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Is Soccer more known than Football

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Started: 4/21/2015 Category: Sports
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe that soccer is well known compared to stupid football. People think that the only sport in the world is football. Well, they are extremely wrong. Soccer is known across the world. Soccer has a larger watching rate than football. Who wants to argue with me?


Football refers to a number of sports, association football (or what annoyingly, Americans call soccer) included. Rugby, Gaelic football, American football and others also included [1]. Almost all sports are types of football. So - if you add the viewing up to all in the end you get more than just association football, that is of course simple logic. Billions watch rugby league [2] let alone its older, more popular sister sport rugby union. The 2011 rugby union world cup was viewed by 4 billion [3]. So football as a whole is clearly a lot, lot, lot more popular than just it's most popular variation - the original, or association football.



Debate Round No. 1


I never said anything about any of the sports you have said. I said football as in American football.


R1: But due to your lack of explanation I can only guess. I didn't realise you meant just American football, so your vague topic has trodden on your own toes.

A1: Here are another reason why I should win if this reason why I am right is not enough.

If I offer people sugar - they say yes please. Here's proof:

You don't go down quite as well:
Debate Round No. 2


adombrowiak forfeited this round.


So, it seems that con has decided to forfeit because he has been overcome. As I said it is impossible for his theory to be true. What he said wasn't vague, it made sense as well. However he said s now saying it is completely different.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by alric8 2 years ago
Priyalssem. American football is derived from rugby that is derived from association football. Of course their is no doubt that association football is better known than American football but since this is talking about football collectively, it is impossible for association football to be more popular as that would be like saying 'alric8 is more popular than everyone combined on DDO'.
Posted by PriyaIssem 2 years ago
I really wanted to express my views about this for a few months and so here it is
Firstly soccer was invented first and named football but after a few years american football was invented and they named it football expecting the entire world to adapt to the new name
Secondly Yes soccer is better known.It is not only facts.If i watch American football i don't understand the rules with first watch but soccer has an universal understanding of the rules. it is better known then american football.It is also played in more countries than american football
Posted by alric8 3 years ago
There is no point in debating this, and please call it association football if your not going to call it football.
Posted by JackOfDiamonds 3 years ago
Soccer's viewer base totally overshadows American Football's. The FIFA World Cup was actually watched by 3.2 billion people, compared to the 167 million for the Super Bowl XLVIII, the most viewed in history. There is no doubt that soccer is more followed and viewed worldwide. Even rugby makes American Football's following seem minuscule. The Rugby World Cup is broadcast to (allegedly) 4 billion people worldwide, however the actual number of viewers is less than this, making it the 3rd most viewed sporting event after the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics.

On an international scale, American Football is dwarfed by many other sports.
Posted by RolandMaverick 3 years ago
American Football is watched in very few countries outside of the US, Canada and South America and although it has a following in this portion of the World, there are billions of people across the world that follow the game of Soccer as opposed to the millions of US, Canada and South America following American Football.

Soccer is widely known as Football across the world, and originated in England. Variations of the sport emerged after its creation in London in 1863, one of the most famous being Rugby, officially known as Rugby Football. This emerged in Rugby in England where a variation of the sport of Football offered players the ability to carry the ball as well as kick it and this soon evolved in to the modern game of Rugby. When the game of Football made it"s way to the United States in the late 1800"s early 1900"s players of this sport in the States created variations, as they did in Rugby years before, and the rules of Football were altered by it"s American players and soon developed in to the modern game of American Football. As this variation of Football stayed rooted in the United States and did not venture across the world, the word American was soon dropped from its name and it became solely known as Football across the United States, with original Football (Soccer) slowly fading out. At this time to avoid confusion, the name for original Football was soon changed to Soccer.

With all of these factors in play I don"t believe that there is an argument, as it is a fact that there are more Soccer fans in the world than there are American Football fans and what I believe you are experiencing will only be found in the US.

For years now, Soccer has been the fastest growing Sport in the US with new franchises appearing in MLS every season. NYC FC this year and LAFC in 2017 are good examples of this growth. Year by year Soccer will grow as it has across the globe and I believe it will one day become one of the most popular sports in the States.
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