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Is Satan evil?

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Started: 2/21/2014 Category: Religion
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This will be an argument concerning the nature of the so called "Adversary" in the Bible, colloquially known as Satan. First introduced in the Book of Job as a challenger of Job's piety, Satan has gained a reputation for being evil. The Hebrew Bible mentions him only twice, within the Book of Job and the Gospel of Matthew.

So, I ask my opponent this: why do people consider Satan evil and give examples within the Bible of his evil.

I shall be arguing from the side that Satan "the Adversary" is not as evil as contemporary culture makes him out to be.

There will be three rounds to this debate, and my opponent can begin arguing immediately in their first round and announcement of acceptance. A few ground rules:

1. Please try not to commit logical fallacies.
2. This primarily focuses on the Hebrew Bible, and as such not on other religious works. I exempt the Torah, however.
3. You can back out of the argument if you so desire.

I hope to debate whomever accepts this challenge fairly and inquisitively. It is not out of the question that I may even join your side of thinking if your argument is sufficiently sourced and worded. Thank you.


Yes he done bad stuf
Debate Round No. 1


First, let's examine the origins of Satan. Satan first appears in the Bible as the Adversary in the Book of Job, claiming that Job would not be as pious as he is without the blessings from God. God, in turn, makes a bet with Satan to prove that Job is indeed pious, giving Satan control of his body and his property. Satan kills his children, servants, and herds. But within the Bible, his is the only incident of Satan personally killing people, albeit with God's permission. The next instance of Satan in the Bible is when he tempts Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. But even then, Satan does not harm or hurt Jesus.

The mythological story of Lucifer is not even included in the Hebrew Bible and is used as a rather poor excuse for the existence of Satan.

That being said, the number of individuals God himself under the name YHWH-Elohim has killed in the Bible is astronomically higher:
Genesis 6:8-9:1 is the story of the flood, which presumably millions died in the waters. Later in Genesis, God destroys the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah, along with Lot's wife. He kills Er, first son of Judah for being "Wicked in the sight of The Lord. He kills Onan for presumably coitus interruptus. In Exodus, kills the first born of Egypt after intentionally hardening their hearts. And that's in the first two books alone.

This is just a small taste of the people God has personally killed in the Bible. Saran himself is mentioned rarely in the Bible and appears not to be evil in those instances, but a sceptic of God's power. Whereas, YHWH-Elohim has killed far more than Lucifer ever has.

Now let's shift to the Garden of Eden. The snake today is seen as the devil himself. But in pastoral communities of the Near East, snakes were seen as evil because they primarily preyed on cattle and livestock, both of which were indispensable to the cultures of 4,000 years ago. Needless to say, Satan is not mentioned directly by the Book of Genesis, only a snake is mentioned.

Based on this information, it is not possible to call Satan evil based on the evidence in the Hebrew Bible.


katiehansen304 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has forfeited their round and thus a rebuttal is unnecessary.


katiehansen304 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Finalfan 3 years ago
Sympathy for the devil is not the same as satan worship. It is not uncommon to think Satan was a victim (as we all are) To an oppressive all powerful dictator!
Posted by Grifguz 3 years ago
Satan is not referred to until the Book of Job; only a serpent is, thus not Satan.
Posted by Migrating_Hacker 3 years ago
YES ,but it depends if your satanic or not.It the bible talks about him making Adam and Eve sin and guys no the story ,but yeah he is.
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