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Is Home schooling better than going to elementary school etc.

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Started: 1/13/2015 Category: Education
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The pro will be arguing that home schooling is better than going to normal school where the con (me) will be voting that schooling is better than homeschooling

round 1: acceptance
round 2: explanation for reasons
round 3: summarys


I'll take it. Forward your arguments!
Debate Round No. 1


For one schooling allows for kids to have better social skills and more interaction with your friends than when you went to home school and you are also getting trained by people that probably have more education than your average mom and dad. there is also the fact that there are some things that most parents don't understand due to the the new ways of teaching and technology.


Socializing as a homeschooled kid
I think one of the biggest misconception about homeschooling is its debilitating kids' social skills. I don't think that is necessarily true. Socializing with kids is not the only way of socializing as lots of anti-homeschoolers seem to think for some reason.
Homeschooling lets kids spend more time in their community to interact with a bigger variety of people outside their age group: homeschoolers enter the real world much earlier than public schoolers, who mostly spend most of their school and childhood life with only people that are around their own age group. Homeschoolers are not affected by the bad social dynamics of kids and teens, but can get all the good social dynamics of being used to interacting with people of all age groups.
Yes homeschooled kids are less likely to make friends with other kids but so what?

Learning as a homeschooled kid
Usually parents who homeschool their kids know what they're doing, so I don't think the point about people having more education than moms and dads is a good point. Also homeschooling could include private tutoring. I think that 1-1 teaching or even 2-1 teaching is much better than 1-30 teaching. The kid receives the concentration needed to deal with all his learning questions and problems. The tutor or mom and dad can better concentrate on where the kid needs help. There is no proof that homeschooled kids come out worse than kids that are sent to public school. The kid will have an advantage in education instead of having to plow slowly through the school system.

Debate Round No. 2


There is still the point of what happens if they don't make friends as kids, if that was to happen what would the output be when you are older and you need to make friends with your boss. Point being it is better to have a place where you can be in constant contact with friends and get the feel for people you should be around from your perspective and not your parents perspective.

Then there is also the matter of money where most schools are funded by the government while in home schooling there is the problem of finding the money unless your family is rich it would not be the most reasonable choice to home school. Another problem is the sources of education where they may not be constant. Let's say that your way of being taught was through internet courses if you don't have enough money then what will happen is you will lose 3 days to a weeks of classes. Where in school this is a constant source no matter if there is a power outage they can still be taught.


Myth of Socialization

I think the problem is that you believe homeschooling to mean locking a child at home and never letting her go out to talk with people. That's not even remotely true. Studies have shown, contrary to your claim, that homeschooled children can and often have invested into community participation and socialize with all kinds of people. See, the thing is, the only difference between homeschooled children and children that go to public schools is that homeschooled children are less likely to socialize with children of their age group. This is not the same thing as not socializing with kids of similar age group at all. And anyway, how does this point even weigh up to how it hurts the child's ability to socialize when she gets older? With the child's often being involved with people in the community and neighborhood, I think she is actually much more prepared than public school children who generally only associate and work with children their age.
You should read this article:;

Learning as a homeschooled child

Homeschooled children get to learn under a curricula that focuses on them to nurture their growth. Public schools simply just can't provide that kind of focus.


I think this argument goes against public schools more so than it does against home schools. Think about it. Almost all of the money spent on schools is to fund school facilities, transportations, board of education, staff, teachers, maintenance, electricity, water, and school activities.
People who go to public schools generally still have to purchase their own paper, pencils, pens, textbooks, and notebooks. That's exactly the same with home schooled children. So the funding point really goes against public school funding with all the extra costs to maintain the school.

Power Outtage??

I think this goes back to your problem of assuming that people who are homeschooled stay home perpetually. You assume first that the family whose house is under the outtage will decide to live in that house without attempting to do anything to fix the problem for weeks on end. You also assume that they have their child take internet courses and only internet courses. I mean, libraries and books and paper curriculum totally don't exist right?
Also, a power outtage is just one case. That's like saying all people shouldn't job because of the chance of spraining muscles which might make you unable to exercise for weeks on end. That's silly.

Homeschooling focuses on nurturing a child and her growth. Public schools don't really provide that kind of focus.
Homeschooling is cheap and allows for versatile time management.
Homeschooling socially often prepares people to socialize with all varieties of people, and is actually better than public education in that regard.

Thanks for the debate and thank you for reading!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by AIyssa 2 years ago
No problem! It was fun!
Posted by KKRay 2 years ago
Thank you for a great first debate!! And sorry about the grammar I was typing on my phone.
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