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Is Minecraft a good game?

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Started: 7/26/2013 Category: Entertainment
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I believe Minecraft is a great game for your free time. You can play multiplayer and there are even quite a few Youtubers who post Minecraft videos, such as SkydoesMinecraft, who has over 4,000,000 subscribers.

First round will be for acceptance.



I dont believe minecraft is a bad game either, but I would like to see if I could come to a conclusion that it actually is bad :D
But first... you must tell me... when is a game bad, when is and when should a game be considered bad... Some would say a game is good when it is fun but, when you think about it, thats kinda subjective... tell me what you consider to be a good / bad game so that we can actually debate :)
Debate Round No. 1


A game is considered bad when it lags quite often or has a bad quality. Minecraft has a traditional blocky feel, and that is what I like about it. The graphics are all blocks, but I like that about Minecraft. Good games don't lag, and have good quality. Many games lag when it is on a server or multiplayer. Minecraft lags sometimes, but not as much other games. Also, bad games are either very uninteresting or boring. Good games are fun and make you get addicted. Once I started Minecraft, I got addicted, so I think Minecraft is one of the best games out there.


Lets forget about the lagging, cause that pretty much boils down to the network stuff.
Maybe you were thinking about programming issues, but I think it would be smart to avoid that, since it is not easy to analyze program codes (especially the laaarge ones :D) since you need math models and algorithm analasys... so lets just skip that one. :D

Also, there is no point in discussing graphics since they are not supposed to be all realistic and high-def...

So, now we are left with just the "fun factor". That of course is entirely subjective, but I will still try to convince you that Minecraft is "bad" (where bad means boring, repetitive and similar).
Before I begin, I must say that a have only played the alpha versions (the ones without bosses)
and if you think that is a major handicap, feel free to discard my "arguments" and claim victory :D

So... Is Minecraft fun? After installing the game, you are thrown into a randomly generated world with only your clothes and wits... This world is made entirely out of various kinds of blocks just waiting for you to shape and bend them to your utter whim. The sensation is simply overwhelming... The power you have is unfathomable. The world is your so to conquer...
It has mountains, forests, jungles, deserts, dungeons... everything a gamer could wish for AND
this fantastic world is streaming with all kinds of life forms varying in size, activities...
simply amazing... and if that just wasn't enough... you have internet support to share this pure awesomeness with your friends. You can come to all kinds of crazy ideas... make castles, globes, digital calculators, skyscrapers... all that you can imagine.

WOW!!! This is not looking well for me... I'm fighting a tank with a shovel here, am I not?
What could I possibly pull out of my sleeve and ruin this tower of cards. Well you see...
even though I almost convinced my self that this game is good while writing this description,
I just couldnt forget to ask my self "Are all these features well implemented?". I am not mentioning any programming here, I'm just trying to see if these features are indeed fun to tackle. Underneath all those options you are provided with, hides the very truth, the core of this game. Minecraft basically comes down to this:
find blocks and materials;
combine materials/blocks to get new blocks/items/materials;
move block from point A to point B;
stop the bots from depleting your life bar;

Dont get me wrong now, I am not saying that Minecraft actually has less features than it actually has or that minecraft is repetitive and other games are not... No.
All games are repetitive since they have a finite number of commands/actions/features...
and Minecraft is no rulebreaker here.
So, if we can agree that games are repetitive, can we come to a conclusion that there is no fun game (if a game is not fun, by definition, it is not good). How is a game not fun if its repetitive? Well heres the catch... Some games will be fun for a while, but no game will be fun forever. So the game is fun to one person, but in time intervals. Now, you can state two things:
1. A game is fun if it is fun forever;
2. A game is fun if it was fun for a specified amount of time;
And the problem, as usual, resides in the very definition.
I must ask you yet again to define what a good game is, and then, to simplify this whole mess,
give me the names of games you consider bad so that we could compare. :)

I hope a lesson can be learned from this post.
that lesson would be "Dont argue if you cannot even define/know what you are arguing about".
That would be like two blind man guessing what the red colour looks like...
Debate Round No. 2


The four things you gave me:
find blocks and materials;
combine materials/blocks to get new blocks/items/materials;
move block from point A to point B;
stop the bots from depleting your life bar
These are all parts of Mincraft, but doesn't even come close to other things in the new updates.
As you said, in Alpha there are no bosses, but in the later versions, there are bosses like the Ender Dragon, where you can actually complete the game. There is also a wither, which is another boss that you must spawn yourself.

You can even tame wolves into dogs to fight for you. Also, in Alpha, there is no hunger bar that you must replenish. In the very newest version, you can even tame horses and ride on them. You can put a name tag on the horse and name that horse and you can even put body armor on it. Why would people who post Minecraft videos on Youtube have so many subscribers and likes? That is because they like the game and it is a good game. Going on servers is not just about building stuff with your friends. There are games called Spleef and Parkour Maps. You can even play survival games, where you find chests with armor and gear in them and then you fight other people. Minecraft never gets repetive, because there are always new minigames coming out. There are also mods that you can install, such as the Aether Mod, which is the opposite of the Nether and also has many more bosses and weapons. Up to date there are over 100,000 mods that you can install into Minecraft to make the game less repetitive.

I think I just explained what a good game is by showing the good features in Minecraft.

Vote Pro!



I expected that this whole thing would boil down to the differences between the alpha and final version, but that does not matter now because we achieved nothing...

If you only wish to get votes,likes ot whatever , you will most likely get them since minecraft is quite a popular game with a lot of consumers, but, if you actually wanted to see if minecraft is truly good then you, and I, failed miserably.

When I read this whole debate I see only a countdown of features. If you had only taken some time to see what a "bad" game looks like, you would have seen that even bad games have interesting features and ideas, yet are still considered bad. Eg Postal 3, Naughty Bear, Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death, Dark Messiah are all mainly reviewed as bad, but I had more fun playing these games then, for example Call of Duty, Minecraft, Halo and similar...

So at the end, it trully doesnt matter if a game is considered good or bad. Play what you like and do not blindely follow trends and reviews... You will miss some very good stuff :D

As for the whole Minecraft mess, It doesnt matter really, if it was fun to you, then its good and vice verca. It all comes down to what each person likes better.

Perhaps someone else will finally see what makes a game good since that is a far more interesting question :)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Graffiacane 4 years ago
It seems that no one gives a "h!p xDDD
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