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Is Israel Abusive to Gaza?

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Started: 7/27/2011 Category: Politics
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Just came on here, All the arguments I see are waaaaaaaaay beyond my scope but I'm pretty good on my school debate team. Maybe I can learn a thing or two from you guys!

2008 War:

I've seen quite a bit of flak for this war. Naomi Klein, Richard Goldstone, and many others have condemned Israel's actions. The reasoning behind the war was simple, since Israel pulled out of Gaza, Kassam rockets had be launched into border cities (Sderot, Ashdod, etc.). This is a clear problem that could not be solved diplomatically (as was attempted for several years prior to the war). During the war Israel did everything possible to prevent collateral damage. Israel would phone people whose streets would be bombed to tell them to leave for fear of injuring civilians. Israeli pilots would drop leaflets warning of raids. Israeli pilots would see if there were civilians massing on the roofs to protect the terrorists that were being targeted and abort the missions. All of this is truly inconceivable, but Israel did it to prevent as much collateral damage as possible! Mistakes were made, yes, a UN school was bombed after Israeli intelligence traced a kassam rocket launch back to it, but the question is, if a rocket is launched out of a UN school, is the school still neutral? It also raises the question of why UN staff would allow such conduct to go on.

That is a taste of what the air and intelligence scene was like from Israel's side. In the streets it was much worse. Militants from Gaza would use ambulances, UN AMBULANCES, to transport themselves and as weapons against Israeli tanks. How were they weapons? The tanks would go into a narrow alley and before it could go through, an ambulance would park at the end. The tank engineer would try to reverse out and another ambulance would block the entrance. Suddenly the engineer is trapped, does he/she destroy an ambulance to preserve his/her own safety? Aside from the abuse of medical vehicles, the Gazans also made sure to use the Israeli warnings to their advantage. They would set up tripwires or dig kidnapping tunnels in buildings that they knew Israeli soldiers would be entering in order to kidnap/injure as many soldiers as possible (a completely legitimate strategy in war, but hardly the actions of an innocent civilian!)

It's hard to justify war, how can one draw such lines? But did Israel really deserve works like the Goldstone report? Was Israel really THAT brutal? A fact is that after the war the number of kassam rockets launched out of Gaza dropped from over 2000 to under 500, proving that the war DID accomplish something positive.


The Flotillas were designed to provide aid to struggling Gazans. The strange thing is that Israel provides the same aid as one of those flotillas every day to Gaza. It seems like the flotillas were less about the actual aid and more about showing opposition to the Israeli blockade (which is legitimate, it would be nice if the activists would just say that they are making a statement instead of hiding behind the title of humanitarian aid worker). To get things straight, Gaza has a flourishing economy, what it needs aren't imports of aid, but the ability to export its own goods. Yes, the Israeli blockade seriously limits that, but the question is if Israel removes the blockade, will the economic boost be worth it to open up the risk of reopening weapon trade?

Israel's response to the Flotilla was a disaster. I am a supporter of Israel, but there was nothing efficient about that altercation. It was clear from the get go that militants were aboard the flotilla (amidst the activists) when the moment Israeli soldiers boarded they were attacked with blunt weapons. One could argue that no soldiers died, but several activists did die, but then the question is, what's worse, instigating a violent confrontation, or winning the fight? Why should Israeli soldiers feel guilty for defending themselves? The mission was terribly executed, but that does not make Israel cruel, however, it does prove that the flotilla contained seriously violent individuals who had no qualms with doing harm to Israeli soldiers without provocation (unless you are under the belief that sliding off of a helicopter cable is provocation).

Current Affairs

I will not lie, I know very little about current affairs. I know that Gaza is opening luxury hotels, that Israel provides much of Gaza with power, and many of its sick with health care. There seems to be very little violent confrontation, however a fence is going to be built in order to keep things safe. The issue is that the fence breaches Gazan territory. What I wonder is why Gazan officials don't WANT a fence. Yes they lose territory, but the boost in relations would be astronomical! I have no doubt that Israel would reimburse the displaced residents for lost property, and in the end, if Gazan officials were to agree to the construction of this fence, terror attacks would drop further, Israeli-Gazan relationships would be stronger than ever, and the world will be one step closer to reaching a solution to the conflicts in the Middle East.

Now, I know I am extremely biased towards Israel, I live in a community where it's rare to find a knowledgeable person willing to side with Gaza in this debate. I never know what sights to trust on the internet, so I've come here to see what I may be ignorant to. Hopefully my views aren't too skewed, I look forward to seeing my opponent's response.



I thank my opponent for the opportunity of being involved in this challenging debate!

I shall be bringing an opening statement and will follow rebuttals in the second round and move onwards after that.

Before we can start, I'll give a quick definition of Abuse.

"To use wrongly or improperly; misuse: to abuse one's authority."

Now I wish to state that the Gaza Strip is not part of Israel but rather part of the Palestinian Authority; which has been greatly abused by the State of Israel.

Since the Independence of Israel in 1949, the Palestinians have greatly suffered from constant occupation of Israel Forces especially in the Gaza Strip due to its proximity near the Egypt; causing a massive Exodus to the Gaza Strip in 1948.

Because of this, the Gaza Strip is made up of Refugees and their descendants and continues to be neglected by the Israeli government. And by the end of the Gaza War, the infrastructure and basic services of the Gaza Strip were destroyed.

Which has led to 1.0 of the 1.7 million people of the Gaza Strip to be refugees, the economy of the Gaza Strip to be one of the worst in the world.

Now I raise several arguments against my Opponent's case.

1. Israel continues to abuse the Economy of the Gaza Strip.

Before the 2008 Gaza War. The Israeli government had issued a massive blockade over the Gaza Strip, which would be a factor of leading to the war, itself. From 2007 to the present, that Blockade still continues.

Another issue is the construction of a Wall over the Gaza Strip. The West Bank wall, this wall effectively damages the lives of the thousands of Palestinians who need to travel to Israel for their jobs.

Because of this, 40% of Palestinians are unemployed and nearly 70% of Gaza Strips people are under the poverty line.

This isolation has created damaging effects to the Gaza Strip, due its densely populated region and with little or no resources. These issues have led to a lower economy and advancement of technology. Hindering and damaging the lives of the people of the Gaza Strip.

2. Israel has abused deadly weapons and used violence to suppress the people of the Gaza Strip

During the Gaza War, Israeli Defense Forces used White Phosphorus in the Gaza Strip along with damaging the Headquarters of United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

As my opponent pointed out, the Israeli government conducts hostile takeovers of Flotilla’s heading into the Gaza strip, though it is true that during the 2010 Gaza Flotilla incident, that one ship was with uniformed members of the IHH (Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief), the vast majority were humanitarian aid vessels bound to the Gaza Strip, this is clearly acts of abuse of the Israeli government’s power in the region and the already controversial Blockade

3. Security priority of the State of Israel, abuses the treatment and rights of Palestinians.

As the need for more settlement increases, Israeli forces continue to move more and more into the West Bank and especially around the Gaza Strip, causing the raise of “security” over the land that had previously belonged to Palestinians. This has greatly abused the rights and sovereignty of the Palestinian people.

