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Is Skittles, Caramello, or M&M'S Better?

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Started: 1/1/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I am curious about what other people's opinions are on which candy is better; Skittles, Caramello, and M&M'S? And I also just heard that my sister and friends are making bets on which they think is better.


I believe M&Ms to be the superior choice here, as both skittles and caramello have unnecessary sugars compared to M&Ms and also because M&Ms have chocolate which does have some health benefits on heart brain health and libido despite being milk chocolate. Even though the caramello has chocolate, it has caramel and much more sugar than the M&Ms. If you get peanut M&Ms, you also get the benefit of your candy getting you some protein too. Skittles are pretty awesome, but are basically pure sugar with no positive nutritional content.
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Posted by fishhunter61 1 year ago
You should have done a poll instead of a debate....
Posted by lighth0us3 1 year ago
M&M's hands down
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