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Is Race an issue in America, or is it a misunderstanding?

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Started: 12/28/2015 Category: Politics
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Is there really an issue with race in this country or is there a misunderstanding?


Thank you, Con, for opening up this debate. I am glad to take it and debate this topic with you. I will allow you to make the first argument.
Debate Round No. 1


I think there is an issue with race in this country that is just sad. However, there is a huge difference when it comes to the police and to the minority. Lots of people are out there to call cops racist, like the man that is sitting in the White House. My oppenent should realize that there needs to be facts that support the argument. Barrack Obama has done nothing to stop this, instead he has made the issues worst than it already should be. He is encouraging a bunch of people to loot, call peope names, etc. This is not how we fix issues. This sounds more like ways to stir the pot, rather than finding the solution.


TheSatiricalAnarchist forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Yes, there is a race problem in America. However, some of the officer involved shootings that had to do with African Americans, didn't have anything to do with race, it had to with crimes that were comitted. For example, Michael Brown went inside of a store in Ferguson, then was confronted by a cop. The kid tried to get the cops gun, legally the cop had the right to defend himself and shoot. People said it was because of this kids race and that was why he was shot. Look at the evidence, videos, police reports, cameras, and tell me whether or not it had something to do with race.


Goodness me! I forgot to make my argument in time. I am truly sorry for that inconvenience. I'll just cut right to the chase.

[1] Educational stigma. There is an apparent, systemically-intricate educational stigma between the African-American and white populaces, and this has existed since the Jim Crow south. It can be found in the differences in graduation rates as per race. Several different data/statistical studies have shown, some of them federally observed, that there is in fact wide racial gap in education; that being mainly with the amount of people per race that successfully manage to graduate high school.

"The combined black/Hispanic-white achievement gap closed by nearly 2 percentage points, dropping to 13.4 percentage points in 2012-13," says an article recovered by federal data research. However, the education system is also skewed because white students are more likely to get employed thanks to their college degrees than are blacks - by two times, to be exact. A National Journal article says the following, "as a new crop of col"lege gradu"ates joins the Amer"ic"an work"force, un"em"ploy"ment rates among minor"it"ies with de"grees re"main dis"tinctly el"ev"ated and their eco"nom"ic pro"spects dis"pro"por"tion"ately dimmed". 12.4 percent of black college grads were underemployed in 2013, whereas the rate for white students stood at 5.6 percent - significantly less. However, a Washington study also suggested that without a high school diploma, whites are still twice as likely to receive employment! Only 12 percent of white high school dropouts where unemployed, while 24 percent of blacks were. A huge racial stigma.

Some make the case that this is inherently an issue with black people, though this is simply incorrect. It is an issue with funding the curriculum made available to black students.

[2] Incarceration stigma. It is also no secret that people of colour disproportionately face a much higher incarceration rate than whites. In fact, in the U.S blacks are three times as likely to face arrest for the same non-violent crimes as white people nearly every time an arrest must be made. This shows the racial bias involved in U.S policing, and is by no means a natural product of being African-American.

The Huffington Post released a great article on the topic. The article talked about how whites have seemingly committed the higher amount of drug crimes - nearly 50% more frequently - and are arrested for the crimes 1/3 the amount of times blacks will be. "Nearly 20 percent of whites have used cocaine, compared with 10 percent of blacks and Latinos," the article reads. However, there are more black people in jail than white people as well, for these reasons. "Of the 225,242 people who were serving time in state prisons for drug offenses in 2011, blacks made up 45 percent and whites comprised just 30 percent, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics."

[3]. Police brutality. In the United States more than 1,000 Americans were killed in cold-blood by abusive police, the majority of those 1,000 people were people of colour. 31.6% of the blacks killed indiscriminately by police were unarmed, while only 16.3% of whites were. Though in these neighbourhoods blacks are of a minority - and their percentages seem significantly smaller - there are fewer of them than whites and thus it takes a bigger chunk of the total populace when more are killed by cops.

It is also not unknown that many police abuse cases, like the story of Freddie Gray, spoke of horrid mistreatment when unarmed and handcuffed suspects were already in police custody and were defenseless.


I apologize once again for missing the first round. If you ever want to debate this topic again, we can. In closing, I would like to say I enjoyed this debate. May the best win.

Cited sources:


Debate Round No. 3
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