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Is Nintendo Going to Die within a Few Years?

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Started: 6/24/2015 Category: Entertainment
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1st round is acceptance. The following shall go in order:
2nd Round: Introduction for Argument
3rd Round: Adding New Points and Rebuttal
4th Round: Rebuttal (2nd Time) and Closing Argument


Nintendo is an historic Icon with many decades left to inspire and entertain people around the world.

I accept your challange!
Debate Round No. 1


Glad you accepted the challenge, and wish you "Good Luck" for this debate. For my position, I am on the side that is stating: "Nintendo is going to die within a few years". Nintendo, we all know and love, with its great games and beautiful moments of playing a kid friendly game; but that was in the past. Back then, Nintendo ruled the market with its Wii and Nintendo DS, but as time moves on, Nintendo is going downhill with its deals and games.

To begin my argument, Nintendo is not releasing any huge titles for a bit. Last year at E3, which if you do not know is a gaming convention held every year, Nintendo did extremely well with its release of games we all know and love. Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8. Games we all know and love, but this year at E3, Nintendo lagged behind on game releases we all like. Instead, giving us previews on DLC for games and nothing really new. As well as the fact that other game titles revealed their biggest games (Fallout 4, Halo 5, etc.) which took over the show and shoving Nintendo to the side.

Besides games being the issue, we must look at Nintendo's consoles in this modern generation. Not looking at the past consoles, but the present; being the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. I will agree that the Nintendo 3DS is great, but the Wii U is not as great comparatively. The Wii U, when it released, did not make the sales Nintendo wanted and kind of became a flunk. Even though it is cheaper than the Xbox One and PS4. The reasoning why is because the Wii U's main gimmick was a new controller that was a pad, and giving features that was already released on previous consoles. Nothing overly special, but just another console. The games were fine, but the use of the actual game pad proven to be not useful. If you will please, name at least 7 games that used the Wii U's game pad very efficiently. Not a lot because most games can be played with a Wii-Mote, than a actual tablet.

To conclude my opening argument, Nintendo will fall within a few years because of its lack of sales in games and consoles, and not truly showing any innovation in the games or console itself.


Let me start off by agreeing with the statistics of what you have laid forth.

Ninento is no longer in the competition when it comes to console gaming the WiiU was a failure and has cost nintendo a good amount of money.

However, when you have iconic characters like Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, and many more. And when they release games that continue to sell because of this, they will find their place in the market. Actually they already have.

While the WiiU is a failure. What they are dominating at is the hand held market:

the Wii 3DS XL is the best selling hand held game in the market. the 3DS and the 2DS are also in the top 10. They are there because of the great gaming sellection, good price point and the features are both simple and wi-fi capable to allow players to enjoy the game at any place, any time and play with other people around the world.

Another major reason why Nintendo will still be around for years to come is they are makign a strong presense in the phone gaming industry as well. Making games for the droid and iphone is giving them yet another source of income.

Ninteno while has taking a backstep to the Playstation and Xbox world, is down but far from out. Their target market will always be younger gamers and have yet to lose the market niche.
Debate Round No. 2


I will respect my opponents argument, but to begin the beginning of this round, I will "rebuttal" my opponents argument from the last round. To begin, my opponent begins his or her argument with the idea that Nintendo will be fine because of a constant release in recognizable titles. I can say that this does not help Nintendo, but "quickens" their downfall further. Eventually the consumer will realize the the constant release of a similar game title over and over again, and will eventually decide to not buy a Nintendo product. If we look at the constant releases by Nintendo, has their sales been great, or going downhill and time goes on?

The 3DS, on the other hand, can be agreed upon on being a good console; however, it can also be a "curse" for Nintendo. If they push their marketing stand point towards the 3DS, than the Wii U, then won't Nintendo lose its consumers for the Wii U? Admitted multiple times by my opponent, the Wii U is a failure console where purpose can be made. Innovate on games that actually bring a more unique experience to the Wii U, than focus your marketing only on handhelds. Nintendo strives with their consoles, and are going to deny console consumers because the 3DS is superior in the market?!? Based on your argument, it seems like they will in the near future for their great sales.

