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Is Mario better than Sonic?

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Started: 6/2/2016 Category: Games
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Mario is much better than sonic as he has rescued Princess Peach numerous times and is much more well-known than Sonic. Sonic is epic too, but he just can`t beat Mario.


Let's verbally express you're a Goomba - you don't precisely have the best life: you're short, you're impotent, anyone who physically contacts you dies, and you're designated after an ethnic slur. Fortuitously, all you opiate to do with your time is placidly walk across the world. You never target anyone, you mean no harm to a single soul - you're genuinely a tranquil, benevolent creature (who transpires to look homogeneous to the kingdom's primary victuals source). Hell, you don't even have any arms.

Suddenly - you get smashed. You're dead. Wha - What? Why? Who? Well, discombobulated dead Goomba - an Italian plumber just crushed you to death for no goddamn reason. He jumped on your skull and flattened you because he felt like it. You were never endeavoring to do anything to him, but because you dared to ambulate in his general direction, he ended your subsistence.

Mario is a truculent nut job. Very few of the enemies in Super Mario Bros. are genuinely endeavoring to kill him. Sure, there's the Piranha Plants, the Thwomps, and maybe even the Hammer Bros., but the astronomical majority of the enemies Mario kills are just out for an ambulation: Koopas, Goombas, even Bullet Bills are essentially inculpable creatures that can't control when or how they're launched. So why does Mario do this?

Because they were in his way. That's some Dexter-level cerebrating right there.

I used a website
Debate Round No. 1


Mario is a super, heroic, humorous character. He has been around since 1981, appearing in the game 'Donkey Kong" his first d"but. Heare is some background information (found on Super Mario wiki):

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island depicts Mario's beginnings by delivery of a stork at nearly the same time as Luigi, suggesting a twin birth. Mario, however, receives help from Yoshis shortly after Luigi has been kidnapped by Kamek, pointing them to Luigi's location. While Mario can still use a power-up, Superstar Mario, the Yoshis must otherwise protect and guide him to Bowser's Castle. Once Mario and Luigi are rescued, the stork delivers them to their parents. Yoshi's New Island, however, later retcons by stating they are the wrong parents. After Luigi is kidnapped a few more times, Mario and Luigi reunite with their true parents in Yoshi's New Island and Yoshi's Island DS.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is usually considered as one of the first media chronologically in Mario's history, but a few other sources, usually older than Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, depict different beginnings. In Super Mario Momotar!3;, for instance, two elderly Hammer Bros. have found and raised Mario, who emerged out of a peach that has fallen from the sky. Mario here resembles his older self, although smaller and without a hat. The story in Super Mario Momotar!3;, however, is a retelling of a popular Japanese fairy tale and may have no actual bearing on Mario's history. The Nintendo Comics System comic entitled Family Album "The Early Years" is another early medium that depicts Mario's childhood. According to it, Mario has taken an early interest in plumbing, although frequently misbehaving, such as making his father's pipe emit bubbles instead of smoke. Mario is also adept at sports, scoring home runs in his neighborhood softball team. Mario at birth is shown to have full hair on the head and facial stubble that quickly became a mustache. Luigi is also born several years after Mario, later retconned in favor of a twin relationship in the video games.

In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Mario's infant self and adult self unite to defeat the Shroobs and save Princess Peach, although the game takes place from Mario's adult self's setting by labeling his time period as the present and his baby self's time period as the past


