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Is Religion/God real

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Started: 4/19/2011 Category: Religion
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I know this is going to offended people but watch how when I say this the following will happen

1.Kats will ignore it and refuse out comment because it offends them they do not know how to respond
2. They will insult with no credible explanations just insult
What I really want to say is I know there is no god. I'll break it down very quickly my points and observations. For one Christianity teaches those who are not Christian are not saved thus are sent to hell… the other 2 major religions teach the same (Islam Judaism). So take that into consideration… are you seriously telling me billions of people are deemed to hll because they don't believe in what you believe in?
Next, as times change it becomes convent to make acceptations to who goes to hll based on social acceptance and/or directions. Example; homosexuals, if major religion directs their followers in anyway- it is one that clearly steers to this point: homosexuals go to hll period. I find it funny how some religious people skip over this fact…there are gay priest n now. You can't conveniently decide what's expect able, how can man just dictate what they feel is appropriate for the times; and why are these gods not intervening to correct such atrocities! I know why
Quick point: Did you know the story of Jesus has been repeated throughout ancient history's' text- years before Jesus. Nope you didn't, that is why you are getting mad.
How come an all powerful god wouldn't just destroy the devil? This is his plan right? Riiiight… Have you realized how large the universe is lately? How obvious it is we are not the only life forms in this place? We are merely speaks of dust and mostly likely a very inferior being to some that might be out there. Or not too there are probably just germs on rocks! Do some research for some of you punks who think ignorance is cool, do that research go to space. com, other sites as such. Amazes me that I'm the nerd, funny; that's just me.

As I end this story ask your self this; why after an articulate well though out argument the answer for religious zelics and/or moderate religious folk is: Have faith? In essence, believe something just because…believe without understanding. Just have faith! Ha! Jokes, maybe Zeus will strike me too. I have faith in Zeus why not?


Hi, I want to accept your challenge. First I want to clarify that English is not my first language, and I am not that good in grammar. But I want to prove to you and to all readers from this site that there is a GOD and HE is REAL!

By the way, I am a Christian, I do not condemn other religions only GOD can judge them.
I believe GOD will judge false religions, gay priest, etc. by the works and thru his WORD (bible).

Have you pray to GOD? How do you become an atheist? What do you believe? Who created Earth? How do we exist if theres no GOD?
Debate Round No. 1


Nah I respect everything you saying, however; I must correct. I know plenty about the bible, read the book, many of times. In fact, I grew all through foster homes where we just so happned to have to go to church. I stayed in Camden, New Jersey and my foster ma there was a minster…so I do know a lot. Also, in my first year of college; the classes I filled my scdule with were philosphy and religious ones. Political science major here. I know a ‘lil somethen' somethen'.
1. What I was thinking…
2. My point to the tee! I find it out that some people seem to gloss over these points. Religion in the western world just losses credibility all together for that alone. I.e. wants again: gay priest.
3. In the Roman historical docs why then, is there no recorded evidence of jesus? And say he did existence, (which I tend to believe), where does this come from these mythical accounts of resurrection and miracles?
4. Who can trust the church first off and the church took many of stories out and discarded them forming their own bible according to their vision over time. Facts.
5. God can't destroy the devil? If we were debating for the office of president and this was a subject other than religion, I'd rooted you. Case in point: what do you mean he cannot destroy the Devil? The Alpha and Omega! Gasp! The Alpha an omega all powerful and all knowing cannot destroy a devil falling angel or not? Well in fact he can destroy as the bible states in revelations he will eventually be destroyed. At least banished to a pit then destroyed.
6. Once again my biblical Knowledge is up to par… let me critique your arguments even further. Yes it says these things in the bible, but my whole point so the hell what. Many religious text say similar or boast identical accounts. Why would I be inclined to believe the Christian version over another? Because we live in America and people just grow up believing what they hear never question. This is because it's too touchy, to taboo.


And that's all it! In such a world where we live crazy, unforgiving, treacherous as world, the thought of a better place after this one comforts-it's still a primitive part of humans, still that animalistic nature in us that allows us to feel this way. No matter how weird it really is.

What bothers me too; I think how the pope says the Jews weren't responsible for jesus death. He says this because it is getting taboo to blame them, to have such a large quanity of people in put in danger for the belief. When, in fact, if you follow or know anything about the history; they were. Jesus himself was a Jew. According to the Christianity all the Jews are going to hell not because of that but because they don't believe at all in Jesus. Islamic faith teaches Jesus was a Meer prophet so they too, those billions are deemed to hell.

Laughable, course no one knows where you go when you die! How would you?! Also think how many people die in the name of religion. From the crusades to modern kats blowing themselves up (religious fundamentalist)
Then people always say always these are the end times. Let me tell you something when you break it down and the religion tells you of catastrophic ends humans by nature will dictate what that means to them. Living in the world we live in, this will always be the case it will not be any utopias anytime soon, and that' not because there is damn Armageddon coming. It's just like when people use to think rain was some anger by the gods directed at them.


