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Is God real

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Started: 9/1/2014 Category: Religion
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God can not exist and there are many reasons 1. There is no geological proof of the great flood. 2. If God is so forgiving why did he created he'll.


Hi! I would like to accept this debate and hopefully entertain argument for a good time.

First, let me confirm that you are asserting God is not real/does not exist, is that correct? I just want to make sure we are both on the same page.

The years in the Bible are not the same as the years today. One year is a representation of a long time period [1], and does not literally mean 365 days. So the evidence for the Great Flood could have been washed away and eradicated from history millions of years ago.

Similar events to the Great Flood mentioned in the Bible have been recorded [2] and are not impossible at all. This gives us proof that the Great Flood mentioned in the Bible is not only possible, but similar events have happened, leading to the idea that the Great Flood was not only possible, but highly likely.

And remember, one day is not literally 24 hours in the Bible, so rain for forty days is most likely more like a long period of rain and monsoon type weather. An example of such a great amount of rain is here [3]. Almost 500mm of rain in a month and a half, meaning for the great amount of time that rain fell in the Biblical era, the waters must have rose incredibly.

God is forgiving to those who ask for forgiveness. For the people who disobey and harm mankind as well as curse God's name, there is no reason to forgive them. God created Hell for the people the bad people of Earth.



Debate Round No. 1


First off there have been many accounts for the great flood in many religion's around the world and they all have been known to be a myth. How do we know the bible is true I mean you weren't there and unless you got some good proof than sorry.


Literally, I would agree with you - four thousand years ago, there was probably no flood. There wasn't any historical evidence; only biblical. However, there have been accounts (like I've shown sources for in R1) that show huge floods, much like the one spoken about in the bible, with geological evidence. And considering the idea that a day back in the biblical era wasn't literally 24 hours as it is today, this gives the impression that the flood didn't literally happen 4,500 years ago. This, along with the idea that God created Earth and the Universe in 6 days, which is quite ridiculous, sends us to the understanding that the Bible isn't literal, and shouldn't be taken literally, but as a metaphor, in most of the stories.

This does not disprove the existence of God. This "disproves" (notice the quotations) the idea of a flood sweeping the earth a mere thousands of years ago. It doesn't even disprove that, you just say the lack of evidence other than the Bible (which I agree, is not "evidence") shows that there is no way a flood swept Earth. However, with my sources in R1, and this new one here [1], it is quite possible that there was a flood some thousand years ago, as well as ones in more recent times, and past times, all backed up with actual geographical evidence.

The Bible being 100% accurate or not has almost nothing to do with God's existence. It is the word of God, but written by man. God is all-knowing, man is not. The only way anyone can actually disprove the existence of anything is to explore every inch of the observable Universe, and also prove (somehow) that there is nothing more in existence than the universe that we live in.

I don't really like having to resort to that argument, so I will happily let you make another couple arguments and present any questions, as well as a closing statement. If what you say has any relevance to God's existence (or lack of), I would love to hear it. So far you've said the Great Flood is known to be a myth, (which I have proven could have happened, as we have actual evidence of floods much like the one from the Bible) and that God is not forgiving - which is wrong; God IS forgiving, you just have to seek him out and ask for forgiveness, and it would be a pretty good idea not to go against any of the commandments while you're at it.

Debate Round No. 2


There are many other religions out in the world and some of them have there own God. So what im trying to say is there are alot of religions out there and then Christianity so what happens to the other people when they die in a Christians eye do you know what im saying. You have no proof of the bible or the existence of God and neither do i.

Thank you for making my first debate a fun one good luck.


I believe they all have different interpretations of God in general. To say God cannot exist because there are other beliefs does not prove or disprove anything; it is simply the assertion that there are many religions, and many interpretations as to what God is. To assert the idea that God does not exist would mean you would need to show evidence of first hand exploration of literally everything. I am not asserting that God does exist, but I am debating against the idea that he definitely does not.

I'm glad we had a good debate and I'm glad you had fun, so did I!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MasturDebatur 3 years ago
Lukas - if you look at my profile, I am an atheist. I do not believe a God exists. However, I will not assert that a God does not exist. I cannot say for 100% certainty that one does not exist, even though I don't believe one does.
Posted by Lukas8 3 years ago
G`day. Agree with The Instigator, the god does not exsist. My family for instance is religous (catholic) but there really is no possibility that god could exsist. Many people like you MasturDebatur that are completley or pantheistical religous are saying that there has to be a greater foce in the universe. And its true. But it isnt god its the dark matter and energy, we know that it exsists because of the expansion... these matters arent black stones or mini-gods but bacause we cant see it, this doesnt mean that this is god or a religous force.
Plus remember this sentence: There far away is a habitatible planet, with many species on it. And an intelligent subspecies thinks "we know everything ,there are planet ghosts and gods around our disc and we are the centre of the universe", HOW seriously would you take them?
Posted by Vajrasattva-LeRoy 3 years ago
As far as I'm aware, it's Impossible to prove that what you call "God" exists,
but it's very easy to prove that "God" cannot not exist.
(If "God" didn't exist, nobody & nothing else would either. )
I think that the reason for the confusion about times, days, years, etc. ,
in the Bible is because such words are used in different ways-
sometimes a day meant 24 hours, & sometimes it meant, like, an age, etc.
The Bible was originally written in languages like Hebrew, Greek, & Aramaic,
& the translations haven't been accurate.
(The idea that Everything in the Bible is True doesn't make sense. )
(CheyenneBodie: Seashells on a mountaintop would presumably mean that the mountain was at or below sea-level at one time, not that the earth itself was flooded. )
I see no reason to assume that it didn't rain for 40 days & 40 nights at the time of the Flood, but I'd like to point out that it would have rained that long & that hard in a very localized area- not over the whole earth, thereby creating a very localized Flood.
It can be easily proved that "evil" doesn't exist.
(It's said that only what "God" created exists, & since "God" is good,
He couldn't have created "evil" , so "evil" can't exist. )
I've found it a lot more logical to use L. Ron Hubbard's concept of the Gradient Scale:
(Everything is good, but some things are More good, & some things are Less good. )
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
God did not create hell for man. He made it to incarcerate the devil and his angels. Adam took the law of sin and death and put man on that road. God saw that and created the plan of redemption.He gave man a way out of that road. Jesus. But one thing he will never do is force someone against their will to walk on the road to redemption.I went up on a mountain here in Pennsylvania and found seashells on top of it. What more proof do you need?
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Reasons for voting decision: Con's case did not sufficiently fulfill the burden of proving that God does not exist. Even taken completely at face value on all points, Con's case simply doesn't prove nonexistence of god in general--and Con didn't specify the christian god in the R1 setup. Welcome to the site Con! I wish you the best of luck in future debates. As always, I'm happy to clarify this RFD.