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Is Pokemon GO a good game

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Started: 9/20/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Pokemon go is unsafe and is over all bad. If you live in the forest or somewhere that is not near a big city, you will catch wheedles if anything at all! Now days the gyms are filled with very high combat power Pokemon so no one can fight and win or level up!


Pok"mon GO is a very great game. I personally am level 18 and it is hard to fight gyms but only in very populated areas, and if you have a friend who is on the same team it will be much easier. It was very hard to get multiple of the more rare Pok"mon but that's why they added the buddy system so you can walk around with your buddy and get more candies. I do happen to live in an area with not that many Pok"mon but I sometimes go on bike rides to more populated areas so I can catch more Pok"mon. I also think I that it help you and your kids because instead of sitting inside all day playing games you can go out side get exercise and explore areas you have never seen. Some people might say that "people die all the time playing the stupid game" but Pok"mon GO gives you warnings about not trespassing, being aware of your surroundings and to not play Pok"mon GO well driving. Plus you can't hatch eggs well you are going to fast to encourage not playing the game well driving. In all I think the game is very fun and has lots of nice features to help keep people safe.
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Posted by Gamer_Dan13 1 year ago
Pokemon Go is not necessarily a game. It only involves you walking and flicking your thumb. There is no story or real point to it. I don't care for the app. The pokestops and gyms are just in random spots and also have no point to them. Sure you can fight other people and stuff at gyms, but it really is just you vs. ai. It also completely random when a pokemon comes up.
Posted by straightup.gong 1 year ago
Pok"mon Go is an excellent game. I live by a park with a lot of pokestops and I go there everyday to get more pokeballs. I get exercise and entertainment. I'd understand the challenge of living in a rural area, but that doesn't mean the game is any less good. Like Pro said, the game has warnings now to prevent possible deaths. Also, the gyms have higher Pok"mon so it's a challenge to play. It wouldn't be fun if you just took over a gym with a 100 CP Pok"mon. Plus kind of the whole point is to evolve your Pok"mon and catch 'em all.
Posted by MrSlimedud 1 year ago
I am obviously right
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