Good day! Thank you my friend for your prompt reply. Its nice to hear you know about the bible.

I have just read your words, you might offended from what you have seen: from gay priest and failures of other religions. Do not assumed these things as a part of God's real church. We cannot judge the quality of a school from the attitude of some bad students.

Evidences regarding the accounts of JESUS after his death and resurrection, including the books written by his disciples were destroyed by the Jewish and Romans. Early REAL Christians were suffered from tortures, fed to lions and brutal killings. (Source: Hebrews 11:37). Some of them who survived are scattered around the world.

The next batch of Christians (The real born again christians) were also killed by the Nazi ordered by the Roman Catholic popes. Bibles were burned. And anyone who opposed the Catholic religion were put to death.


Even the late pope John Paul say sorry about the mass killing committed by their previous popes.


All I can say, all these things were made by the DEVIL. He wants all proofs of God existence to disappear.

Regarding Satan, ofcourse GOD can destroy Satan anytime He wants. You should know that Satan was one of God's best angels. (Ezekiel 28 & Isaiah 14) But one day he rebelled from God, and 1/3 of God's angels were convinced and brainwashed by him. (Revelation 12:4) These angels become his armies. We do not know everything about the rebellion and accusation of Satan to GOD.
God might not kill Satan for the sake of fairness, for the sake of his faithful angels ,and for the sake of Satan's accusation to GOD. Anyway Satan is bound for destruction and punishment after the 2nd coming of Christ.

Since you are looking for a good evidence of GOD existence. I want to share how GOD moves from our Church. We have thousands of living testimonies that shows the greatness of GOD.

The bible speaks of a sign of GOD's real church:

(Mark 16:17-18) ~ And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

(Matthew 10:8) ~ Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

I am so blessed to become a part of GOD's real church ~ JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY

How can you explain a clinically dead people brings back to life thru prayers? Some of them have received a death certificate from the hospital. Only GOD can raise a dead person it cannot be imitate by Satan. (John 11:25).

We have thousand of church members healed from incurable diseases such as LEPROSY, CANCER, AIDS, PSORIASIS and other sicknesses WITHOUT USING MEDICINE or MEDICAL operation. We were all healed thru prayers.

The bible says no weapon can destroy a true children of GOD. (Isaiah 54:17). We have church brethrens being shot by a gun but nothing happened.

We have homesexual brethrens and now become a real man and woman.

( Source: )

In year 2000 our pastor Wilde Almeda with 12 church preachers goes to the camp of muslim rebels in Talipao Jolo Sulu, Philippines to rescue 21 foreign hostages. These rebels were convinced and amazed because their highpowered guns and swords did not penerate from our pastor and to our church preachers. All foreign hostages were rescued!

(Source: )

GOD will reveal only his power to those who fully trust him and do his will.

The TRUE CHURCH of GOD is packed with tremendous signs and wonders, and with divers miracles. GOD is real, and he is the same yesterday and tomorrow . He doesnt change.

Debate Round No. 2


lordmarcus forfeited this round.


Hello, I am waiting for your reply.. Just like what I have said from my previous message, the miracles of GOD are the VERY STRONG evidence of His existence, and these are not happened by chance!!!

Sometimes GOD performs immediate miracles to our church while we are not aware or not asking for it. Many from our church brethrens including my self have experienced miraculous works of GOD from a vehicular accidents. When I was riding inside the motorcycle cab, the front wheel of my tricycle was removed. Our tricycle fell and roll 3x, I thought I will die or will have a serious injury. But GOD save me from that very moment I was not hurt compare to one of my co-passenger which was hurt and wounded. Scores of my church brethren experienced being bumped by a fast moving vehicle, fell few meters away but miraculously saved without scratches or serious injuries, contrary to the vehicle's bumper which was broken.

GOD saves us too from raging nature calamities just like what happened to our church brethren from the past Japan tsunami tragedy last month. All of our church brethrens were saved , their houses was not damaged compare to their neighbors with dead love ones and their houses were destroyed.
It will took me dozens of hours if I will write all miracles happened to us from tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, blizzards, fires, pestilence, plaques, from poverty to financial freedom. from sickness to wellness, and etc... etc..

God always saves us, heals us ,prosper us, and treat us very special. This is heritage of GOD's real servants.

By the way check out the latest miracles the LORD made from our last church crusade:

God bless you!
Debate Round No. 3


lordmarcus forfeited this round.


Glory to GOD, I am waiting for your reply.
Debate Round No. 4


lordmarcus forfeited this round.


AMEN Praise the LORD. GOD is real!!!!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by MrCarroll 6 years ago
@lordmarcus, I think you need to read the Bible a few more times...
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