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Is Joker the best comic book villain?

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Started: 8/24/2013 Category: Entertainment
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Joker is the best bad guy. He is a crazy gang leader. He has taken over the asylum. He is smart in a crazy kind of way. He can get men on his side even if he is crazy. He also has his own deadly gas. He is the best bad guy ever.


I disagree. The best villain is clearly Magneto the main antagonist in the X-Men series.
Magneto is a mutant who`s family got murdered by the Nazis when he was a little boy. He ended up surviving the Holocaust and later befriended Charles Xavier, another fellow mutant. He realized that him and Charles had different point of views on mutants and humans. Charles thought that humans and mutants can live together in a world peacefully while Magneto, on the other hand, thought that mutants and humans will never get along in a world and wants mutants to dominate over humans, so he made a group of evil mutants called the Brotherhood of Mutants and became Charles and the X-Men`s mortal enemy.

That`s all i got for now.
Debate Round No. 1


I know that story but, Magneto has powers and he is killing everybody. Joker has no super powers and he is also killing everybody. So Joker has more skill then Magneto. Joker's back story is quit long. So I am going to sum it up for you. He was a failed comedian and, his pregnant wife died with her baby. Then Joker tries to steal some thing and runs into acid. He was also getting chased by Batman.



To go to you`r argument you don`t need a superpower to kill people. Anyway, Joker is just a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, and has a high genius level but in conclusion doesn`t have any superpowers. It also means people can take his place. But Magneto can control metal. Nobody can take his place and I`m pretty sure on a one-on-one fight Magneto will win.


Joker uses evil for crime,robbery,ruling the world and those typical stuff. Magneto doesn`t need money. He just want`s to annihilate every human being on the planet and make mutants the superior race. That proves how evil he is as a villain and also proves that he is a better villain then Joker.


Joker`s enemies only concern Batman and Robin while Magneto has the whole X-Men on his trail. The X-Men is one of the most powerful groups of heroes of all time, because it concerns Wolverine, Storm, Jean Grey, Professor X, Cyclops and Nightcrawler just to name a few.


Magneto has a sadder story and biography. As I said in my previous argument, Magneto`s parents were killed by the Nazis. No wonder he hates humans. He also survived the Holocaust.

That`s all I`m going to mention for this round here is where I got some info
Debate Round No. 2


I can debate that. You think that joker just fights Batman and Robin. Well you would be wrong. he sometimes fights the whole justice league. The proof is in some off the video games like injustice. Even games like Lego batman super heroes. Joker has a sad back story too. His wife and child died that is kind of sad. So back to the justice league. Joker is getting chased by Super man, wonder women, green lantern, the flash, hawk man, hawk girl, and much more names. So that is what I have to say about that.


Magneto is so strong he needs a team of superheros to stop him. And yes, in the Justice League they need a team to stop him , but Batman alone did defeat him, imagine Batman alone against Magneto. No chance. if X-Men wasn`t a team Magneto would have destroyed planet Earth ion his first try. Whit one attack Joker is clearly dead. He can just reverse the blood flow in Joker`s brain and kill him instantly. He can also generate protective electromagnetic fields. He has many strengths and not allot of weaknesses. Joker usually cheats death in Gotham city, but imagine him going up against an angry Magneto who can kill him in a few seconds. There both great villains but Magneto has advantages. I`ll give an example like Pokemon's. Articuno and Moltres. There both stong legendary Pokemon`s but since Articuno is ice and Moltres fire, Moltres has an advantage.
Debate Round No. 3
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