With security walls, checkpoints, and an ever-lasting Blockade on the Gaza’s Strips shores. The government of Israel has greatly abused basic Human rights and needs of the people in the Gaza Strip. Such as restricting the movement of Palestinians to only the Gaza Strip, forcing the people of Gaza to be completely isolated and being humiliated and often abused.


The State of Israel in the contemporary era has abused the economics, rights and sovereignty of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. By choking and isolating the Gaza Strip, by continued construction of Settlements over Palestinian land and creating tension and fueling hatred which leads to further conflict and suffering.


Debate Round No. 1


Alright! Your definition of Abuse seems spot on so I'll just skip over it and move onto your other points.

Gaza strip is not part of Israel, yup!

Suffering from the mass occupation of Israeli forces. Boy oh boy, let's take a look at Israel's side in this issue. In 1948, on the day of Israel's creation, the surrounding countries took it upon themselves to wage war on Israel. It's disputed on who attacked first, which is why occupation can be claimed, if the surrounding nations attacked first, then any territory captured by Israel would be irrefutably property of Israel. Since this is not the case, and there is much grey area over who shot first disputed territory/occupied territory became an issue. The question becomes, can Israel really be called abusive for occupying enemy territory? I mean, the war ended, but the threat remained. Let's look at the definition you gave again... "To use wrongly or improperly; misuse: to abuse one's authority." Is this a misuse of authority? Or is the justification of security a proper one? It's rather gray unfortunately.

1. Israel continues to abuse the economy of the Gaza Strip

I'll have to go a little earlier than 2008 on this first point. You state that before the war Israel had a blockade of Gaza. What you neglect to mention is WHY this blockade was set up! Gaza was originally given to the displaced Palestinians as a peace offering. The Palestinians would be given the Gaza strip in return for peace between the two countries. This was done in 2005. During this year, peace was more or less maintained. In 2005 before and a little bit after Israel left Gaza launched 238 rockets into Israel. By 2006, however, this dropped drastically to 22 rockets! All seemed well, it seemed as if peace were achieved, until 2007 came along. 640 rockets were launched that year. 1312 were launched in 2008. During operation Cast Lead (The 2008 war) only 326 rockets were launched due to the amount of pressure now being placed on anyone willing to attack Israel. By 2009 only 108 rockets were launched, in 2010 this number further decreased to 53 rockets. Now you said the blockade lead to the war. Perhaps this is true... although it makes little sense, seeing as it was Israel that declared war, not Gaza. How could a blockade set up by Israel prompt Israel to declare war? In 2007 640 rockets were launched into Israel. 640 rockets, shot during peace time! This blockade aimed to prevent any weapons from getting into Gaza while ensuring still went through. Now let's look at our definition again to see who it supports here. "To use wrongly or improperly; misuse: to abuse one's authority." If 640 rockets are launched by Gaza without any provocation by Israel, is Israel misusing its power by trying to prevent further rocket attacks? Not likely.

The wall is a difficult issue, it once again falls under security or compassion? On one hand a wall effectively removes the threat of car bombers in border cities, on the other hand it DOES isolate Gaza and the West Bank. The problem, however, is not that Gazans cannot get into Israel for work, but the fact that Gazans cannot create jobs within their own country! How is it possible that such a large number of Gazans rely entirely on Israel for employment? In this I look towards the corrupt government of Gaza. The misuse of aid and public funding towards its militant agenda has no doubt crippled its population just as much if not more than Israeli pressures. Hamas is an internationally recognized terrorist organization, and yet it governs this country! To pit all blame on Israel for Gaza's current economic condition is to blame the fly that bit the overburdened donkey before it fell for the state of the donkey's health. Israel has affected the economy negatively, yes, but not without proper reason. Israel needs to put its security first, and thus the gray line is established over use of power to abuse of power. Hamas, however, clearly abuses its power by funneling public funds towards its own political agenda instead of towards the betterment of the people.

2: Israel has abused deadly weapons and used violence to suppress the people of the Gaza Strip

The attack on the UNRWA building was explained as Israel responding to a militant on the compound and an errant shell landing near the building. Even the UN declared that all casualties of this attack were in the street not the building, and given Israel's success rate with bombing, if Israel intended to destroy the building, it would have done so. White phosphorous is a legal weapon for smokescreen and illumination so I see no problem with Israel using it in Gaza.

What you neglect to mention is how Israel conducted its attacks. First it would do a fly-by and drop leaflets telling civilians to leave because the streets would be bombed. Then it would phone houses and see if people were there. Often times people would stand on their roofs and rather than bomb them as planned, israeli pilots would just fly off, or drop a hollow shell to scare them off before dropping bombs. Often times when a militant knew he was being targeted by a UAV drone he would run towards civilians, seeing this, the israeli UAV operator would drop the hellfire missile into a ditch rather than harm civilians. This is unthinkable! To be and war and be so MORAL with such immoral opponents! Just felt it should be mentioned...

I pointed out the one case where Israel dealt with a flotilla poorly, however not every aid ship is attacked by Israel. During the war there would be ceasefires during which proper humanitarian aid workers would be allowed to provide Gazans with aid. None of the ships were damaged in any way, their goods were simply checked to make sure that nothing illegal was being transported. In the case of the Mavi Marmara when Israel asked to check the materials the activists threw debris off the boat to damage Israeli vessels. Israeli commandos only had paintball guns and pistols, hardly equipment for a hostile takeover, it was meant to be a simple coercion to enforce the blockade. When the Mavi Marmarans proceeded to attack the Israelis with knives and blunt weapons, abducted several soldiers and proceeded to fire on the commandos with a pickpocketed pistol, the conflict had to be dealt with. This is not abuse, this was self defense in highest order. If the commandos did not open fire they would have died!

3. the security priority of the state of israel abuses the treatment and rights of palestinians

This was honestly just a reiteration of previous points... The security fence prevents car bombers ( a real threat!). Checkpoints prevent average militants, suitbombers, and the like from breaking into Israeli border cities. The Blockade has been the most effective tool in preventing rockets from getting into Gaza now that the tunnels into Egypt are destroyed. Humiliation and abuse? That's just slander of Israel, sir. :)


Israel is aggressive with Gaza for the sake of its own safety. The legitimacy of the aggression is almost always justified, or at least grey, never black. At least not by the argument presented. Gaza's government does far more to repress and abuse its people than Israel does! Israel has made every effort to end this conflict, because it doesn't benefit from the conflict. Benjamin Netanyahu has said "If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence. If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel".


You did not address the fact that Israel provides power, medical care and aid for Gaza.


You didn't quite respond to my points... I mean I made a point, in your rebuttal, should you not address my point, then disprove it? It seems that you just stated your own points without acknowledging mine... I may be mistaken in my understanding of debate, just wanted clarification.


Just to note, I was doing a statement of my position as PRO in the first round and shall go onto defending and attacking my opponent’s position from here.

As my opponent began in the second round, the history of the Israeli-Arab conflict, it is common fact to a certain degree that after the Israeli War for Independence and the Arab wars that followed that. It created a massive Exodus from Palestine/Israel which now causes many problems and terrible living conditions to the people in the Gaza Strip which the Israeli government has prone to be un-cooperative and at times abandoning the thoughts and pleas of the people of the Gaza Strip.

