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Is Homework Good? or Bad?

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Started: 11/5/2015 Category: Education
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Homework is an important opportunity for students to review materials they learned in class. In fact they can use homework they completed to study for upcoming tests or to get additional practice. Homework is helpful a lot of times as well, for example it lets the teacher know if a student is having trouble on the subject which can help the student by getting him to work harder on the subject to fully understand it. In some cases homework may also help your grade. Homework can help you to bring up the B in a class to an A for just completing a few worksheets. In the end homework is never too much and it reinforces what the student learned during the day as it also gives students confidence in their schoolwork.


I agree with a lot of what you said. So homework can either be extra work the teacher gives you to complete after your school day is over, or it is previous work which is supposed to be finished during the school day.

One of the big issues I had during school was having 4 classes all giving me homework that is extra to complete that was not already stated during class, as well as the work I could not complete during class. I would get smothered and overwhelmed. If that happens I'm less likely to want or have the will to finish. Then there are times when I had two essay's to write while having to complete extra homework from other classes and even the classes that gave out the essay.

Another issue is I don't have a teacher around for homework. The teacher can correct me if I'm doing things wrong or have questions about what exactly I'm doing. In my case my dad is very well educated and could and did help with with almost everything I had to do. But for many others their parents aren't as educated, or they work to much and don't have the time or aren't even home to give assistance.

I think that it is up to the teacher to properly teach their class about the subject material during the school hours. If they can't get the matter across the class during school and need to give extra homework to accommodate for then it's their fault.

I think it's the students job to pay attention in class, and finish their homework within the time given. I do agree that work given during the day if not completed during the day should be required to complete after-school (If the student wants to keep their grades up)

But it all comes down to the student. If he chooses to not complete his homework (work he did not complete in school) then he will fall behind and eventually fail the course. But requiring you do extra work after-school I think is a joke. You go to school for 6 hours and then they expect you to spend 3 more hours to do homework. I work full-time now, my usual day is 6-10 hours. And when I get home I don't want to do more work I want to relax or I choose to either workout, hobbies, games, or educate myself. But no matter what I have the choice.

Anyway, to sum it up, I don't think extra homework should be given out no matter the course. If the student wants to get more educated or boost him/her grades. They can ask for more books, and or assignments.
Debate Round No. 1


Im sorry I dont understand your claim. Are you siding with me or not im unsure, but I can argue with you by saying that when students take long periods of time doing their homework then that would mean that they aren't fully knowing of the subject. You see this can help the parents or teachers by showing them that the student needs helpon the subject that an educated adult caould provide. You also said, "If the student wanted to get more educated or boost him/her grade up they can just ask for more books and assignments." I don't agree with you on this. Doing homework does help the student become more educated. Homework helps the student become more familiar with the topic. Yo-Yo Ma even said, "Mastering music is more than learning technical skills. Practicing is about quality, not quantity. Some days I practice for hours; other days it will be just a few minutes." This shows that as long as you are practicing outside of your own school time even just a little with homework eventually the student will master his/her subject and fully understand the concept. Homework could also bring your grade up. By doing homework which is either 5-10% of your grade it could have a major effect on your grade by bringing it up to an A or lowering it to a B.


What I think is homework as in extra work not assigned during the school day or more at the end of class to be finished at home I don't support. Finishing work you were already assigned to do during class I think you should do if you want to keep up in class. I really think it all comes down to the kid. If he/she wants to get ahead or stay on top of things then read the damn textbook or ask for more work. But giving out extra homework doesn't make sense to me. If the kids aren't learning enough during school then I'd say get a new teacher.
Debate Round No. 2


All kids want to do well. It doesn't matter what. A kid could want to do well in school or in a sport but doing homework for that subject will help him to master that skill. A kid might have basketball practice but when he he gets home he does his "homework" and either practices more or studies the plays. A kid who wants to do well in school will ask for extra work, (which is basically homework) to do better in class. Homework is to help children not hurt them and it does. They can choose not to do it and will probably get lower grades while people that do the homework get better grades. If the kids aren't doing well in class they should work harder in class, get more outside help and practice that subject more. I'm not saying that teachers should give out extra homework, that I think is optional, but I believe that all kids should be doing homework and that homework isn't bad for them but instead will help them strengthen their grasp on that particular knowledge and will help them better in life as it gets them ready for college and their jobs.


IKnowWhatToDoWithMyMoney forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Deav0n 2 years ago
12 year old me would debate this with you until I was blue in the face.
21 year old me cannot.
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