To support more upon my last argument about the 3DS, if you stated that Nintendo will put more focus on making mobile games, than fixing the games they had on the console; then isn't that showing more denial to the handheld market, than console market? Also if we look at the market for mobile games, most are actually hated more than loved. For the simple fact of the term "Pay to Win". Who doesn't say Nintendo will release lots of mobile games, but require a purchase for something inside the game. When talking about money, people hate the pay in order to play the actual game.

Now to my additional argument points, we must look at the consumer point of Nintendo's market. The biggest consumers for Nintendo typically lays upon adults, while the other gaming companies main market are kids. I know it sounds "whack", but if we look at the numbers; adults play more Nintendo games than kids. An adult can buy a game, but will they play it right away? 57% of the time, they will not because of having their own responsibilities of being an adult. While a kid, typically teenager, has no responsibility and can play games all the time if they want; and once they finish, they can "beg" to their parents to get another game, which they more often reluctantly agree. The games teenagers and young kids play are typically "Rated M" games because of the lack of parental guidance.

Nintendo in the past was the key market for kids, but in our society now a days, kids get a more "easier route". Parents are busy about their life that they actually "isolate" the child to handle their own stuff. Unknowingly knowing about what video games their kids play; which also impacts Nintendo's marketing. We can live in the past and say how Nintendo is, but in society nowadays; Nintendo has it hard.


SnaxAttack, I really enjoy reading what you post. And thank you for such a great challenge, I’ll do my best to keep up!

I will first I’ll address the “curse of Nintendo” Nintendo has been around for 30 years the Iconic games have somehow managed to avoid losing player interest for that entire period of time. The top selling games today for the Wii U are Mario Cart, New Super Miro Bros, Nintendo land, Super Mario 3D world, New Super Luigi U, Wii Party U, and then Zelda. For the 3Ds we have Pokemon, Mario cart, super Mario 3D land, More Pokemon, Super Smash Bros… Do you see the trend?
So if they can keep remaking the games that has been close two gamers hearts for more than one generation, I am more than confident they will not be going away in two years.
We can agree the Wii U is a failure, however, Because of the success of the 3DS they can continue to improve their games and focus on their new console system the NX.
Having a bad console does not always mean the end of a business. Unlike Sega that did fail miserably to compete at the end, Nintendo still gains funds from the 3DS and licensing agreements to offset the loss of the Wii U. They can afford to make a mistake, and learn from it. There are some amazing games coming out such as the super Mario level ( kinda like minecraft for Mario) A new star fox is coming out and more.
You stated mobile games are more hated than loved. It can be hated as much as anyone wants to; it brings in 7 Billion Dollars. It is irrelevant if one likes it or not, it makes money. Nintendo is putting time into make profits in this market before its competitors get there. That will not only prolong Nintendo beyond two years, but will give them more capital to fix their mistakes.
When you are not at home and want to play games, the 3DS is in the hands of a majority of children and adults today. It is the leading handheld game in the market today. While kids may play more mature games at home, a lot of kids are still on the go and have a 3DS in their back pocket.
Ultimately Nintendo is the company that does something different. Virtual Boy, the Wii, and the Wii U. They try new things and think outside the box. That is what makes them the X factor in the game industry. You never know what they will do next. This is what keeps them afloat. They will continue to make new consoles, new games and excite the gaming community with their attempts. They can make mistakes and come back up and bring out the next best thing.

Debate Round No. 3


For the final round, I will Rebuttal with my opponent and then state my conclusion on my side of the debate (Following the rules I posted in the First Round of acceptance to this debate). Before I begin, I want to thank my opponent for this very peaceful debate and discussion; and not being "to" aggressive with his or her own side. For that "Thank You" my fellow opponent; now to my rebuttal.

My opponent brought up Nintendo's curse of iconic games, where he or she has clarified the most popular game titles. Currently, they are the most iconic titles of Nintendo, but I must ask the question on "How much longer can Nintendo still 'hold on' to their fans"? Most of the fans of Nintendo are currently adults, with tons of personal responsibility, where eventually they will not have enough time to play their games from Nintendo. We will both agree that Nintendo's target audience are children, but how many children truly play Nintendo's games? They don't, in fact; more adults play Nintendo games than children, even myself who is a young adult. The reasoning why is because of playing different games (Rated M Games) because of it being the "cool" factor; as well as a high influence from their peers who also plays these games. Nintendo tries to play it "cool", but to children, its more of a "gag" to them; especially in the advertisement aspect for presenting their games.