Because of the Gaza war, Hamas has effectively taken control of the government, because the Israeli Defense Forces caused severe damage to the infrastructure of the Gaza Strip, that it opened radicals into power.

And the Gaza Strip is considered to be under control and complete occupation of the Gaza Strip, controlling the sea via blockade, controlling most of the West Bank with armed patrols and building walls, and even controlling the Aerospace of the Gaza Strip; effectively placing the Israeli government in a situation of authority of the Gaza Strip.

My case is attempting to prove that the Israeli government has been abusing the rights and live hoods of the people in the Gaza Strip.

I shall begin by strengthening my case.

1.Israel continues to abuse the economy of the Gaza Strip

As my opponent emphasizes that the blockade and walls are prone to security, it is abusing the sovereignty and rights of the people of the Gaza Strip. These walls are built to protect the settlements that the Israeli government is building upon Palestinian land. The blockade effectively cuts off any foreign aid, forcing the people of Gaza Strip to take what little aid from Israel.

The Israeli government is effectively choking the economy of the Gaza Strip, which has led to a bad employment and much of the population living under the poverty line. This is clearly abuse by authority along with misusing its intentions to cause further suffering and damages to the Gaza Strip.

Because of this, nearly 80% of the people in the Gaza Strip are dependent on foreign aid, aid that is not being allowed into the country, forcing the people of the Gaza Strip to rely on what little Israeli provides and returns. Leading to that mos Gazans live under $2 dollars a day, this has created such a economic depression for the Gaza Strip, which in some forms, the Israeli

2. Israel has abused deadly weapons and used violence to suppress the people of the Gaza Strip

White Phosphorus is indeed used at times for smokescreen, but it is extremely harmful when contacted to people. When it contacts to people, it causes severe and near lethal burns. The use of such weapons in a very densely populated region is highly abusive towards the people of Gaza.

Now onto the Blockade of the Gaza Strip, it is abuse for the Israeli government to maintain such a blockade upon any efforts without the consent or approval of the people of Gaza. The blockade blocks all forms of supplies, and the intentions of blocking war materials and equipment seems to have been erased. Instead the Israeli blockade cuts the ports of the Gaza Strip and chokes upon the people of the Gaza Strip.

3. The security priority of the state of Israel abuses the treatment and rights of Palestinians

The walls, checkpoints, armed patrols, and helicopter patrols, all do one thing. Restrict the movement of all Palestinians. The Gaza Strip is already a heavily dense location and by restricting the movement of the Palestinians, it is effectively abusing the authority of the Israeli government and causing strains between both the Israeli’s and Palestinians, creating conflict, leading to more hatred and tensions. This causes causalities to innocent civilians in the densely populated region.


If this is true that the Israeli government provides medical aid and power to the Gaza Strip, then why nearly 50% of the people in the Gaza Strip still living in conditions without water or electricity.

It is also should note, the excuse of war and security, should never be an excuse to isolate and contain a heavily poor, heavily populated, and chaotic region.


Rockets are appearing in my opponent’s post, so I shall take the argument to that. Many of these rockets targeted the creation of settlements upon Palestinians land in the West Bank. By conducting an entire invasion and blockade, it is true that the rockets have ceased. But it has greatly abused the rights and live hoods of tens of thousands of Palestinians. As I have argued that nearly ¾ of Palestinians are either un-employed or living below the poverty line, this merely causes more suffering and abusive acts by the Israeli government.


Flotillas are commonly used by foreign aid workers to transport medical goods, aid, and food stuffs to the people of Gaza. It has been known that Pro-Arabs have used Flotillas to transport weapons and as a form of propaganda to show the nature of these Blockades. But the truth remains; this blockade abuses the sovereignty of the people of the Gaza Strip, by restricting trade. Because of this, the Gaza Strip does not trade or import goods.


With Israeli being a major occupying force and controlling nearly all access to the Gaza Strips. The Israeli government has abused the sovereignty, trade, and rights of the people of the Gaza strip, while the people of the Gaza Strip suffer greatly from inflation, poor living conditions, and the growing presence of radicals and terrorists. The Israeli government has offered little form of support and merely continues to abuse the land around the Gaza Strip by increase of building settlements, construction of walls, continued efforts of the Blockade to the Gaza Strip, and limitation of the movement of the Palestinians.


Previous sources upon the First Round were used as well.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent mentions in his second paragraph that after the war for independence, and the several following wars resulted in what my opponent calls the Exodus from Palestine. The fact of the matter is that in war land is conquered and lost, to say that a conqueror (In a defensive war!) is obligated to bolster the economy and livelihood of its enemy is counter-intuitive. A lot of this paragraph is speculation, "The Israeli government has [been] prone to be unco-operative and at times abandoning the thoughts and pleas of the people of Gaza". The use of emotive terms without any physical evidence, a case or controversy is evident of a simple jab at Israel and truly requires very little rebuttal aside from pointing out its lack of support. If my opponent would like to provide specific cases to strengthen this speculation that would be a good idea.

The next argument my opponent makes is simply false. The Gaza war did not give Hamas power, Hamas was elected into power in 2006. That was when Israel decided to be a little less kind to Gaza. Until that point around 120,000 Gazan workers were employed by Israel. Their employment was terminated as Israel refused to perform projects in Gaza under Hamas rule. To be noted, Hamas does not recognize Israel as a country. My opponent believes that it was due to Israeli bombing that Hamas cemented its power. Once again, where is the proof of this? What can be proved is that while there were clashes between Hamas and Fatah following the 2006 election, these clashes ended in Hamas's victory on June 14th 2007, more than a year before the Gazan War which began on December 27th, 2008.

My opponent's next argument was difficult to discern, but what I can glean is that he believes that because Israel has a blockade around Gazan waters and armed patrols to keep the peace in the West Bank, Israel is an occupying force of infinite malice. As a rule of thumb, if Israel wants to prevent any goods from going into Gaza without first being inspected, why would it allow Gaza to control its own aerospace? My opponent may say this is cruel, but look at the results. Since the caves supplying rockets were destroyed in the war and the blockade has become firmly established the rockets launched into Israel have dropped to an almost infinitesimal number. The goal of this blockade is not to permanently hold Gaza under the heel of Israel, but to limit the power that the terrorists within Gaza have over the border cities in Israel. For several years Israel waited for Gaza to create its own measures against terrorism and watched as a terrorist organization was elected into office. The point was reached where either Israel would simply live with thousands of rocket attacks per year, or take action. This is not abuse, this is self defense!

1. Israel continues to abuse the economy of the Gaza Strip

The opening statement of my opponent's case is both true and false and must be addressed likewise. Yes, the wall is meant to protect Israeli settlements on disputed territories, however they are not strictly for this purpose. They also protect border cities like Sderot and Ashqelon, both part of Israel, yet close enough to Gaza to be targets to terrorist attacks. If Gazan officials took any measure at all to prevent terrorism perhaps this solution may not have been reached, but seeing as radicals are now in power, Israel has no choice but to do what it must to protect its innocent civilians who are constantly under attack. The blockade does not cut aid. It allows all humanitarian vessels in after a check to be sure that it contains nothing that is not permitted in Gaza under blockade rules. Israel by no means intends for this to be a permanent solution, in 2010 it even eased its restrictions to allow for more economic growth, but when dealing with a country that refuses to #1 acknowledge the existence of your country, #2 discourage acts of terror towards your country, one must be restrictive in order to prevent further strife.

