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Is It Wrong To Broadcast, Live Stream, Take A Video, Or Publicize Someone's Death?

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Started: 1/22/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I think broadcasting, taking a video, or publicizing someone's death is wrong. I believe it is extremely inhumane. It's also disrespectful to the person, whether they are dead or not. For example, a couple of days ago in Louisiana, there was an incident regarding a man who was contemplating and threatening to commit suicide in public after he killed a woman and a cop. Yes, I do understand this specific situation took place in public. I know it's hard to ignore something like that. Some people may also find it entertaining and may even encourage it, such as the people commenting on the live broadcast of the man on Facebook. Like I said, it's hard to ignore something like that, but to broadcast someone's death (or contemplation of death) when the situation doesn't involve anyone that is involved, is just flat out wrong. It's not their place. It's not anyone's place. Even if the guy said, "Hey!!! Record me killing myself and then post it everywhere for people to see." It's still not their place to do that.
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Posted by ShaunTakesOn 1 year ago
As I previously stated, emotions cloud judgement. Rationally, it would be constructive for people to learn to control their emotions. Most humans learn through practice or repetition. So, the more often they are exposed to something, the more efficient they become at dealing with it on an emotional level. Basically, the more often people see or hear about death, the easier it becomes to deal with it and keep their logic and reasoning sharp.
Posted by SHAYES 1 year ago
Ok then what are some positive aspects?
Posted by ShaunTakesOn 1 year ago
Technically it's subjective. You might be able to rationally convince a person to see things from your perspective, but it does not make it an objective fact. Of course it has a negative side, but it also has a positive side that you do not pay attention to due to the negative side having more of an impact on your own emotions. Keep in mind, emotions always cloud judgement.
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