My opponent also admits about the Wii U being a failure, similar to the events of the old console "Virtual Boy". It almost destroyed Nintendo's reputation in the gaming market, but was saved with the later release of the "Nintendo 64" and "Super Nintendo". Who cannot say that this will be the same way, except losing double the sales for console players? True that they have the Nintendo 3DS and a "migration" towards mobile app games, but that will even put more of a test to release better content. The Wii U was suppose to "revolutionize" the gaming market, but failed with its lack of "original ideas". Once more, like stated before, Nintendo is just re-releasing content to the consumers, and nothing "original". Even when it cannot get children to buy their products, their own target audience. They can rely on the 3DS, but for how much longer?

I keep asking the question because of how soon will they fall into bankruptcy? I admit it could probably be more than two years, but eventually Nintendo will not be the "in" in games; but more of the "out". Other companies are keeping up in the marketing perspective with similar content games. Games that allow the player to have a greater experience, than another Mario Kart or Zelda; with a slightly different environment. Games will still be around, but Nintendo will die off soon because of its lack of being in the "in" factor of consumers.

Thank you, once more, for this debate my opponent! =3


Thank you for the kind words and a very good argument. I admit i have questioned my own stance, but I have continuted to do research and thinking to try my best to explain my point to both you and the people who will soon be voting.

The beauty of Nintendos Iconic games as it does two things:
1) it re-invents the game but keeps the nostalgia of the characters and world.
A good example of this is the new super mario Marker. It incorporates all the fun game mechanics of super mario brother but allow you to make your own world and share it with others, similiar to mine craft.

2) Creating a nintendo world with a story. I'm trying to find the right words... but I Zelda is a good example, the sounds, the fighting, the monsters... every time you play a new game its a wonderful experience that you just do not have in other consoles. And as they continue to add new elements to Zelda, it just keeps people coming back for more.

As for the demographics, I feel they are vastly misleading, as a parent and knowing many parents our children play mainly nintendo, however its hard to record data of children going to stores and purchasing games. As long as games like pokemon, mario party and smash brothers contiune to be hits, (which the show little sign of stopping) then there is no fear of nintendo going out of business any time soon.

I have my doubts of nintendos life span, however today, it is doing quite well if you look at the stock of nintendo, it is 60% higher than last year almost 50% in the last three years

Nintendo is not going anywhere any time soon, and as my opponent admits "I admit it could probably be more than two years"

Nintedo clearly is not going to die in a few years. It's at least 5 years to right it's ship and then we will know for sure the fate of the mighty nintendo.

Thank you for the debate sir, I hope we can have more in the future.

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by TGambit 3 years ago
i need more votes :P
Posted by Preston 3 years ago
Hahaha, nintendo has enough funds to not release any games for 20+ years and still survive
Posted by cathaystewie 3 years ago
I'm so tempted to accept this and say that Nintendos, nor any other electronic devices so to speak, had 'life' in the first place and hence cannot die XD Don't worry I won't, but I know of others who will. What I would do is clearly define every debatable term from the very beginning.
Posted by SnaxAttack 3 years ago
Pro is for that Nintendo will die within a few years, and Con will say that Nintendo will not die within a few years.
Posted by Proving_a_Negative 3 years ago
Are you arguing that it will?
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Reasons for voting decision: Con concedes all of Pro's arguments when it comes to console sales. Con however gives arguments that iconic Nintendo games will still sell well, and they will continue to be big presence is handheld gaming. However Pro successfully refutes the iconic games arguments, when they say that people will eventually get tired of playing the same titles over and over, which is true. Pro also successfully refutes the mobile phone games arguments, when they bring up the fact that most phone games that Nintendo released have not been received well. Con brings up a good point with the growth of Nintendo's stocks over the last few years. This brings the final tally of arguments 3-1 in favor of Pro. Sources were only used by Con.