Once again my opponent uses emotive terms without once providing evidence directly indicating that Israel is responsible for the state of Gaza. Is it impossible that perhaps the Gazans are responsible for some of their own problems? Why is Israel the scapegoat here. In February 2009 Hamas seized 3500 blankets and 400 food parcels from the UNRWA building. Does that mean anything, or is Israel still responsible? Liability should lie with the government when a people are in such a poor state. Perhaps if Hamas were civil there would be less of a rocket threat, the blockade could be eased further, and perhaps some of the humanitarian aid could actually make it to those who require it.

2. Israel has abused deadly weapons...

It is not abuse, it is tactic. The phosphorus was not aimed at civilians, it was aimed as smokescreen to cover Israeli commandos who had to deal with militants in that sector. If militants choose civilian sectors as their bases of operations, how can Israel be expected to simply pass over them, or worse yet, send in their soldiers with inadequate equipment?

I've already addressed the blockade several times, I request that my opponent organize his arguments to prevent redundancy.

3. The security priority of the state...

The walls, checkpoints, armed patrols, and helicopter patrols all do one thing, restrict the amount of damage that Palestinians can do to Israeli cities. It barely restricts movement at all. The checkpoints are like toll booths, and the patrols are like police pull-overs. The walls don't restrict movement, they enforce the border, Palestinians who are not authorized to enter Israel should not be allowed into Israel, those who are authorized, are allowed in, how is this restrictive? Innocent casualties are caused by radicals who are bolstered by a corrupt government which would love nothing more than to remove Israel from the map (seeing as it has yet to recognize Israel on the maps in its Geography class. Maps funded by the UN...)


Israel can't do everything for Gaza, but to provide anything for a country that has a tense relationship with your own is a big step towards trying to bring peace.

Security is a fine reason to contain a country. If a madman were shooting a gun into a crowd of people would you not detain him. That is what has happened to Gaza, the madmen have taken control and fire their "gun" at Israeli cities. Israel must contain the entirety of Gaza because it has no way to isolate who is a radical and who isn't and the government refuses to co-operate.


Thousands of rockets launched at innocent civilians are justified because of settlements being built on the other side of the country... I'm sorry, but that is poor justification for such acts of terror. In the end it's the livelihoods of Israelis or the the livelihoods of Palestinians that are ruined. Why is Israel blamed for looking to defend its people!


No real rebuttal necessary here. The humanitarian vessels are allowed through after a check, and it is true that Gaza does not get to import or export goods. That is truly the worst part of the blockade, because Gaza could seriously benefit from exporting. As of now its need for imports is rather low.


Israel doesn't like enforcing a blockade, it doesn't get joy from cutting off all projects in Gaza, it doesn't profit from any of these actions! Israel does what it has to do to prevent loss of Israeli life. Perhaps if the Gazans took part in the Arab Spring and ousted Hamas conditions could improve, but while the people remain complacent under a radical government how can Israel be expected to restrain itself in self defense?



As we draw into Round Three. I will be strengthening my
argument and my case, and then going onto the rebuttals once more.

I must note that my opening statements are opening
statements, along with examples of history and bits and pieces of background. They
are not representing my case. However
they should emphasize how the Israeli government led to the collapse and devastation
of the Gaza Strip.

To argue my opponents statement, I will start here.

As the civil unrest after the election of 2006 continued,
the Israeli government and other Western nations had supplied light arms to the
Fatah, resulting in more causalities and more unrest between the fractions of
the Gaza Strip.

Instead of focusing on compensation and aid to the Palestinians
that suffered during the Settlement buildings and trying to aid the
establishment of a governing and functional force in the Gaza Strip, the
Israeli government abandoned and neglected the Gaza Strip entirely and
maintained its blockade, its control of Aerospace, and continued construction
of walls and increases of security check points.

This restricted the movement of Palestinians and abused the
rights and sovereignty of the People of the Gaza Strip.

My opponent considers that the results of isolating the Gaza
Strip increases the security of Israel that is absolutely try. But it hurts and
abuses the rights of the people who live in the Gaza Strip, the people who
cannot move outside this densely populated region filled with civil unrest and conflict.

unemployment, extreme poverty and food price rises caused by shortages have
left four in five Gazans dependent on humanitarian aid. As a form of collective
punishment, Israel’s continuing blockade of Gaza is a flagrant violation of
international law.

Clearly this is not of self-defense but instead this is used
to suffocate the people of the Gaza Strip, but this clearly has backfired and
caused the rise of Radicals, the decline of the Gaza Strip’s sense of reason
and freedom. Resulting increase of hatred and non-cooperation towards both the Palestinians
and Israeli, causing “The Eye for an Eye” approach with everyone in the region.

Now I shall be strengthening my case.

  1. Israel continues to abuse the economy of the Gaza Strip

My opponent claims that by sealing the borders, halting any
exports and imports into the Gaza Strip. Is perfectly reasonable because the
people of the Gaza Strip”#1 acknowledge the existence of your country, #2
discourage acts of terror towards your country, one must be restrictive in
order to prevent further strife.”

Even my opponent has agreed that during the previous round’s
rebuttal in “That is truly the
worst part of the blockade, because Gaza could seriously benefit from
exporting. As of now its need for imports is rather low.”

This is all completely counter-productive in the words of Chief Palestinian Authority negotiator Saeb Erekat.
This clearly increases it, as the people of the Gaza Strip are deprived of
improving the area. And with nearly 80% of the population living below the
poverty line. It does more great tremendous harm to the people in the Gaza
Strip in economics and provides a suitable catalyst to increase a “Jihad” against
the Israeli government.

Israel is arguably still occupying the Gaza Strip. By maintain
a Blockade, by controlling the Aerospace and nearly all of the borders besides
a few highways into Egypt. It is can be argued that Israel has control of the
Gaza Strip.

  1. Israel has abused deadly weapons

I must keep repeating this, the use of White Phosphorus in a
densely populated area causes near lethal and dangerous wounds to people. The
Gaza Strip is the 6th densely populated nation in the World. When
using such shells and rounds to over-crowded refugee cities, it seriously harms
and kills people.

  1. The security priority of the state of Israel abuses the treatment and rights of

My opponent argues that by containing the Palestinians in
the Gaza Strip, it helps the maintain peace and security. But again, it is completely
counter-productive and allows the radicals and extremists to use that as an
excuse for further conflict and war.

Because this, thousands of people have been forced to flee
their homes as they were destroyed by demolition teams for the construction of
the West Bank barrier.


The State of Israel has done much too completely force the
people of the Gaza Strip to hate and go towards the side of Radicals and Extremism
to fight for their rights and sovereignty.

Comparing a nation of 1.5 million people to a single mad man
is a bit much, but if so. Not everyone should be considered a mad man, and for
a few bad apples, it has greatly damaged the rest of the basket. Tens of
thousands of innocents are now suffering and their rights have been greatly
abused by the policies of the State of Israel.


