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Is Rap Music Affecting The Community

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Started: 3/24/2009 Category: Entertainment
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What you hear on the Television is always about rap music and hip hop are tearing this community apart. i am against that because if you listen there is always a message in that song. Like in "My Life"- With The Game and Lil Wayne....they were explaining the importance of knowing and preventing Street violence.


Nice topic! I absolutely love rap and hip-hop music, but i'm in the mood to debate so....

First off, to get a good understanding of why rap music affects our communites you must realize what music does. Music, in general, alters moods. For example, if you listen to a sad song, more often than not you're going to turn out thinking about a sad moment that has happened in your life. At football games, the music that is played is up-tempo music that will get your heart racing and give you a rush some people call: 'getting crunk."

Now, in realizing that music can affect your mood, lets apply it to the state of the resolution. Would you agree that the more popular rap songs are, more often than not, about sex, money, and drugs than anything else? (If you say no, then you fail to realize the difference between rap and hip-hop.)

When a teenager listens over and over again to "gangsta rap" then he is going to walk with a kind of aggressive swagger. If he were to listen to "love rap songs" he would have a completely different attitude. Whether you accept it or not, music does take a toll on your emotions. And your emotions dictate your choices. Now Rap isn't the ONLY thing that affects the community. But it does play a role.

Lets get to your idea of Lil Wayne. Yes, he does have a few songs about cleaning the streets, and about other important things. However, 90% of his songs are about sex, money, and drugs! He even has a song titled "P*S*Y, Money, Weed!" He has a song named "Nina" where he basically says the ggirl is "slutty" and will "F**K you and everyone of your buddies" You can make one hundred songs about change, reform, and improvement. But if you have 1,000 about the opposite, IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!

The biggest affect on the community would be: wars, family disputes, politics, etc. But music undoubtedly can affect your mood, personality, manner, characteristics, decisions, and actions.

Thus answering the resolution with a YES!

If commercials that are 30 seconds long can influence us to purchase something, constantly listening to this music certainly can influence one's behavior.

"There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that rap music spurs violence."~John Norton
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Posted by Mangani 8 years ago
Con mentions Lil' Wayne and The Game- both members of the Bloods street gang who have glamorized this lifestyle, and have helped bring the Bloods street gang nationwide. Thanks to these two (amongst others) it is now "ok" to be a Blood. Snoop made it "ok" to "C-walk" even if you are not a gangster, but that is another story. I am dying to see how Con reconciles Rap music affecting the community with it not affecting the community. Whether for positive or negative, Rap is insignificant if it cannot affect, in the very least, the community from whence it came.
Posted by I-am-a-panda 8 years ago
Con has to effectively argue rap music has noe effect on the community, 0% in fact.
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