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Is Roblox better than Minecraft?

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Started: 2/10/2016 Category: Games
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Ok, so let me get this straight, Roblox is better than Minecraft. Yes I have played BOTH games. I enjoyed Minecraft and it's games, but Roblox is just full of way more variety. Let's start off...

Minecraft has you pay a range from $24 to $30 dollars! That is instanity! Sure, you can pay on Roblox for robux and such, but you can earn WAY more by creating a good game. If not, it doesn't really matter because you get 10 tix a day. The game welcomes scripting, and advanced building. If that isn't your cup of tea, there is always building competitions, scripting academies and much more that you can avoid, and theres a lot of games from Roleplay, to Medieval to Tycoons, and who doesn't wanna have an AK-47, shooting enemies as you build up your fort.

The game has lots of games, and from the point of posting now, it has Phantom Forces, an excellently built First Person Shooter based on Battlefield 4 and Ghost Recon. It has Castle Defense Tycoon, where you get super rich, and build up your empire. You have Apocolypse Rising, a game just like DayZ. Get cars, weapons, explosives and battle zombies at the same time. It's as intense as it gets. There's lot's more, but let's keep going.

My favorite part about Roblox is the community. I know what all of you have heard, or experienced. People saying "noobs" "plox" and such. But once you get into the core, there's a range from Military, to Jedi groups, to Stargate groups, to Religion groups. Sword groups, building groups, trading groups. There's so much variety! On Minecraft, there are things such as people running around, shooting snowballs and hitting zombies with shovels. When you can be in a car with all of your friends, shooting out the windows, and having tons of fun.

Now, a don't want this to be too long, so I'm going to wrap this up. I think you should atleast try out Roblox. Minecraft is a great game, and Roblox is too, and they are too pretty different games. But, Roblox tops it in my opinion.


Minecraft is better than Roblox because everything Roblox has Minecraft has or has in a mod. There is mod for almost anything from a Marvel one that gives you an Ironman suit, or a gun mod thar gives you guns from your mentioned AK-47 to a machine gun. Mods are simple to install contrary to what some believe as there are over 1,000 youtube tutorials as well as programs that you simple download, open, and click the mods you want and the program will download and unis tall them for you. This is seen with Legacy Mod Pack that has most of the popular mods in 1.8 and almost all of them in its 1.7.10 version.

Besides mods there are download able maps that are beautiful, many being scenes from movies like Lord of the rings, to the entire World of Warcraft world. Plus, the maps aren't just for sight as a large portion have a storyline, which brings in those fans that wouldn't play Minecraft because they now have a storyline to follow. And adventure maps aren't the only types as there are mine games maps for friends to play such as Hunger Games, as well as Lucky Block mini games which incorporate one or multiple different Lucky Blocks, some of which amuse us simple because of how much it trolls us.

The community is also very important to the game. Compared to other gaming communities, Minecraft as a whole is very respectful and helpful in both forums and comment sections of videos. We have chipdren that learn from this games as well as young adults that live it for pure entertainment, and because of this diversity in age, we are usually more polite as the other side of someone's character could be a Youtuber or a 5 yearold.
Debate Round No. 1


Heh, there may be easy to download mods, or beautiful maps. But one thing that Minecraft lacks so much is Animations.

In Roblox, you can dance while riding on a hoverboard. You can take out a sword from your holster, jump up in the air, spin your sword and slam it into the ground. I'm excited to see you tell me "dere is a mod for dat" Because, in reality. There isn't. There's no mod for everything, and if there was Roblox would've topped it, and the Vanilla Minecraft is so disgraceful. Wow, you can fish in a boat, I can snipe and stab people with beautiful animations.

And mods aren't as easy to download as you think. I had to download WinRar, use a virus scanner, research if the website is even able to be trusted! That's not normal at all! If you wanna play a game, where you hop right in. And where you don't have to spend hours downloading things, if you just want to jump into the game, be handed a gun and shoot everything? That's Roblox.

And Roblox is beautiful! There are extremely detailed cars, suns, buildings, everything! There are lens flares, accurate shadows, moving trees, and leaves. And not to mention, there are things such as The Plaza, and Phantom Forces, Roblox High School, Apocolypse Rising. These creators make money off of this. Money! They use their skills to get cash, and get into college. Now that's some awesomeness eh?

I don't see anyone making money off of Minecraft (besides the creators)

Roblox is superior to all these cheesy ripoffs of a good game. Whether you want to be a Roman, Gladiator, Centurion, Sith Lord, Grandmaster, Sharpshooter, sword fighter, Builder, Scripter, Rater. It's all there, Just a download away.



You are right, there isn't a mod for everything like dancing on a hoverboard, but in reality, how many people actually care about that. And to show you the amount of mods there are, there is a sex mod, an animations mod, countless dimensions mods, and to tip it off, a troll lucky blocks mod.

You also say how you have to use Winrar, a little s scanner, and research. You are not very good at modding then. There are websites that have predownloaded mods that you download, check the mods you want, and click play on minecraft. I will leave one in the description to show you how easy. And the virus scanning, as long as you stick with popular ones, which there are a lot of, you are fine.

