpose? Elsa is disappointed that she has been isolated all these years, yes. But how does she solve the problem? By running away to the mountains, building herself an ice castle, and creating an Abominable Snowman to guard it! The song ends with her further retreating into isolation! Let it Go would have worked better as the last song, when she finally accepts her powers and uses them for the good of her people, thereby "letting go" all her doubts and fears. But the context in which the song was placed makes it nothing more than a song of rebellion and defiance- something that in this day's society is covered up with the phrase "girl power"!

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman- A catchy song at first, but after a while, you have to wonder, why couldn't Anna just leave Elsa alone? She's already in misery, there was no need to pile on the pain on Elsa.

For The First Time in Forever- Ummm...Anna makes it seem as if she's been trapped in the castle the whole time as well, when she hasn't! Yes, I know you might say, "she wanted to stay near her sister; it's loyalty and sisterly love," but Anna makes it seem like she hasn't been outside before. Nothing was stopping her!

Yes, I know that the point of this movie is to emphasize sororal love. But that's no reason for Elsa and Anna to leave their kingdom behind, especially in the hands of someone they just met!

The songs are catchy, something they have in common with the Lion King. But that's where the similarity ends. Compare "Love is an open door" and "Can you feel the love tonight." The former is complete nonsense; the second is full of more emotions than just infatuation.

Comparisons aside, let's turn back to the characters. Let's look at Anna, the Disney princess of the movie. What was her goal in life? What did she want? You see, each previous Disney princess had a particular goal that they went out and got for themselves. That is true "girl power". Not slapping around guys and throwing them into water! Hans was portrayed as a conniving megalomaniac, which is obviously correct considering his actions. But if I had to chose who I'd want to run Arendelle, I'd choose Hans. A queen and her sister can't just up and leave their citizens to freeze in the royal family's own mess! If this movie is supposed to teach girls something, it should teach them responsibility. Not running away from your problems. For these reasons and several others, I remain with my position that the movie Frozen is overrated.


I'm glad to accept this debate!

Let it Go - before she was running away she was still trying to hide her powers. Once she couldn't control it anymore everybody was staring shockingly at her and after trying to hide this most of her life and being told nobody could ever find out it's understandable she wanted to evacuate the scene. The song is definitely rebellious and that's a main contributor to its success and it makes us like Elsa more since so many can relate to her situation especially members of the LGBT+ community with the song being described as a coming out anthem.

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman - Anna is desperate to have her sister in her life and doesn't want to give up on her especially after losing her parents and the years that they did spend together. If anything it gives a positive message that you should not give up on your siblings who may be feeling down.

For The First Time in Forever - Yes she was isolated from the outside the guards kept the gates locked. She's excited to meet people outside of the staff for the castle. The reprise is also great as it shows a sister trying to help the other overcome her obstacle.

Elsa is afraid of what could happen if she stayed now that the town knew she was a sorceror and considering the fact a group went out to capture her who can blame her for running away. Anna was probably the only person who could get to Elsa and the town needed the eternal winter to stop. I think she made the best decision that could be made in that situation.

Love Is An Open Door is about an unlikely match who understand each other perfectly meeting and supposedly falling in love. Can You Feel The Love Tonight? is about Simba and his former friend being reunited with the feelings they've grown for each other. Both songs are good in their own rights.

Her goal was to have fun and enjoy herself. She wanted to find romance and connect with her sister. That is true each previous Disney princess had a goal they achieved in addition to Anna. Slapping around guys and throwing them into water would definitely combat gender stereotypes. Hans definitely did not have a condition that made him think he had unlimited power he was just a bad guy who used Anna to try to get control of the kingdom since he couldn't having all those brothers he had. I would choose Elsa, because she would be best for protection. Elsa did not realize they were all freezing and Anna left to get her sister so the freezing could stop. This movie was not just targeted towards girls, and it does not tech them to run away from problems. It teaches girls and boys and others to be there for your sibling when they're lonely and to never give up on them. It teaches them that you should let others help you or be there for you. It teaches them to be yourself and date some people are worth making sacrifices for.
Debate Round No. 2