Rocket attacks were merely retaliation for the Israeli government bulldozing Palestinian
homes and the Israeli lacks of compensation for those homes were demolished.
The Israeli governments choose to continue to construct walls, ruining the
lives of the people in the Gaza Strip, which led many people to go towards
Extreme measures.


or not, the Blockade serves as a act of abusing of authority and the sovereignty
of the people in the Gaza Strip, even considering it as illegal towards the
Geneva Convention. And many NGO’s, and the United Nations has declared that it
is abusing the sovereignty and rights of the Palestinians.


opponent continues to argue that this is for the Security of the State of
Israeli, however this debate has been about “Is Israeli abusive to Gaza”? I’ve
attempted to reason that “An Eye for an Eye” policy and situation between the
Israeli-Palestinian conflicts is causing much more harm and tremendous damages
to the people of the Gaza Strip.

opponent argues that the State of Israeli conducts its Blockades, Construction
of walls, and even engaging war. But all of this has led to the suffering of
the people of the Gaza Strip, and prolonging conflict rather than solving it.
Along with that, it has also greatly abused the rights and sovereignty of the
people of the Gaza Strip.


Sources of previous rounds as well were used.

Debate Round No. 3


In my opponent's opening paragraph he states that Western Nations provided light arms to Fatah causing more casualties and unrest in Gaza. What he fails to mention is that Fatah was fighting against Hamas. This was not some petty war, this was an attempt to oust a terrorist government which had been illegitimately elected through scare tactics and backroom dealings.

Israel has been compensating and providing aid to Palestine, the question is how much actually reaches the Palestinians. I have no clue what my opponent means when he says that the Israeli government has abandoned the Gaza Strip. I've mentioned before that it provides Gaza with Electricity and medical care (within its capabilities) so it is clear that the Gaza Strip has not been abandoned. There is one wall and one fence, these are called borders! How can a country be condemned for enforcing its borders? The security checkpoints are for Gazan safety. The Gazans are in just as much risk as Israelis are to radical coercion, these checkpoints inhibit the movement of any radicals while simply slowing down the movement of civilians. They are like armed toll booths, if you are fine to go through, no problems, if you are armed and dangerous, you are turned back. The Control of Aerospace is part of the blockade, if Gaza can't import or export by sea, it obviously cannot import or export by air.

This slightly restricted movement is for the benefit of Palestinians and while it infringes on the sovereignty of the people it does not "use wrongly or improperly; misuse: abuse one's authority. " since Israel is not improperly using its authority, it is using its authority in the most effective way to eliminate threat while causing as little damage as possible to the people.

While I have said before that the security enforcement of Israel in Gaza has definitely been to the benefit of Israel, it is also beneficial to the Gazans. There is no proper police force in Gaza to deal with radical extremism, the only thing protecting the Gazans from radicals are the Israeli checkpoints.

My opponent tries to lay blame on Israel for the Gazan's hatred of Israel, stating that, "Clearly this is not of self-defense but instead this is used to suffocate the people of the Gaza Strip, but this clearly has backfired and caused the rise of Radicals". What my opponent neglects to mention is that there was a time where Israel did not enforce a blockade, where Gaza was completely self governing. In this period between 2005 and 2006 hundreds of rockets were launched into Israel. Israel did not cause this hate because it infringes on the rights of Gazans. Israel causes this hate because it exists and there is nothing radical minded individuals hate more than the existence of Israel.

1. Israel continues to abuse the economy of the Gaza Strip

It's fantastic how my opponent completely overlooks a paragraph and a half of my position in order to address the half paragraph which he feels is easiest to rebut. It's fine that my opponent could take my statement out of context to support his opinions, but he still neglects to address two key things. The fact that the sealed borders have caused a marked improvement of the security of Israeli cities (not disputed settlements) which were constantly under attack, and the fact that much of the aid going into Gaza is being mismanaged by Hamas.

For the sake of constructive debate I will address my opponent's response. My opponent has stated that 80% of Gazans live below the poverty line, and that it is caused by the sealed borders. I repeat a previous argument that just because the blockade has negative affects on Gazan economy does not mean that Israel is solely responsible for how bad the economy has become. To say this is to blind oneself to the reality of the situation.

My opponent attempts to claim that Israel is an occupying force in Gaza. Military occupation is defined as "when the control and authority over a territory passes to a hostile army." If Gaza were completely under the heel of Israel with an established puppet government, Israeli laws being enforced, and Israeli civilians and military personnel living in Gaza this would be true. However, seeing as there is only a blockade around Gaza, and checkpoints which follow international regulations it can be safely understood that Israel has not taken "control and authority" absolutely in Gaza, but has rather taken steps to decrease the military threat of the area without the need of a second war.

2. Israel has abused deadly weapons.

You'll keep repeating and I'll keep repeating the same argument it seems. While I accept that Gaza is a densely populated area, that does not mean that Israel MUST refrain from using deadly weapons when radicals. Most of the rockets were stored in civilian houses, most of the tunnels were in civilian sectors. Civilians flocked around militant leaders when they became aware of Israeli bomb threats. The problem with fighting radicals is that they hide among the civilians! If Israel cannot use white phosphorus because of civilian risk, then it may as well never have even begun the war because there will ALWAYS be civilian risk. That is unless Israel would use inferior equipment in battle in order to make the fighting more "fair" so Israeli casualties mirror Palestinian casualties. One goes to war to win, one cannot be expected to inhibit one's military because the opponent uses illegal tactics.

3. The security priority of the state of Israel abuses the treatment and rights of Palestinians

I've stated before that the rocket attacks have stopped almost entirely, ergo there is more security. The people did not have to flee from demolition teams. They were evicted in the same manner that the Israelis were evicted from Gaza.


My opponent never addressed the fact that Israel provides aid to Gaza... alright.

My opponent has an issue with my parable, so I shall edit it. Several men in one crowd are tossing grenades into the crowd next to them. These men are dressed the same as all the other people in the crowd and the other people are making no effort to stop them, separate from them, or point them out to the security guards in the crowd under attack. After building a fence around the crowd the grenades can no longer harm the crowd which was under attack, however the crowd being fenced in is much less comfortable. If the fence is torn down, grenades will resume being thrown, if the fence stays up the people within it are suffering. Is this accurate enough a parable? The fact is that radicals are instigating conflict and the civilians refuse to deter them, so Israel must take necessary measures to contain the threat.

I have said this before and I will say it again, only this time in caps lock so maybe my opponent will read! THE FACT THAT SETTLEMENTS WERE MADE ACROSS THE COUNTRY FROM WHERE THE ROCKET ATTACKS HAVE TAKEN PLACE IN NO WAY JUSTIFIES THE LAUNCHING OF OVER 2000 ROCKETS ON INNOCENT CIVILIANS WITH NO AFFILIATION TO THE SETTLEMENTS. Will you please address my point instead of just repeating the same point over and over. Yes I get it, the walls make Gazans very upset, the walls weren't built without reason, there was a threat of Gazan attack before they were built, so tell me what was bothering the Gazans then?


