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Is Gaming a waste of time

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Started: 4/6/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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In my personal opinion I think that gaming as a media has shown many people a sort of escape from the real world for people who deal with stress or a way to relax. Some criticize that it distracts people from the real world and this is not healthy and while I do think that is true in terms of physical health I think if it makes these people happy there shouldn't be any problems with this in my opinion

Looking forward to whoever wants to argue this.


I thank my opposition for an interesting topic.
As the negative did not disbar it, I will begin the debate this round.
I will set out to prove that gaming is a waste of time. Before I begin, there are 2 observations that should be put on today's debate
  1. Despite it's negative connotation, a waste of time is not an inherently bad thing. A time wasting activity can actually be a good thing, for example, look to my the Neg's example of relaxation. Relaxation is important for maintaining mental and physical health, but I will touch on this more later
  2. To establish the best use of time, I purpose a cost benefit analysis to weigh the use of time.

Lets start with a rebuttal. The negative puts forward 2 primary claims. First, it deals with stress/its a way to relax, and second that it makes people happy. Since these are similar, I will rebut both now. Just because something makes me happy, reduces my stress, and/or relaxes me doesn't mean it isn't a waste of time. I enjoy listening to the sound of rain hitting my window, so I will often sit in my room doing nothing but listening to the sound of the rain hitting my window, but this is a fairly big waste of time.

There will be 2 arguments for the affirmative.

Now the first argument of the Affirmative here is that just because something makes you happy doesn't mean its a positive use of your time. To support this stance, I offer 2 examples.
  1. The First is cigarettes. Cigarettes waste time in three ways. First, they take time off of the users life. Second, they require time to smoke. And Third they cost money, and as everyone knows "Time=Money". Therefore, by all accounts, Cigarettes are a waste of time. But many people would say it relaxes them, reduces their stress, and makes them happy. They meet all of the same attributes given to games by the Neg, but there is little reason to say "Cigarettes aren't a waste of time" because they literally limit the time you have on this earth.
  2. My second example (warning to anyone under 18) is masturbation. Masturbation also meets all the criteria the negative establishes, but isn't a productive use of time because it is inherently anti-social, doesn't benefit your career or education, and doesn't have significant positive health impacts
The second argument is that there are comparatively better uses of time. It is important to remember that time is limited. Any time you spend is lost forever. If you chose to play a game, you use time that you could otherwise use bettering your career, health, or social status. There are 3 better ways you could use your time than gaming.
  1. Socializing. You could interact with coworkers, friends, family, or go out and meet new people. In a healthy individual, socializing has no harm and many benefits.
  2. You could better your career or education. You could work extra hours, pick up another job, or attend classes to help better your position, earn more money, and ultimately lead a better life as a result. You could also go back to school and begin a new career, learn a trade, or just read a book. All of these would be a better use of your limited time.
  3. You could better your health. You could go to the gym and lift weights, you could take a bike trip, or you could just go for a walk. Epically in the midst of an obesity epidemic, and especially when said epidemic has such major harms (1).
Now none of this is to say that gaming is a bad thing. I myself have logged more hours in front of my PS4 than I care to admit. But the point of gaming is to waste time and have fun. I thank you for your time and I strongly urge an Affirmative vote.

Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent for such a in-depth analysis, and I will now bring my argument against.

In terms of socializing I think gaming can still be good for anyone who wants to make a friend or just someone to talk to with the help of the game which can provide anyone with a common interest to talk without the anxiety of talking to someone face to face and also just have fun playing the game, for example I find it a lot easier to talk to my friends when we have a game that we can discuss and enjoy playing this can provide great memories which can't be provided when we don't have anything in front of us leading to awkward moments. It is good for those who have trouble socializing as in terms of being an introvert, is seen as a bad thing in today's society but it is not necessarily a bad thing and I think gaming can help the time go by for those in these situations.

Bringing up the Opponents argument for getting exercise and personal health, I do agree that since we have so many youngsters from this generation going on tablets rather than go outside and play. My argument is that gaming can provide those with issues with their personal look and body can use gaming in the genre of exercising games such as the Wii fit because many don't enjoy doing it in public.

For many gaming is a way to help them with their problems in their lives and I think that it is at least a better choice than smoking or masturbating because I think it is easier to control than those options and a better alternative. It can be an type of art for some such as such story driven games like the Walking dead series or Journey which can suck people in their worlds and show them what they have to offer I feel like the time shown in these games make the time gone by worth it and therefore they have used this time well.

I can see that some do take gaming to an extreme such as the people that do nothing but play for almost 24 hours a day all the time and I know this is unhealthy but there is an extreme for everything and I think this is gaming's 'extreme'. But for those who spend a fair amount of time just wandering in a game for an open world game or beating levels in a plat-former just the time spent can be looked back upon without shame or regret.


As a road map, I will start with my overview, then his responses to my case, move onto social gaming, and finally my case

Remember, a waste of time is not a bad thing. In fact, I would argue that wasting time can sometimes be a good thing. But that isn't what this debate is about. The resolution asks us to analyse whether gaming is a waste of time or not. Even if you think gaming is a good time waster, you still vote pro because I will have met the burden the resolution asks me to prove.

