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Is Home schooling a good Idea

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Started: 12/17/2014 Category: Education
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Is homeschooling a good idea for kids. What if The Parent or Adult did not go to school for long or did not get the right education? Yes some parents may think it is a good idea but some kids do not get the right education. Most kids say that they like home school but they maybe be in kindergarten or under 3rd grade.


I accept this debate, and will happily argue that home schooling can be a good idea. I am not arguing that it is universally a good idea, but that it can, and often is, done right.

Teacher/Student Ratio

First off, home schooling allows students to receive more personal attention from their teachers. The average classroom size in the United States is greater than 20 students to one teacher [1]. This means that any student who is having trouble with a particular concept has to compete with 20+ peers for the time and attention of their teacher. In contrast, a home-schooled child will only have 2-3 classmates, allowing for more personal attention by the educator.

Tailored Lessons

Another advantage of homeschooling is the ability to tailor lessons to the ability of the student. Public schools have been using standardized testing since the nineteenth century, especially since 2002's No Child Left Behind came onto the scene [2]. What this means is that teachers have to prepare all of their students for the same test at the same time, regardless of the ability level of the student. The outcome is that some students will be at a higher level, and therefore be bored, while others will be at a lower level, and be frustrated. In contrast, a homeschooling instructor can tailor lessons much more freely to the knowledge and ability level of their students.

Learning Styles

Finally, it is no secret that different students learn differently. There are at least four different learning styles that all student fit into, or into a blend of them [3]. If a teacher has 20+ students, they will not be able to tailor their teaching style to meet the needs of that large of a group. However, if a teacher has 2-4 students, they are much more likely to succeed at doing just that.


CON's objections seem to be that the parent-educator may not be properly educated to take the role of a teacher, and that the students may not get a good education. While I agree that this is a concern, it is certainly not a prevalent problem. In fact, 90.3% of homeschooling parents have at least some college education, while 28.7% have graduate degrees [4]. Also, even home-schooled students whose parents do not have college degrees score above average on tests, and those who have one or both parents with degrees score even better [4]. CON's objections to home-schooling are without merit.


Debate Round No. 1


Well the socialization is a problem for home schooling because some only child or only home schooled child of others could end up in possible isolation. And the income of the parents would reduce because of the fact that they would have to have full focus on the child. All schools have exams and that would be hard to organize or even know when they should take the exam. Now parents love spending time with there children but sometimes parents would like to have a break from time to time from their children. And parents full responsibility meaning the parent would have to make it work fully. they would have to make sure that the child would do things right. Some parents make it a issue. For example, Maybe a parent falls asleep and the child would receive no education at all and the parent would be forced to have the child put in a legitimate school.


I would like to thank CON for his comments this round. CON has brought up many points here, all of which I will not address.

Social Isolation

CON suggests that home schooled children may suffer from impaired socialization. This is a serious concern, which, thankfully, is not born out by the evidence. Home schooled children are not stuck in a classroom for 180 days a year, allowing more field trips, hands-on experience, and adult interaction [1]. I actually knew a family that home schooled, and between boy scouts, Taekwondo class, and other similar activities, there was plenty of socialization.

Other Arguments

CON has brought up numerous other concerns regarding home schooling, including lowered income, organizational challenges, parents needing time away, and parents needing a nap. I see no reason to address all of these issues individually. I agree that not everybody is capable of home schooling their children. A family will need to address the financial, organizational, and other challenges before they choose to take this route. The fact that these challenges exist does not in any way mean that home schooling is bad, or that it should not be done. It only shows that it is a serious undertaking that should not be undertaken by everybody.

Wrapping Up

I have demonstrated that home-schooling can be beneficial. CON has failed to provide evidence for any of his/her claims. I feel I have met the burden I accepted, while CON has failed in that respect.


Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by MrJosh 2 years ago
My main piece of advice is to not argue your feelings; argue what you can back up. One thing we used to joke about in college, is that you are not allowed to have an original thought. It doesn't matter how many years you have been studying something, or how well you know it, if you can't point to evidence to support your claims, no one should believe you.
Posted by Hrvoje 2 years ago
I believe for some peoples "home schooling" is a great..
But for others is a bad idea..
Depends on the individual
Posted by thatawesome 2 years ago
mrjosh you have made some very good statements, to be honest this is my first debate do you think you could give me tips so next time i make a better argument?
Posted by thatawesome 2 years ago
well I am in a school but it is just my opinion I know most home schooled kids are smart and lived up to be very successful but its my opinion so deal with it
Posted by The-Voice-of-Truth 2 years ago
And what gives you those ideas? I used to be homeschooled, and my mom did not get proper education. Anyhow, in 5th grade, I had a second-year post-high school reading level (Sophomore in College) and I had finished Algebra 2 in the 7th grade. In my 8th grade year, I would have take Pre-Calculus and then Calculus.
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Vote Placed by NoMagic 2 years ago
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Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
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Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: Home schooling is bad. It allows creationist to lie to their children. But Con didn't argue strongly enough for his position. Give it to Pro, despite being wrong.
Vote Placed by Eli01 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I was thoroughly convinced that homeschooling is a good idea. The reason I gave PRO spelling and grammar, is because CON failed to place commas, where it was necessary, and he had many misplaced interjections. I gave PRO arguments because he was the one who really brought up detailed factual consistent arguments. He also refuted each of CON's arguments. And lastly, I gave PRO Sources because he was the only one who used them. Well done PRO!