Let it Go- the LGBT community is known for claiming any songs that weren't intended for the purpose of promoting homosexuality. This one is no different. You're right in saying that the song's rebellious has definitely been a major contributor to the song's success. But that's just saddening evidence that modern children, especially impressionable girls, are being pushed in the wrong direction. It's like showing a film that has a message encouraging boys to do violent things, and then observers remarking that the film has been a success because the boys are following through. This is the first Disney film that has such a harmful message, masked by catchy tunes and bubbly characters.

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman- I see where you are going with that, but think about this: why is Elsa locked up in the room in the first place? Why didn't the trolls just tell her parents that love would cure all? That would have solved the problem right away!You must agree that the parents' handling of this situation was shameful. They didn't confront Elsa's problem or try to take it on. They just shoved her into a dark room and locked her in.

Let me digress for a second and point out some more plot holes:

1. How does Anna know where she's going? She can't just leap on her horse and ride off in a random direction. She didn't even ask anyone which direction Elsa went?
2. Anna should have died in the snowstorm. There's no way someone can survive that freezing temperature in a summer dress. Also, what were her plans for food? What were Elsa's plans for food?
3. Elsa ran to the mountain in about a minute. She wasn't even going that fast. Anna was on a galloping horse and took a DAY.
4. After Hans fell into the water at the beginning of the film, he lifted up the boat and smiled. Not a sinister smile- a warm, kind smile. And no, Anna wasn't there she had already left!

These are just the few I can remember. I'll return to your songs

For the First Time in Forever- This song just displays Anna's immaturity and flakiness. Girls need a stronger role model- someone like Merida or Mulan, not a maladroit princess who can't say anything intelligent.

You say, "her goal was to have fun and enjoy herself." Here are the goals of the other Disney princesses:

1. Snow White's goal was to hide from the evil Queen. While running away, she happens on Prince Charming.

2. Cinderella's goal was to go to the ball and relive her life from when her father was alive for once. She happens on the Prince AT THE BALL.

3. Aurora...yeah, she had none. But she wasn't going out looking for true love. Love found her.

4. Ariel's goal to explore the human world. She doesn't let any obstacles get in the way of her goal, and on the way, what does she find- true love.

5. Belle was smart and courageous. She loved books, and naturally longed for adventure. She got in the form of- guess who- the Beast.

6. Jasmine is confident, fierce, and bold. She is tired of palace life and longs for a simple life with more freedom. Along her journeys, she meets a kindred spirit- Aladdin.

7. Pocahontas is wise, noble, and independent. She meets John Smith, and then develops a goal to learn more about his culture. Smith does the same, and OVER TIME they develop a romance.

8. Mulan is probably the most empowering Disney princess. She is the most courageous and self-reliant. Her goal is to protect her father from dying in war, by disguising herself and going into battle in his place, nearly sacrificing herself in the process. By joining the army, she finds the place where she belongs and also finds true love in Li Shang.

9. Princess Tiana wants to open her own restaurant. She finds true love after going a quest with Prince Naveen (if you don't already know, both were turned into frogs and decided to search for how to break the curse).

10. Rapunzel's goal was to see the floating lanterns before her 18th birthday. She enlist's Flynn Rider's help, and it is only when Flynn is dead that Rapunzel's love for him is revealed.

Compare all these princesses with Anna. The princess of a Disney film defines the film. Elsa may be the one who gets all the applause (really only because of Let it Go. Let's be honest) but Anna is the princess. She's clumsy, unintelligent, and immature. That's exactly what Frozen is. The film is resting on Let it Go; the popularity of the songs was able to distract people from the film's shortcomings. But that doesn't mean that the shortcomings aren't there.

It's plain and simple. By the standards of Disney, especially the Disney princesses, Frozen is a bad movie.


Sliemy forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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