You also make it sound like it's everything when you stated, "if you just want to jump into the game, be handed a gun, and shoot everything." With minecraft, yes it can take hours, but that is for those that want a complete different experience, which is what minecraft is, a game that allows you to do what you want with no limits.

You also mentioned scripting, which minecraft allows as well. You can learn java code with it if you desire to make minecraft unique to you.

Roblox is more detailed, but that shows the difference between the two games. Simplicity doesn't mean worse. Minecraft was meant to be simple. And you can still make beautiful creations. Look at the second link, which is a picture of a roman city minecraft build.

Microsoft is not the only people making money off of Minecraft. Captainsparklez, DanTDM, and PopularMMO's are just a couple of youtuber that do minecraft videos 2 a day as full time jobs and make more than the average income is. You are also forgetting about both map and mod creators that make money through ad revenue. They don't make much, but big mods such as buildcraft make around the realm of $200.

And are you forgeting about the servers that create hunger games, spleef, paintball, and super smash bros. all without mods as they are command block scripted. These people also make living wages and are impossible to get a virus from. You can even make, though it is harder, a server yourself for you and your friends. Plus, Mojang has created a Mojang run server for up to 20 people known as realms.

Finally, you say if minecraft was so good roblox would have been gone, we'll it pretty much has. On Roblox's forum it is said that their are 4 million users and most are inactive or deleted, while Minecraft has 36 million according to their website. And even if you say there are inactive users, PopularMMO's which only publishes Minecraft videos, has roughly 1 million views per video, alongside Captainsparklez and DanTDM who have similar views. Plus, the combined subscriptions of the three is over 24 million so even though not everyone watch each video, there are probably 10 million people in total that watch, and most likely play, Minecraft.

Finally, you talk about scripting. Minecraft has command blocks that do that. Simple, easy, and some are a copy-paste away from creating vanilla minecraft mods.
Debate Round No. 2


Roblox is a scripting-building based game with more building capabillites than Minecraft. Now, before you go and deny that, let's look at the facts. You can make objects in Roblox: neon, transparent, semi transparent, reflect, move (without bulky pistons) change colors, explode, fade in or out. In Minecraft you can: place them down, stare at em for a bit and realize you wasted your life (I'm joking)

And Roblox scripting uses Lua, which is pretty easy to learn, and actually teaches you something. I don't think copy and pasting scripts are gonna do anything but maybe give you some special effects, let alone show you something new.

Minecraft is built to be simple, but yet there are scripting, and servers, and mods and texture packs. That's not simple, obviously. Roblox however, was built to be expanded upon, revised, edited, patched and updated constantly, give the player a good time and let them connect with people that have similar mindsets and goals. It's AMAZING how much people have the same interests as you. Hell, there are Minecraft groups on Roblox.

In Minecraft, you are kind of confined, with playing the same game over again or building alone. While in Roblox, there is support and liveliness, as you play. People helping you, and interacting, besides watching a 15:00 minute video on how to make an Obsidian Cannon, or something like that.

And there's totally limits on Minecraft. You can't dodge meteors and molten lava, while floating with a green balloon. You can hit sheep with your fist. Entertaining, right? Yeah, no.

And of course there are mods, but not everything is your cup of tea.

Over 100 million+ play Roblox, including inactive. Which is a lot, but this isn't the exact amount. There' s no clear way to find how much people play Roblox, because sources are always changing. I got that number from going to builderman's profile, one of the most popular people on Roblox.

And finally, the topic that probably beats Minecraft community wise. Now, there are a lot of trolls on Roblox, and there is there fair amount on Minecraft too, if not more. But the groups on Roblox, oh my god. They support EVERYTHING! Like literally, from religion, to depression, or diseases. People are always supporting on Roblox. There are people on Roblox, DEDICATED to helping others. It's really amazing what some people can do on a game, that can change a life eh? Minecraft doesn't have groups that support these things, they have a jail, which you mine blocks and collect money, only to use that money and repeat the process. I'll link some of the groups below.

Before I end this, I want to address you that YouTubers do make money off of Minecraft, but the people watching those videos range from 7-16. Kinda sad considering Roblox is directed towards 10-30. With the advanced games and groups, and scripting and such, it blows Minecraft's community out of the water.

Here's those links!

Why Lua is better than Java.


Amount of Players.

Game References




So I got roblox and played it. And as soon as I booted up the game I realized why it was free! The graphics are terrible!!! I was terrified to see all the roundness... its probably the worst game iv ever seen. I would rather play...anything else! But minecraft... its the best! There are so Manny mods, so many servers, so many texture packs! So if you dont like how regular minecraft looks you can just get one you like! Also if you dont know what a mod is? Then just get on Google and type in Orespawn. Enough said. But if you want to play with your friends? Just get on a server! There are millions of servers out there! Plus people say that you can impliment new things into the game with a script thing or something? Well in minecraft that is just called a command block. Just search LogDotZip on YouTube and look at his one block commands series. Anyway! I probably just converted any...robloxer? Hmmmmm... well I just converted whatever you call a person that plays roblox, into a powerful minecrafter!!!

Before you go check out these videos:
*I did not make these*

Kewl Stuff
Debate Round No. 3
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