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Is Lord Of The Rings Better Then Star Wars

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Started: 1/15/2014 Category: Movies
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I think Lord Of The Rings is better fro many reasons one better plot longer movie also music and scenes were nicer not so much CGi and computer work also the outfits were very creative and the scenes were beautiful and fighting way more visius so in my opinion lord of the righs is way better plus we have the one ring


Well, let's just think for a moment. Star War's was Created long before The Lord of The Ring's and The creativity put into it was Genius, you can't say for back then what they put into it was not good the Idea's are bazaar and completely different from anything in that time, it's unique- unlike anything else, most of what the lord of The rings had already been made yes more realistic but not as original :)
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Posted by Williwenba 3 years ago
Actually, the Lord of the Rings came way before Star Wars (as a book), and Star Wars has a far less complicated plot, less interesting characters, a generally less interesting plot, and no original ideas. The Lord of the Rings has more complicated characters, several original ideas (different kinds of elves, orcs, Ents), more interesting interactions between characters (Legolas and Gimli, Aragorn and Arwen, Sam (or Samwise) and Frodo, Gandalf and Pippin (or Peregrin), Gandalf and Merry (or Meriadoc), Merry and Pippin, and others), a more interesting plot, and many other story aspects which make it better than Star Wars.
Posted by marinaspins 3 years ago
this is the easiest topic to talk about bc the answer is so clear. the lord of the rings was way better than star wars. and home girl here was wrong about how star wars was made before LOTR. the book was first published in 1954. the story line in the LOTR is so much more complex. it would take so long for these creatures to be thought about and to be put to life. everything is magical and unrealistic while the plot in star wars could actually happen, although very unlikely. space is also a common thing now and not so mysterious. made up worlds like in LOTR give you a higher sense of freedom and makes you feel that somewhere out there this place really does exist. the creativity and thought behind LOTR is so much larger than star wars. all of my credit goes to LOTR for sure. but now i have the star wars theme song stuck in my head....
Posted by Cheetah 3 years ago
Posted by jdog2016 3 years ago
Con, jRR Tolkien invented the ideas of orks and trolls and woodland elves and whatnot. He is the man whom created those ideas. His ideas are in fact unique, it is just that many people have copied his ideas.
Posted by waltzingchicken 3 years ago
The debate was simply which is better, not how was it for its era; and from that standpoint, I think LotR is much better (as well as the books are amazing.) I think the plot line is much more developed and there is a great abundance of subtle complexities.
Posted by GudjonN 3 years ago
Are you guys just talking about the movie..? If not, LotR out dates the Star Wars franchise by a long time. Just also adding, when Star Wars was made, there was a big influence of space being used in movies. So the creativity was not that big. LotR is a massive story, with so much potential...
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