With his response to health and exercises, he concedes that these are big problems, but he doesn't address the first part of this argument that uses of time are mutually exclusive. There are only so many hours in a day, and when you factor in school, work, or both, the time and energy people have is limited. In so far as he agrees that these are major problems and he drops the first part of the argument, you can extend my overall argument that there are comparatively better uses for ones time and vote on it. He also drops the example of bettering your career or education, so you can further it on that ground as well. Then he tries to get solvency by bringing up wii fit and that type of game, but recognize that he doesn't link into his solvency unless he proves that a reasonable amount of games AND gamers fall into this category otherwise he has no offence here.

Then he goes onto my first argument where I talk about how things making you happy doesn't mean they are a good use of time. He addresses my examples without attacking the actual argument, so extend that and vote on it. Then he makes this claim about how video games can be art. 1) That doesn't respond to my argument. 2) That doesn't help his side in anyway. He claims it brings them in and makes their time worth it, but he doesn't explain how it makes it worth it.

Finally, he agrees that there are extremes that are unhealthy, but remember when I tell you that uses of time are mutually exclusive, evening gaming not taken to the extreme is unhealthy.

Now at the top of his last post he talks about social gaming. A few problems here. 1) Recognize here that he is putting the burden on himself to prove that social gaming is a prevalent use. 2) I social game myself, but I only do it with people who I have met in real life. He has to prove that this is used by people to overcome social anxiety otherwise all he has is hypothetical benefits with no actual solvency. 3) Turn the argument against him in 2 ways. First, People rage when they game. Look up "Call of Duty Rage", or any other game followed by "Rage" on Youtube and you will find tons of examples of people raging. They gain no benefits of socialization and all they do is make themselves angry. But secondly, interactions over the Internet open people up to cyber bullying.

Remember, just because something is a waste of time, that's not a bad thing. But its still a waste of time. In so far as time is finite, uses of time is mutually exclusive, we must determine what is a good use of time using a cost benefit analysis. Just because something makes you happy, doesn't mean its a good use of time. We must analyse benefits beyond the surface and when we do, we find that despite how fun it is, gaming is a waste of time.

Vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 2


CamConDebater forfeited this round.


Extend. Vote Aff.
Debate Round No. 3


My apologies for forfeiting last round I was really busy and I forgot I'm sorry : ) My opponents argument has been superb and I'm finding it hard to think of a good comeback argument but anyway here I go.

He says that saying that me saying gaming isn't a art doesn't help my case but I disagree because although it doesn't bring up his argument, my point was that the art point of view brings a sort of experience worth the time

Bringing up the oppositions point on putting the burden on myself I do have many accounts with others through researching online on different websites shows the prospects of gaming online and I think that if one is cautions . His point on raging, I think it is unfair to say this only happens with gaming people 'rage' in many other things and is just something negative that comes with gaming but everything does have its negative side which most include rage such as sport or people raging due to pranking in short rage is just anger which we all express.

Gaming has found itself at many charities where games are played in order to raise charities similar to many sporting events that raise charities which could open to people with different talents so they can help with what they are good at some base their lives on gaming such as game reviewers who play their games and then the time used playing that game is made for a review, which for some is their job.

Although it isn't the main issue I would like to address the oppositions opinion on a waste of time as I think it would help my case, wasting time can only be negative since if you see wasting time as not a bad thing it isn't really 'wasting time'

I apologize if this isn't very good since its my first debate and I'm still getting used to it hoping to improve.


I would like to thank my opponent for this debate. I'm going to run down and tell you where you are putting each point.

Conduct goes to Aff because of the forfeit in round 3.

Probably goes to him as my spelling is rubbish. However I encourage you to double check.

This is the most solid area you vote pro. I will cover the overview and then go onto key voters

Remember, as you evaluate this debate, a waste of time isn't a bad thing. A waste is anything that doesn't benefit you more than it harms you, and where uses of time are mutually exclusive, if you can be doing something better with your time, than gaming is a waste of time.

I'll start with Con's offence. First he tries to say that gaming makes you happy and reduces stress. I refute that with the cigarettes example. Cigarettes do both of those, but waste your time in numerous ways. He tries to say gaming is better than cigarettes, but that literally doesn't matter because it ignores the actual argument I make. So vote aff there

Then he makes the claim about social. Recognize that he never actually meets the burden that this is a common way of gaming. No offence here.

Finally, in his last round he, brings up charity gaming. Realize that literally anything can be run as a charity. You can run, walk, crawl for charity. But furthermore, this is a small minority of gaming done. The average gamer isn't playing for charity, they are playing to waste time.

Now the primary place where I have offence is that gaming is a waste of time. He tries to refute this with social gaming and fitness games. Extend the analysis already given. He concedes that things like health are important, so when gaming and exercise are mutually exclusive, I win this round because human health should take top priority. For these reasons, this should be a very clear affirmative ballot.

Sources I net because cite a source in R1. He cites none.

Vote Aff.
Debate Round No. 4
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