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Is Hillary better than trump

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Started: 10/20/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Hillary is better


First I want to thank my opponent for challenging me to this debate. I will be going against the argument that Hillary is better than Trump.

First off Hillary has done so many things evil in her life that she cannot and, in fact, shouldn't even be allowed to be president. Hillary is worse than Trump for the following reasons:

Hillary supports the killing of babies, even after the nine week mark, as well as after birth. She says that babies aren't babies until they leave the hospital. This is outrageous and wrong, and she knows it. She is pro-choice, which is pro-death.

Hillary sent private and confidential information by email, and when it was discovered, deleted about 30,000 emails, and lied saying that they were about a yoga program and her daughter's wedding. Really? Like Trump said, that must have been a big wedding. According to ( 8 of the emails that were released contained top secret information, 36 contained secret information, 8 contained confidential information, and 2,000 were classified as confidential. These emails show that she can jeopardize America by giving secret information to the wrong people. Hillary should be in jail.

In newly leaked videos, the Democratic party were hiring people to incite violence at Trump's rallies, and they were also trying to figure out how to accomplish voting fraud for Hillary.

Hillary left a couple people to die. She was heartless.

Hillary has done terrible things that people, who have only done one fifth of what she did, have been put in jail for.

Hillary is evil, and will ruin America, and she has so many other faults and failures.

Trump will set a new stage. Hillary will only continue what Obama has done and worse, and nothing will change dramatically. Trump on the other hand, who is not a politician and doesn't use the tactic "lie about everything if it makes you look good just to gain the people's vote," which is what Hillary does, will make a change. Trump is a business man and he knows how to make good deals with our allies. Trump will whipe the slate clean and we can start fresh. Trump is better than Hillary because Trump has never given anyone confidential information, and he will stick to what he has said he will do. Trump is for the American people, Hillary is for herself. Trump is better than Hillary. Thank you.
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