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Is Jake Arrieta the best pitcher in baseball?

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Started: 5/27/2016 Category: Sports
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am arguing that Jake Arrieta is the best pitcher currently in the MLB. I am going to look at this debate from two main perspectives. A statistical one and a perspective that focuses on how much he has contributed to his team and the success thereof. So Arrieta recently became the first pitcher in the modern baseball era to pitch two perfect games (no hits or walks allowed in a game) and not lose a single start in between those two perfect games. Impressive feat? Absolutely. The only evidence that he is the best in the game? Absolutely not. It can be clearly seen that Arrieta contributes to his team, as just today he and his Cubs tied the record set by the Braves in that the Cubs have won the last 23 games Arrieta started, dating back to last year. ( The fact that he can deliver enough to be practically a guaranteed win is an enormous asset for the team, and is a very big part of why they currently boast the best record in the MLB.

Boston Red Sox2917.630-18-911-8274196+78W47-3
Baltimore Orioles2618.591217-89-10196174+22L34-6
New York Yankees2223.4896.513-119-12178195-17L17-3
Toronto Blue Jays2325.47979-1314-121941940W14-6
Tampa Bay Rays2123.477710-1211-11187175+12L15-5
Chicago White Sox2721.563-13-1214-9196171+25L33-7
Cleveland Indians2520.5560.511-814-12214180+34W37-3
Kansas City Royals2422.522213-711-15174180-6L17-3
Detroit Tigers2323.500312-1111-12211216-5L18-2
Minnesota Twins1234.261148-154-19167248-81W12-8
Seattle Mariners2718.600-9-1118-7207163+44W16-4
Texas Rangers2720.574116-811-12218203+15W26-4
Los Angeles Angels2126.44779-1412-12192214-22L25-5
Oakland Athletics2027.42688-1512-12183231-48L15-5
Houston Astros1928.404912-137-15189220-31W24-6
National League
Washington Nationals2819.596-13-915-10199148+51L15-5
New York Mets2719.5870.513-814-11180149+31W16-4
Philadelphia Phillies2621.553213-913-12155186-31W14-6
Miami Marlins2422.5223.510-1314-9182192-10W15-5
Atlanta Braves1232.27314.52-1810-14138210-72L24-6
Chicago Cubs3114.689-14-617-8256137+119W24-6
Pittsburgh Pirates2619.578514-912-10226206+20W38-2
St. Louis Cardinals2423.511813-1511-8258217+41L25-5
Milwaukee Brewers1926.4221212-127-14186224-38W15-5
Cincinnati Reds1531.32616.512-153-16178272-94L91-9
San Francisco Giants3019.612-16-1114-8211197+14W59-1
Los Angeles Dodgers2423.511512-1212-11203181+22W34-6
Colorado Rockies2124.46778-1013-14217235-18L34-6
Arizona Diamondbacks2127.4388.57-1714-10219235-16L24-6
San Diego Padres1929.39610.510-159-14167206-39L42-8

Now that we've discussed his contributions, now I'll address his incredible stats. Last year he was 2nd in NL ERA behind Zack Greinke who currently has a 5+ ERA. This year unlike Greinke he picked up exactly where he left off currently holding a 1.72 ERA. The two main pitchers than an opponent could argue are better are Clayton Kershaw and Chris Sale. Kershaw, unlike Arrieta, has lost a start this year. Chris Sale has also lost a start and has a 2.26 ERA. And for those who don't know, you want a lower ERA. So while statistically they are all fairly close, nobody has accomplished the individual achievements such as the perfect game/no loss in between record and the consecutive starts won record aforementioned. In addition, nobody can boast having not lost a start this year like Arrieta can. (all stats provided by

So, in conclusion, Arrieta dominates 99% of all pitchers on a statistical level, but when compared to ones he is level with statistically his contribution and ability to be a major factor to a highly successful team and the magnitude of his personal records and achievements makes him the best.

List of sources:


No he isn't. There's a man named Clayton Kershaw I believe...
Debate Round No. 1


Clayton Kershaw is great don't get me wrong but objectively Arrieta is better. This year, Arrieta is undefeated, as he has been for 20+ games, something Kershaw cannot boast. Both pitchers are fairly even statistically; but when you look at recent achievements (as we are looking at best current pitcher) Arrieta is the one who comes out on top. The no-hitter record and consecutive starts won record are amazing feats of such a magnitude Kershaw has not yet acheived. Furthermore, the most recent NL Cy Young Award (best pitcher in NL) was given to Arrieta. Seeing as both pitchers are in the NL, and Kershaw is who you are arguing is better thus making it feasible to disregard the AL Cy Young Award winner, logically Arrieta is the best pitcher in baseball right now.

Additional sources:


Clayton Kershaw has been elite ever since he came into the bigs. He's a 3 time Cy Young award winner, finished in the top 3 in Cy Young voting every time since 2011, 300 strikeouts in 2015, 4x NL ERA leader, 3x NL strikeout leader, 5x All Star, 2.39 career ERA, triple crown winner in 2011 as a 23 YEAR OLD, and 2x NL wins leader, and 2014 NL MVP, need I say more? Kershaw has been nothing but dominant since he came to the big leagues. He's been good since the since the start.It will take more than a little more than a season to take the "best pitcher in baseball" title away from Kershaw.

PS: Are you a Cubs fan? (Yes, I am a Dodgers fan if you are wondering.)
Debate Round No. 2


I understand where you're coming from and I can see how Kershaw as a career is definitely the best but when focusing specifically on who is the best RIGHT NOW I feel it's Arrieta because of the reasons listed above. The difference between now and then is right now Arrieta is the defending Cy Young award winner and right now he is statistically the best pitcher in the league for the reasons I have mentioned in the previous two rounds.

And actually I am a D-backs fan (sorry about Greinke) I just have been really impressed with what Arrieta has done.


I understand where you are coming from as well. Arrietta has been amazing for the past year, Keshaw is definitely better career wise but I also think he's better now as well. Kershaw leads the majors in ERA, WHIP and Strikeouts. Kershaw is CARRYING the Dodgers rotation. Jake Arietta has a great bullpen behind him, Kershaw doesn't. Jake Arietta has a great rotation behind him with great depth, Kershaw doesn't. He has the fewest walks at the time of his 100th strikeout in the history of the Modern Era (Since 1920) with 5. He has been downright untouchable this season and carrying the Dodgers right now. And he's doing it with a inconsistent bullpen around him. In my opinion, Kershaw is still the best pitcher in the world and he will be for years to come.

Elias Sports Bureau
Debate Round No. 3
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