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Is Screen Time Healthy for You?

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Started: 9/26/2015 Category: Health
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1: First Round only for acceptance.

2:Take debate seriously; No trolling

3: No plagiarism unless directly quoted

Failure to abide to these rules will result into a 7 point forfeiture in the voting period.


I argue that it can be healthy for you.

I agree that excessive screen time that hinders the time given to important life practices is unhealthy, but this is the case for everything in life as too much of anything is detrimental. So when talking about screen time in general, as my opponent did not state that this was an addiction or at an excessive level, I argue that it healthy in a number of ways.

So I argue that screen time, controlled and self regulated, can do many positive things for a person and therefore can be described as healthy.

The positives that come from screen time are numerous and complicated.

1. It will educate you. Many program's are educational, also there are online courses and crash courses (such as 'crash course' on YouTube) whose primary goal is to educate people. Topics range from history to particle physics and learning from a video is easier for some than reading.

2. You will learn about other lives and cultures that you may never get to travel too or meet. Films, series and documentaries all tell the tale of other cultures and other people's lives and experiences. Are we all going to interview a serial killer? No, but if one person films it then we can all see it.

3. Provides healthy entertainment. Humans have told stories since the beginning, films are just that-tales about people that enrich our experience and widen our views to incorporate other people's experiences. Other entertainment, eg game shows etc, may not increase personal growth but still provide something that people can easily watch and relax to, following a long day.

I would like to point out that I think most media is bias towards maintaining to status quo, and it largely portrays a reality that is detrimental to our lives (namely through dissatisfaction by using supermodels and fairy tales, but also it can discriminate against groups-women, Arabs, black people, poor people). However, we are not talking about a corrupt media here, the debate is concerned with 'screen time' alone, and alone, screen time can be healthy.
Debate Round No. 1


I would first like to indicate that you did not abide to Rule 1: First round only for acceptance. This will result in a forfeiture of some points, but I would still like to continue this debate.


Exposure to Violence and Aggression

Decreases Ability to Fight Diseases

Limits Physical Activity

Alters Body's Circadian Cycle


Electronics and screen time may result in the exposure to violence and agression for younger viewers. There are many cases where the exposure to television and video games correlate to related crimes. One instance includes a case against Justin Williams, a 21 year old accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 21 year old Justin Williams was arguing vigorously on his headset while playing World of Warcraft. His neighbor came to investigate, where he told Williams that "it's just a game." The worst words you can say to a hardcore gamer. Williams grabbed his neighbor by the throat and stabbed him in the chest.

There are many cases where there is a correlation between a crime and screen time, and you can find more on this website:";

C2: Study's show that watching T.V. or using electronics puts your brain into "neutral" mode. Research also suggests that mental health and exercises can result in a better chance of fighting diseases, such as Alzheimer's. It says that a family with a history of a specific disease, such as Alzheimer's, can have the chances of being diagnosed with that disease decreased if you do simple brain exercises.

Screen time may affect this because it puts your brain into neutral mode. This decreases brain activity and may even increase the chances of getting a disease with a family history.

C3: The use of electronics had become very popular during the 2000's. It has become so much so that there had been many instances where children and adults were diagnosed with an addiction to electronics. The addiction of electronics may limit the physical activities of that specific person. Children may have an extra risk and can be diagnosed with child obesity caused by the lack of physical education.

There had been many cases of this scenario, and you can read more about it in this link:

I will provide a concise summary of this addiction story. It describes an article that the wife of someone who was addicted to World of Warcraft. She say that her husband had been given a free 10-day trial for the game World of Warcraft. She states that her husband had been only playing for a couple hours a day. But, her husband started to play until 3 to 4 am, which results in him eating huge dinners everyday. This, in turn, caused a diagnosis of obesity and electronic addiction.

C4: The brain's circadian system is a cycle that tells the brain when to sleep or not. Screen time may affect this cycle, because of it's use of "blue light." Blue light is a portion of the visible electromagnetic spectrum, and is what we see as the sky. The circadian system will sense if there is blue light, which will tell the brain when and when not to sleep. Because electronics and television is full of blue light, it will cause the brain to stay up longer than its usual daily routine.

Because of the alter in the circadian system, it will re-trigger itself the following day, which will make the user more tired the following day. This is also a big variable in child obesity. The circadian system also consists of the body releasing melatonin, which makes people sleepy. Because of the blue light, it will result in the decrease of melatonin. Melatonin is also a key anti-treatment towards cancer. That means that screen time may increase your chances of cancer.




Tommy.leadbetter forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I extend my previous arguments.


Tommy.leadbetter forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Tommy.leadbetter 2 years ago
Very sorry something came up and I'm going to be busy for a while. It's annoying I know but things got to be done. I will be happy to debate this with you at a late date.
Posted by Tommy.leadbetter 2 years ago
I apologise and I see what I have done, it was an accident. Would you accept if I forfeit the round or should I just restate my opening argument? Then we will be back on track.
Posted by Trexcalibur 2 years ago
Screen time is watching television, using any electronic devices that emit blue light.
Posted by TheQuestionMark 2 years ago
Posted by Nagisukara 2 years ago
Define screen time
Posted by Koseph_Jony 2 years ago
I agree with you that screen time is extremely unhealthy
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