Technically Gaza isn't recognized as a state by the UN and has no sovereignty... but that aside, seeing as Israel is not being held accountable for crimes against humanity, there must be far more people in the UN supporting the blockade than refuting it.


My opponent has one strong point. Israel holds a tight blockade. However, is this a misuse of power/authority? Did Gaza make an effort to control its radicals? No. Did Gaza elect a terrorist organization into legislative office? Yes. Did Gazan radicals instigate conflict with Israel several years before Israel took any military action? Yes. With all this evidence it can be concluded that this is not misuse, but proper use of power.



As we draw towards the last round, I shall make my last arguments here.

I agree that the rivalry between Fatah and Hamas was leaning towards civil war and was fighting Radicals and Extremists. But I must argue that Israel was once more abusing its authority and power by supplying arms and weapons to opposing forces and increasing violence and needless casualties during that conflict. Especially during the end of a Democratic election, needless to say; my opponent hasn’t solid evidence that the Hamas was using methods of intimidation to gain voters of the tens of thousands of the dirt poor people of the Gaza Strip.

I question my opponent’s case of both providing “humanitarian aid” and continue of constructions and maintenance of blockades that chokes the Gaza Strip’s economy and being forced to rely more and more on Foreign aid. This only harms and hurts the people of the Gaza Strip and doesn’t solve any of the problems between the Palestinians and Israelis.

Furthermore, I see a massive flaw and gap of my opponent’s statement about the military checkpoints being used to provide security and safety for the people of the Gaza Strip, when I have noted time and time again that this merely causes more violence and destroys the live hoods of Gazan’s rather than keeping them safe, which in turn allows the Radicals and Extremists to rise to power.

And once more, we continue to talk about Rockets. I have repeatedly noted that the Gazan’s rocket attacks were retaliation attacks against the illegal Israeli settlements and continued pressure of tightening and isolating the nation. This acted as a catalyst in the State of Israeli’s favor, leading to war and of course, the continued abusive treatment towards the people of the Gaza Strip.

In an example case, take for the Ghetto’s in Warsaw during World War 2. Where the Germans isolated Polish Jews in heavily dense areas where space is cramp and little or nothing can go in and out of the region, isolated and completely being trapped in a region.

This is essentially what the Israeli government has done to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip but in a massive scale involving nearly 2 million people.

I shall begin discussion of the topics at hand,

1. Israel continues to abuse the economy of the Gaza Strip

My opponent argues that the Economy of the Gaza Strip is simply the Gazan’s fault, but as mentioned in my earlier arguments. The Gaza Strip is made of refugees and their descendants from being driven off their lands and then being isolated and concentrated into the Gaza Strip.

The Blockade, Walls, and controlling the aerospace of the Gaza Strip is clearly signs of an occupation force. By choking the people of the Gaza Strip and of course, by continuing the abuse of the Gazan’s in an isolation and causing rise of unemployment and extreme poverty in a heavily dense region.

The Blockade and construction of walls serves only one purpose, to the benefits of the State of Israel, and continued damages and abusive nature to the live hoods of the People of the Gaza Strip.
2. Israel has abused deadly weapons.

My opponent has argued that the Israeli Defense Forces can use White Phosphorus because the Radicals and Extremists have used densely populated regions as hostages. Sad thing is, these people do support and endorse the Radicals because of the Israeli treatment towards Palestinians, and the argument is inhumane towards the people of the Gaza Strip.

Any eye for any eye; leaves the whole world blind.

3. The security priority of the state of Israel abuses the treatment and rights of Palestinians

Less rockets=More Security? This clearly only applies to the State of Israeli and not of the Gaza Strip.

This certainly does not help or give any what so ever benefit to the Gaza Strip and merely continues to abuse their rights and sovereignty.

By measuring the amount of rockets being launched isn’t the best way to understand the role of Security. Even after the rockets ended, skirmishes and violence continued well beyond that. Though ambushes and even growing number of IED’s (Improvised Explosive Device). (1)


It is true that the people of the Gaza Strip have now supported and endorsed Radicals and Extremists, but really, the people of the Gaza Strip have always supported Anti-Israeli organizations and leaders. From the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) to Hamas today. The people of the Gaza Strip have been abused for decades now and the Israeli government merely attempts to contain the population in one of the world’s poorest regions and densely populated ones.

The Gaza Strip is one of the youngest states, as more and more people are born and raised there. And of course, more and more suffering continues to spread and ignite from the Gaza Strip, by the abuses of the State of Israel.


Since my opponent continues to not see that the land that the Settlements were built on were demolished homes of the people of the Gaza Strip. “What was bothering”, the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were their homeland, and their dignity being crushed and destroyed by the State of Israel. And decades of no compensation, of little or more being improved. It was retaliation for the generations that suffered from the oppressive Israeli policies and abuse.


My opponent claims that since the Gaza Strip isn’t recognized by the United Nations. It would seem mean less to consider the rights and feelings of the people of the Gaza Strip. This merely proves a point in my previous arguments that the State of Israel is the occupying force in the Gaza Strip. Being a nation, a state, a country means you have sovereignty and authority. This has clearly turned towards the Israeli government and their government alone.

Which leaves the responsibility of the people of the Gaza Strip to the State of Israel, which has neglected and abused for decades.


So Gaza Strip isn’t recognized by the United Nations and nearly 80% of its people are unemployed or under the poverty line where they must constantly rely on foreign humanization aid that only the State of Israeli provides? Along with its borders and aerospace is controlled and dominated by the State of Israel which does not allow any import or exports into the Gaza Strip. Then who is held responsible?

The answer is crystal clear at this point; it is the State of Israel.

The neglect and rising tensions were all faults of both sides, but the suffering of the people, of the entire nation lies with only the State of Israel.



All previous sources were used in this round.

Debate Round No. 4


My opponent's first paragraph on how Israel abused power by supplying weapons to the side of a far more democratic party during civil war confuses me. To aid a side in civil war in order to attempt to bring out the best outcome for everyone is hardly abuse, it's politics! My opponent goes on to say that Hamas did not use fear tactics to force innocent Gazans into submission. I was trying to be as kind as possible by assuming the best of the Gazan people, but if they willingly elected a terrorist organization with no intention of peace or proper allocation of resources into power, far be it from me to counter his claim.

The second paragraph also confuses me. My opponent questionins the fact that Israel provides humanitarian aid to Gaza by bringing up the blockades and settlements again. I know my opponent thinks this is some invincible trump card, but quite honestly, what do blockades and settlements have to do with the aid provided by Israel to Gaza? NOTHING.

In the third paragraph my opponent tries to say that checkpoints do not provide security to Gazans because violence only occurs because of these checkpoints. I challenge my opponent to explain how a checkpoint, much like a toll-booth, can destroy one's livelihood. Furthermore, there was violence and extremism before checkpoints were set up, so clearly these checkpoints aren't the root of all evil. They provide some measure of security in a lawless state run by radicals where innocents have no one to protect them.