Beyond the appalling treatment of Black America in that game, though, is Mario"s own refusal to allow any sort of rehabilitation for criminals. Yes, Donkey Kong should not have kidnapped Pauline. However, Mario relies on no authorities in the creature"s capture, and resorts to inflicting immense pain upon the poor creature. After Donkey Kong is defeated, Mario refuses to let things lie, and instead imprisons him, takes him to the jungle, and proceeds to attempt to kill Donkey Kong"s son. These are not the acts of a benevolent avenger. Also, it is worth noting that Mario seems surprisingly proficient with the use of a sledgehammer as a weapon. I think perhaps the authorities arrested the wrong man in the great Japanese sledgehammer massacre of 81'
R32;Mario"s debut on the Game Boy found him mysteriously ditching his brother Luigi and his girlfriend Princess Peach to have an illicit affair with another princess, Daisy. He also used some more vicious tactics in this game than he had previously. Armed with a scuba vessel and a space ship, he took on the alien Tatanga to "rescue" Daisy. Tatanga planned on wedding Daisy and becoming a king, and obviously did not know how to properly express his love. Once again, Mario shoots first and asks questions later, and opts to torpedo the alien"s butt instead of negotiate. Mario"s adventures in Sarasaland remained on the down low for years, and he resumed his relationship with Peach while continuing to have flings on the side with Daisy. When Daisy finally traveled to the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario conveniently shacked her up with Luigi, in hopes of keeping her mouth shut.
R32;Dr. Mario appeared in 1990, only one year after Mario"s affair with Daisy. Suddenly, Mario has gone from being a carpenter to a doctor. We never saw a Med Student Mario or an Intern and Resident Mario, so it seems safe to assume that Mario had no formal medical training. That fact is even more apparent when we take a look at how he treats his patients. For every illness, he simply throws more and more pills into a bottle, hoping that reckless medication will make the problem go away. Never does he consider the ramifications of the addictive qualities of these pills, and he often throws the wrong color pills into the bottle. Furthermore, Mario goes back to being a plumber after this game " obviously, someone caught onto his blatant malpractice. That"s what happens to those who assume that their celebrity allows them to play God.
R32;In 1991, Mario met a new ally: the dinosaur named Yoshi. Yoshi, like Donkey Kong, is an intelligent animal (Donkey Kong could tie a necktie, and Yoshi was capable of speech). How does Mario treat his new "friend?" By using him as a mount and pounding the back of Yoshi"s head to force him to use his tongue as a weapon. Moreover, Mario encourages this type of behavior from his impressionable younger brother, Luigi. Bastard.
R32;Mario then branched out into racing, where his loose morals overrode any sort of sportsmanship. Rather than the game being about skill and speed, Mario introduced a variety of booby traps, ranging from koopa shells to banana peels to actual bombs, in order to keep his foes from crossing the finish line before him. The only way to succeed in the Mario Kart circuit was for the other characters to rely on the same tactics. Once Mario got his hands on the sport of racing, he ruined it forever.
R32;Finally, Mario found a franchise that could play directly to his blood lust. Lining up friend and foe alike, he started just beating the crap out of everyone in sight. Once again, the other Nintendo characters had to mimic this vicious behavior just to survive. With every iteration of Super Smash Brothers, the game introduces more characters " or, as Mario likes to refer to them as, victims.
R32;The original Mario versus Donkey Kong begins as a simple misunderstanding on Donkey Kong"s part. As he is an ape who doesn"t have a full grasp on the concept of commerce (unlike the greedy Mario, who collects coins like they"re going out of style in each of his video games), Donkey Kong ends up taking some toys that are not his. He is summarily punished for this, again by Mario rather than by the proper authorities. In fact, Mario tosses him off a building this time around, nearly killing the poor ape. By the sequel, Mario has trained an army of clockwork mini-Mario "toys" to thwart Donkey Kong. Oh, and Pauline, Mario"s original chick, reappears. Apparently, Mario"s looking to reignite the flame of passion with his old girlfriend, despite the fact that he dumped her for Peach back in the 80s, and despite the fact that both Peach and Daisy are still around. What a womanizing creep.
Well, there you have it. Indisputable evidence that Mario is one of the vilest bastards to ever walk the Earth. And that"s leaving out dozens of other examples, such as the fact that he encourages kids to do drugs ("super" mushrooms that make him bigger and stronger), that he regularly endorses violence, and that he deliberately puts on that fake Italian accent to give a bad reputation to struggling Italian Americans everywhere. And yet we keep foisting him upon our impressionable children. Go ahead and let them play those damned video games. Just don"t come crying to me when your kids turn out to be womanizers, abusers, and dinosaur-haters.

From scream sheet Wordpress
Debate Round No. 2


Sonic may be as fast as the speed of light, but sometimes being too fast can be your ultimate weakness. Mario however, isn`t the fastest video game hero, but his jumps seem to work for him, don`t they? The fact is, Mario has the right levels for everything, speed, altitude, height etc. Here is some more information on the creation of the amazing Mario:

Following the failure of Radar Scope in North America, Nintendo's then-president, Hiroshi Yamauchi, requested Miyamoto's aid in converting unsold Radar Scope units into something that would sell well. Miyamoto conceived the concept of a love triangle and decided to make a game based on the Popeye character. He, however, was denied the rights for the Popeye franchise, so he decided to come up with a new idea using his own characters.

For use in his arcade game Donkey Kong, he created a character named Jumpman, who previously went under other names, such as Mr. Video, and originally, Ossan (the Japanese term for middle-aged man). This character was given red overalls and a blue shirt in order to make the arms more visible as well as a cap and moustache, as hair and a mouth were impossible to animate on the arcade system. It is said that during the development for Donkey Kong Jr., the Jumpman character was renamed to Mario when an employee at Nintendo of America's office pointed out the similar physical appearances between Jumpman and Nintendo's Italian landlord, Mario Segale. This is later confirmed by Shigeru Miyamoto during a promotional video for Super Mario Maker, which celebrates Mario's 30th anniversary. While initially designed as a carpenter, after an employee noted that he looked more like a plumber, his occupation was changed and Mario Bros. soon followed.


Sonic beats Mario because
Rebuttal to: tggdan3 Show

1: Sonic can run across water.

2) Sonic can fly if he Goes Super Sonic. He is also faster and practically invunrable. Also he has been seen to posses an ability to heal other people. (Sonic X- episode 26)
Or even go Hyper Sonic, which lets him breath under water.

3) Sonic saves the world.

4) Mario fights an evil turtle and an oversized ape. Sonic battles Giant robots.
5) What that has to do with fighting capabilities? Sonic has probably been in more tv shows and books

6) I"ll give you that one.

7) Which do what exactly?

8) He can do the Hyper Dash

9) Sonic doesn"t need anyone.

10: Koopa? Bowser (petrol pump)? Not much better really.

Also, consider the original games. Of two characters who make a living out of jumping on enemies" heads, who would be more qualified? A fat plumber with a small grasp of the English language, or a guy covered in spikes?
If I play Jumpman (First incarnation), and try to jump on my enemy, Mario gets owned.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: Lyksina// Mod action: Removed<

4 points to Pro (Conduct, Arguments), 2 points to Con (Sources). Reasons for voting decision: PRO was more covincing

[*Reason for removal*] Not an RFD. The voter merely restates 1 of their point allocations and explains none of them.
Posted by Fuzz_Face 2 years ago
SONIC IS MUCH BETTER!!!!! I wish i could vote
Posted by corporealbeing 2 years ago
Sonic is dope. :3333333
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