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Is Pro Footbal fixed by the league through the officiating to Protect the interest of making money

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Started: 10/25/2015 Category: Sports
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The purpose of any Business is to make money. All businesses protect the "business of making" by knowing the answers to all questions asked or in this case knowing who is going to win and lose. Officiating swings momentum and increases or decreases the odds in favor of the team the league wants win.

The league acknowledged the officials call more penalties earlier in the season than later in the season. They are admitting their guilty.

Logically speaking, if bad teams lose early in the season then the league is leaving money on the table through loss of income. BUT if bad teams win a few games early in the season then their are more dollars for the league to make plus the fans will still support their team

Then think of the communities when it comes to building a new stadium. Does anyone believe communities would support paying 1 Billion Dollars through increased taxes to pay for a new stadium?

Why aren't the owners building their own stadiums? Other businesses have to pay for their buildings.


The NFL is a filthy-rich corporation that no one can get enough of. They have their own day!
There is much discussion that the NFL is fixing games. These accusations are both true and untrue. The NFL has obvious favorites. I have obvious evidence that the NFL has favorites. As a Oakland Raider fan, I have seen moments where penalties are called, but they would not be called on lets say... the Packers or the Patriots.

Some teams are favorites, but there is no evidence that the games are fixed. They referees may like to make a few "questionable calls" to make the games closer, but it seems that usually, the teams with the better players win. I don't think the NFL is all about business. They definitely like it, though. They definitely spend more on some teams, but the NFL is an amazing organization that I believe is a genuine corporation that has teams winning or losing thorough the season on their own.
Debate Round No. 1


I appreciate the argument and the idea of one community against another through honest sportsmanship. But, the reality is that Pro football technically doesn't "fix" games but statistically prevents one team from beating another and with penalties WHICH CAN NOT BE REVIEWED put teams in unattainable and unwinable situations. The League is in the business of making money. The refs job is to protect the business of making money. Less than 5 flags in most game will cause the game to end the way the League wants.

The Patriots are a great story. GOOD COP / BAD COP - People want to come and watch the Villain lose. This story line goes back to our childhoods. FAKE as FAKE can be. In Baseball Pete Rose is banned in Football their IMMORTALIZED.

The question that should be asked is: what teams need to advance? Large Market teams, Larger revenue teams, Where are the largest fan based.

BUFFALO MAKES THE PLAYOFFS 10-6. WHY 1) the amount of season tickets sold - the most ever in the franchise history. Watch 7 and2 over the next 9 games. The refs will help.

Case in point: Pick any game they are all the same, but I will pick the Bills against the Jaguars.

1st half if you want the Jags to win the refs just have to sit back and watch the Bills self destruct.
2nd half the refs through field position and playing the statistics, Buffalo defeats the odds and came back. Then with Buffalo ahead the MYSTERY INTERFERENCE flag is thrown. From an odds perspective, the Jags are going to at the least score 3 pts and maybe 7 odds are in favor of 3. The Jags score 7.

Buffalo needs a TD what are the odds. We are talking a terrible QB buffalo loses.

1 timed call by the REFS - GAME OVER!

Nothing illegal -

The NFL is all about statistics - Put teams in bad field position and no matter the team the game is goes in favor of the Bookies and the League. If the game is not in the direction for the League the refs can control the rest.

POINT 2) Last Winter under a Traffic ban throughout Western New York which is buried in 7 ft of snow, the NFL wanted People to drive and over to the stadium and shovel out the parking lots. It took the Local News and the County Executive embarrassed the NFL before the game was rescheduled to be played in Detroit.


TheDecider forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by TheDecider 2 years ago
i argued about the first question, peepette
Posted by Peepette 2 years ago
There are two questions to debate here. Team wins and losses in an effort to maintain money flow and stadium building. I'd take on this debate on the first question. I agree with you on the second.
Posted by dsjpk5 2 years ago
Absolutely!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
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