I am disgusted with my opponent's argument with rockets which is the focus of his 4th, 5th and 6th paragraph. Godwin's Law, while comedic in its presentation rings true. One cannot compare anyone to Hitler's regime without completely delegitimizing one's position. Israel had given Gazans Gaza for peace.The settlements that exist in the west bank have existed there since 1967. To say that the attacks done 40 years following from land given as a gesture of peace is ludicrous. It's like blaming the assassination of Franz Ferdinand for World War 2, yes if he never died then the war would never have come about, but his assassination is so far removed from the event that to let it be the sole reason is impossible. The fact of the matter is that extremists are never happy until Israel is gone. If they stopped attacking Israel could end its blockade, tear down the fences, get rid of patrols and checkpoints. Since they choose to persist in terrorism, Israel cannot allow itself to be a target for abuse.

1. Israel does not abuse the economy of Gaza

My opponent's first paragraph asks the question "Are Gazans responsible for their situation at all?" with "Gazans are refugees". That... truly needs no further explanation... Non-sequitor.

I've already defended the blockade enough. It's a security measure to prevent arms trade, it still allows supplies in, it just checks to make sure there aren't any dangerous components in the shipments. The fence is a toll-booth to prevent unregulated movement over the borders of the two states.

Yes the blockade and fence do only protect Israel. That's because Gaza doesn't need protecting. How often does one hear of an Israeli extremist blowing him/herself up in a densely populated Gazan center. Not often! Now one can go two ways here. One can say ISRAEL IS TERRIBLE FOR ABUSING GAZA! Or one could say GAZA SHOULD SMARTEN UP AND STOP ALLOWING EXTREMISTS TO THRIVE. It's really a matter of opinion. Personally, if thousands of rockets are launched into my country unprovoked (unless 40 year old settlements count as provocation) I'll do everything possible to limit the attacks and eliminate the threat to my people. If the other country suffers as a result, it's not because I'm abusive, it's because they chose to pick a fight and lost. One could say Israel should completely leave Gaza after the war because after that loss the Gazans would never dare attack. That opens up far too much risk of these attacks resuming right where they left off!

2. Israel has not abused deadly weapons.

My opponent argues that everyone in Gaza is a radical, or at least supports radicals. He says this is because of Israeli treatment. To be clear this war was only a year after the blockade and several years after the rockets flew unprovoked into Israel. My previous argument had assumed that these people are innocents who are abused by radicals, but now that they are active supporters, how can they really be called civilians? If a civilian chooses to stand on the frontline with the militants, how is it possible to keep the title of civilian? Because you don't hold a gun? You're protecting the ones who do! My argument stands, Israel warns of its attacks in advance, it specifically targets militants, if a civilian ignores warnings and stands by militants, he/she has no right to call him/herself a civilian.

The quote my opponent uses makes no sense within the context. What I think he means to say is that Israel shouldn't attack Gaza just because Gaza attacked Israel... but that makes no sense because it is not as if the war was an immediate reaction, it took years of failed diplomacy to lead to this war.

3. The security priority of Israel does not abuse the tratment and rights of Palestinians

Less rockets do mean more security. Where I come from when thousands of rockets are landing in your neighborhood, your security is poor, when that number drops almost to zero you can tell secruity is up!

No it doesn't give benefit to the Gaza Strip because the Gaza Strip isn't being shelled non-stop by Israeli terrorists...

The link my opponent used to justify claiming that IED numbers have increased is highly flawed. The IED's were placed right up against the fence and were found immediately. Clear proof that the fence blocked extremists from getting further into Israel.

"...the people of the Gaza Strip have... supported and endorsed Radicals and Extremists..." Good to know! Why should Israel have to submit to a state which endorses radicals and extremists?


Finally, my opponent starts using a new argument! Once again, however, I must say that one cannot justify terrorist acts against civilian populations with no affiliation to the conflict (settlements). That's like a man shooting up a highschool because he doesn't like the HST tax. He isn't solving anything.


So it's not what the world thinks, but what Gazans think that matters. Sure the UN hasn't held Israel up on war crimes, but the Gazans don't like Israel and since their feelings are law Israel must be a criminal nation! The Israeli government lets the Gazan's govern themselves almost entirely autonomously. It would be entirely autonomously if the Gazans would stop attacking Israel.


Gaza strip isn't recognized by the UN - Fault of the UN
80% of its population is unemployed - Fault of the education system and Government of Gaza, some fault with Israel.
Aid is necessary - Fault of Gazan government almost entirely for misappropriation of resources. Some fault with Israel.
Aid not allowed from anyone besides Israel - False
Borders and Aerospace controlled - Fault of Gazan extremists and the supportive people.

Israel isn't perfect, but it is not abusive. If it were abusive it would have completely annexed Gaza, but it didn't. It pulled out, it tried to have peace. When Gaza brought war, can Israel be blamed for taking necessary actions in defense/preventative measures?

as my opponent would say, the answer is crystal clear at this point; NO


P.S. - My opponent never responded to my editted rebuttal analogy... Why?


In the final round, I shall draw my final conclusions, make final arguments and end the discussion at hand.

To sum up my opponents first paragraph, he claims that Hamas is a Terrorist Organization, it is true somewhat that several Western nations such as the European Union and the United States have classified Hamas as a terrorist organization, but the rest of the world does not. Including the Russian Federation, many Middle-eastern nations, and even the United Nations does not classify Hamas as a Terrorist organization. This indicates that many state governments recognize the legitimacy of the Hamas as a political party and leadership of the Gaza Strip.

To make another point, Hamas was elected by a democratic vote. This was not some grab for power and there is extremely little evidence that indicates violence, and submission votes towards Hamas. The people of the Gaza Strip, openly, non-violently, elected Hamas into power. (1)

This means one thing, that the people of the Gaza Strip were so greatly disgruntled and angered by the Israeli government’s treatment towards the Gaza Strip, they had openly and gladly accepted the extremism and radicalism of the Hamas.

My opponent thinks that isolation of the Gaza strip serves nothing to continue damages towards the humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip; I will explain this further into defending my first argument after my statement.

I shall again in full detail of my opponent’s question of the check-points and security patrols in my third argument.

My opponent has twisted my analogy in the previous round into some form of personal attack. I was merely providing a very similar situation and smaller scale and would rather not debate about “Godwin’s Law”. And to note, it’s not just the extremists that are unhappy to the state of Israel, it’s really the majority of the population who is very disgruntled to the Israeli government and this has been great since the founding of Israel and the begin of the Palestinian exodus.

Time to make the final arguments of my case,

1. Israel continues to abuse the economy of the Gaza Strip

Due this being the last round, I must merely be blunt to explain and end this discussion.

The Gaza Strip as previous and continuously stated is a poor, under-developed, heavily dense region made of Refugees of Palestinians who were driven from their homes during previous Exodus, destruction of their homes, and destructive war.

They face little or no future in this isolated region, and nearly on all borders, the State of Israel has made sure that nothing can get in or out of the Gaza Strip in the name of security. By controlling the imports and exports of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli governments has effectively destroyed any form of economical balance in the Gaza Strip and have led to massive blows in the Gaza Strip’s quality of life, income, and live hoods.

My opponent argues that the blockade, control of aerospace, and borders is right because it protects the people of Israel, however clearly he does not understand that this is causing great suffering and abuse to the people of the Gaza Strip by chocking them and shoving them into the pit of despair.

