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Is Messi the Greatest footballer ever?

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Started: 9/16/2014 Category: Games
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First Round is mere acceptance.


i accept this challenge
Debate Round No. 1


Yeah Messi is indeed a good player but He's not the best player ever. In fact I do feel like C.Ronaldo is better than him at present form. Last season's statistics shows it. The tally number of trophies, Number of goal scored, awards achieved were all more for Cristiano than Messi. Well he's not the best in the present, then how can you say that he's the best ever.
More over in Barcelona last season, Messi was surrounded by World class players. With players like Xavi ,Iniesta ,Fabregas , Messi is bound to have numerous opportunities particularly as a striker. Where as Ronaldo being a winger , has outclass Messi by miles. Moreover Cristiano has prooven his talent in different leagues which Messi has failed to do so. Messi is talented but he's over rated. He's not even the best at the moment but people compare him as the best ever.
Comparing Messi with legends like Pele, Maradona, Sir Matt Busby, Sir Boby CHarlton is stupidity. Well I consider Pele as the greatest ever (many of us agree with it) . Pele played in a completely different time. There were no fouls at that time. It was rough kind of football. He still survived those times without much injuries. More over he went on to win 3 World Cups and scoring 1000+ goals at that era of football.


  • Messi has amazing balance, and is much like his idol diego maradona.

  • Messi last season, Was still much better than ronaldo even with all the injuries he sustained

  • he has amazing composure and rarley ever wastes a shot

  • He is a much better goal scorer

  • He has had much more success than many "stars" internationally

  • I just dont see how he is not the greatest

Debate Round No. 2


Well last year Cristiano played better. He even won UEFA's best player award, FIFA Ballon d'or, and many more awards last year. Even the number of goals scored was much more than Lionel Messi even after considernf the fact that he is just a winger & not a permanent striker.
More over Lionel Messi was trophyless last season. Ronaldo won UEFA Champions League, Spanish Super Cup, Copa Del Rey last season. So there's no point in saying that Messi was the best in the previous season.

Coming to the "all time best player". Messi is indeed a very talented player. But it is very early to decide whether he's the best footballer ever. Well he does have a good club history. But his statistics with his International team , Argentina is very poor.
He has not even won a major trophy uner Argentina.
With all these , how can you say he's the "Best player" ever?


In his defence last year, He suffered thtough many injuries. yet still played very well, i think all those injuries prevented him form winning the trophies that ronaldo did. and Championships dont make the player the best, its how hard he works and how much effort he put's forth

Debate Round No. 3


Well gentleman I do agree Messi was injury prone last season. But that is not people will see after years. Suppose after 5-10 years when you will look back to 2013-14 season , all you'll remember is Cristiano Ronaldo won all those medals & trophies while Messi was trophy less. Messi still had a better chance to perform. It was not like he was out the whole season, he was injured only for a few matches. But he couldn't perform even after his recovery. Even Ronaldo got injured 2-3 times last season. Inspite of that he was the top goal scorer in LaLiga , Champions league ( in fact broke the record for most number of goals in season), Super Cup. Clearly the stats says that Ronaldo outplayed Messi last season.

Gentleman you're only replying to my argument about current best.
I have even posted about Pele as all time best. You have never responded to it.

Well winning 3 World Cups & scoring 1000+ goals in those times was really difficult. There were no fouls at that time, no red cards or yellow cards were introduced into the game. The game was very rough. Still inspite of all these Pele achieved all these, which even a footballer of our generation has not done. So its clear as crystal that Pele is the undisputed king of football.


CPUSA99 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by CPUSA99 3 years ago

Pel? what no i have never heard of Pel
Posted by Sam_Cecil 3 years ago
Ever heard of a guy named Pel"?
Posted by Lel-Derp 3 years ago
Well IDK who messi is so Imma watch some football now :|
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