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Is North Korea still a Threat to the US?

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Started: 2/7/2014 Category: Politics
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North Korea is still a threat to the United States of America because they are unpredictable and that is the most dangerous thing.


Argument I: Army Strength

While North Korea does have an army of 9,306,000 (1), their army is lacking greatly. They have a budget of $10 bn, and at 25% of their economy, they aren't likely to increase it efficiently anytime soon (2). At only $10 bn, they are spending $9,000 per active soldier, but could never afford to actually arm all 9,306,000. The US is spending $420,000 per active soldier.

The US also has 145,000,000 citizens available for war (3), while Korea only has 13,000,000 total. At MAX soldier count, the US would spend $4,400 per soldier while Korea would spend $770 per soldier.

The US actually has more soldiers total (in reserve and action) than what North Korea could afford at max spending (seen below) while the US has the economic strength to support their force.


Argument II: Economic Strength

Assuming both nations could use 50% of it's economy for war, at current Per-Soldier expanses, Korea could bring up 2,200,000 solders, while the US could bring up $21,500,000 soldiers. The US is only using 4.9% of it's economy on the army, while Korea is using 25% already.

North Korea has an economy of $40 bn, compared to the US Economy of $18,000 bn and South Korea's $1,7000 bn (4). North Korea has an economy of $1,800 per capita, compared the US's $52,000 per capita and South Korea's $34,777 per capita.


Argument III: Alliances

Korea has no allies. Their allies are only allies in name. China is separating from Korea, and highly opposed to them having nuclear weapons. No ally of theirs would go to war with any nation Korea would try attacking.

South Korea, one of the US's best friends, has 3 times the military budget of North Korea, and are only using 2.5% of their economy. They are spending $46,000 per soldier, and can bring up 12,500,000 men for their army. If they used 25% of their economy like North Korea, they could afford 6,400,000 men, 3x what North Korea could afford with 50% of theirs (5).

With Japan, Europe, and likely even China on our side, North Korea has nothing against South Korea and the US.

Korea stands no chance.


Argument 4: Technology

Pro's argument come down to having randomized surprise on their side. They couldn't use that on anyone. Both the US and South Korea have the technology to see what North Korea is up to at any given time. North Korea can't get ships within 100 miles of any US land, and they wouldn't be able to get within a mile of the North/South Korean borders.

Even if they did, North Korea is still using a poor blend of WWII and Cold War technology. They couldn't get past the modernized South Korea.


North Korea has NO benefit on their side.
Debate Round No. 1


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Arguments extanded.
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Arguments extanded.
Debate Round No. 3
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