What evidence he can provide that the blockades, control of trade, is a benefit to the people of the Gaza Strip has been little to none, because this merely makes the Gaza strip more dependent on Humanitarian aid, and this truly does dehumanize what little authority and dignity the Gaza Strip has.

2. Israel has abused deadly weapons.

My opponent does not understand that the Gaza Strip is a densely populated region, if he labels that all people of the Gaza Strip are radicals and sympathizers to show that the Israeli course of action is just and should be not considered abused.

However, many of these “radicals” are people who have been driven off their homeland in the past 50 years and been de-humanized by the Israeli government’s treatment. These people have received no compensation for their losses and instead of responding in fair and dignified treatment, the State of Israel has responded with air-strikes, use of chemical shells that causes lethal burns to its victims.

3. The security priority of the state of Israel abuses the treatment and rights of Palestinians

It seems my opponent has gone a bit trailed off here. I shall merely emphasize and explain in further detail.

The rockets should not be considered as a prime case of “security” to the Israeli border. Sure, fewer rockets have been launched but the Gaza Strip’s integrity has been souled and once again abused. The IED’s are in disputed territory, meaning. The land around them is claimed by both parties and sides. To say that the Israeli forces prevented the Extremists to enter into Israeli doesn’t really solve any of its abuses and the continued violence and hatred.


This arrogance merely screams “lack of empathy”. The people of the Israel do not wish to work or cooperate with the people of the Gaza Strip, so they simply isolate them and lock them in a maximum security prison called “The Gaza Strip”. Allowing the people to rot and let the tea pot heat. Violence is being created and the Israeli efforts to continue and maintain the status quo has destroyed the lives of the Gaza strip.


The settlements were built upon the demolished homes of Palestinians and its presence merely says that the Israelis are continuing its invasion of the rights and sovereignty of the Palestinians. This isn’t some High School shenanigans, its decades of hatred, of failure, created and masterminded by the State of Israel.


The State of Israel is considered to be an occupying force in the Gaza Strip, and forms of autonomy of the Gaza Strip mean little as my opponent has dearly noted that the Israeli government isn’t exactly going to tolerate or work with a government that defies and despises the Israeli government. Or that the Israeli government has choked and isolated the Gaza Strip completely by land, air, and sea.

The State of Israel is clearly doing two things at once rather than helping the Gaza Strip. They are suffocating the Gaza Strip while trying to make the Gaza Strip more dependent on Israel for foreign aid and domesticating the Gaza Strip. This has sadly, back-fired greatly.


Alas, the discussion is coming to an end.

My opponent’s conclusion is a bit…interesting to say at least.

The Gaza Strip has been subjected to such neglect and many forms of occupation that has destroyed the Palestinians dignity, live hoods, and really…hope. This discussion has been about abuse. Any form of abuse of power and authority.

The State of Israel has indeed done so, in nearly all accounts in the name of security, for themselves and the benefit of themselves only. My opponent has viscously debated the supportive and good side of the Israeli people but what of the Palestinians?

Will the future generations be locked up in a dirt poor land, filled with no hope and no chance of a better life and future?

The answer so far in this discussion, is yes. The future is grim for the people of the Gaza strip. In the name of peace and security, the Israeli government has merely caused more hatred, escalated all forms of violence and frustration and of course ended any form of peace.

The Israeli government may have not annexed the Gaza Strip, but they did before and it really looks like the Israeli government still is occupying the Gaza Strip by isolating it, by controlling its waters, land, and aerospace, by controlling and restricting the movement of all Palestinians. There isn’t much change since the end of the Yom Kippur war of 1973.

The Gaza Strip has grown much poor, its people suffer more than ever and now civil war and conflict is filling the land, all of this could’ve been avoided. But reality is hard and things are turning to the worst.



  1. 1.

All other sources of previous rounds were used.

Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Greenzero44 6 years ago
as someone who served in the IDF and understands the security apparatus from a first person perspective, i have to say kelsus is dead wrong when it came to the gaza conflict. the analogies to the germans and warsaw ghetto was not only offensive but blatant holocaust denial.

even assuming the most extreme interpretations, one can never look at the war in honest terms and draw analogies to the genocide of jews in europe? it trivializes the holocaust and is thus holocaust denial, though I doubt Kelsus meant harm. It is a common argument against israel, but an indefensible one.

sethorien should have been more explicit in his arguments and with proper sources could have easily beat kelsus. two serious points made by seth to consider:

>>>Aid is necessary - Fault of Gazan government almost entirely for misappropriation of resources. Some fault with Israel.>>>>

aid to gaza is not necessary from a legal perspective. the UN has confirmed israel's blockade of gaza is perfectly legal, the aid that goes to gaza is part of the UNRWA program that extends to gaza, jordan, lebanon, and the west bank. the UNRWA existed prior to israel's control over the west bank/gaza/jerusalem/etc.

Aid not allowed from anyone besides Israel - False>>

Kelsus should not have been allowed to get away with this. Israel works with the United Nations and Red Cross to deliver aid to Gazans, Israel is under no legal obligation to do this as Egypt also shares a border with Gaza. But it is in Israel's best interests I suppose. But considering the USA doesn't deliver aid to civilians living under the Taliban, I can't imagine what moral rubric Israel is being measured against.

Borders and Aerospace controlled - Fault of Gazan extremists and the supportive people>>

The concept of "borders" and "airspace" is a problem. Gaza is very small, has no airport, and the only time air space is used it to launch rockets. That is Israel controlling Gaza's airspace. Israel can define its b
Posted by Kelsus 7 years ago
Your rebuttal analogy?

I responded with my analogy about Germans and the Warsaw Ghettos in my intro, if that was considered as a response.
Posted by Sethorien 7 years ago
for which side? xP
Posted by TheBoxTheorem 7 years ago
It's sort of a one sided argument :p
Posted by brian_eggleston 7 years ago
I would accept this challenge with pleasure if I had the time to do it justice.
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Reasons for voting decision: It's important to note that Pro won this interesting argument: Pro has an easy job, because he just has to prove that the army does some kind of abuse. They brought up lots of cases and one or two of them was shown to be abuse. Con practically concedes that the flotilla was abused, because he says the attack on it was a "disaster", "terrible", and "there was nothing efficient about that". Next, Pro points to the use of White Phosphorous, which is an illegal chemical weapon. Con's response is basically "Any eye for any eye; leaves the whole world blind." In other words, they both do bad things. This also practically concedes Pro's point that there is abuse in some way. If the question was just one issue, maybe it would be closer. Pro says no supplies get it, Con says nonmilitary supplies get in are checked. The truth by the way is in between, because it's a blockade of course and people are having difficulties. I don't think either side proved the details about supplies enou
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro avoided Con's arguments, used controversial sources, and outright lied at times. He also had pretty awkward sentence structure. All points to Con.
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Reasons for voting decision: "I am disgusted with my opponent's argument with rockets which is the focus of his 4th, 5th and 6th paragraph" was a personal attack so conduct goes to pro. Both sides did nice layout. Pro offered better context. Both sides made nice use of sources but pro had more and used them more consistently. The score is ending up more extreme than I'd like but on the points ...