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Is Social Media helpful/useful?

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Started: 11/25/2015 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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In recent months and years, social media had been a cause of major controversy. This is a result of the conflict between two sides, privacy and publicity. These two sides have been gaining heat, especially in the eyes of the government and within the public. Social media is not useful and/or helpful because it lowers our personal ability to reason, socialize face-to-face, and takes away from precious time with family.


Greetings! I would like to thank my opponent and wish him luck on this debate!

Resolution: Is Social Media Helpful/Useful?

I will be arguing that Social Media is very helpful and useful!

Social Media: websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

Useful: able to be used for a practical purpose or in several ways.
-(Google Definitions)

Social Media is a recent tool our world uses to communicate, share, and inspire. Almost everybody I know uses this tool and our society still functions with it. I will be agruing that Social Media is very USEFUL in many ways. What my opponent has failed to do is argue why it is not useful. He has just stated that it is simply is bad, but not useless.

Social Media is good for brightening your day, growing your business, staying it tact with family members, learning about the new and current events, talk, chat, whatever! Social Media has actually brought us even more together rather than apart. I feel like I am constantly with my family and friends being on Facebook or Instagram.

1. Socialization With Friends & Family:
You guys can share new things you have been doing through pictures, talk about events, like and share what you do. It really lets people know what you are up to and what your friends are up to. Lets ya'll laugh and share, show your friends some funny pictures that pop in your feed. There is so much that it is actually USEFUL for.

2. Staying With News & Current Events:
Wondering what everyone has been talking about lately? Someone in your feed will be talking about the topic. Leaving this a very useful tool for find and learning new things and new views.

3. Growing A Business:
Easy to start up a little business and share with all your friends and people in your local area. How cool is that? Easier to spread news about what you are trying to do, whether it be your art, crafts, fundraisers, etc.!

4. Same as a book or newspaper:
If someones wants to do something to distract them, wasn't like before social media everybody was so social. There were book-lovers, always reading newspapers to stay up with time. Its useful because it gives us all the news we need at hand for free! Giving us the opportunity to learn and share new things.

5. Don't like it?
Then don't use it.

Debate Round No. 1


Thank you very much for accepting and wish you the best of luck!

As for socialization, there are many factors that can go into the pros and cons of socialization. Yes you can share new things and pictures but what about the protection of a person that posts something and gets ridiculed or chastised for it. Cyber-bullying is something that is extremely relevant in today's society and is a very bad problem that we need to fix. This is the result of thousands to millions of people hiding behind screen names to hurt someone.

Yes you can keep up with the news with social media but a lot of the time it is fake. Tabloids and the lies within them are not only on the magazines we see in the checkout lines but can be seen on social media. For an example. go into your twitter and look for a while. Most likely, you will come across a link that has the title similar to "(insert a famous person/people) did something insane! Click here to see what happened next" or "Top 7 Party Schools in America! Number 3 is Awesome!". If we got rid of social media, these possibly virus-contained websites could be stopped and forced to go away. News channels on TV are more effective and useful as they give real information and real interviews

Yes you may be able to start a business but if you don't have a social media team or many friends willing to spend time spreading the word, it may be extremely hard to start that little business and would be better to start a little mom-and-pop shop that friends could buy things directly from.

Again as I mentioned earlier. there are many lies that social media has and within this there are too many tabloids trying to scam the social media usage. New things may happen but we do not need a phone and a bright screen to tell us what Julie Smith is doing at x hour of x day. That person would be better sitting down and telling a person because we get the instant feedback and do not have to wait the two days it may take for someone to get back to us. Social Media is destroying our world because we can not avoid it. It is everywhere! We want to go somewhere to get a discount for a specific item? Nope, sorry, you have to be following that place on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get the deal. We can never not like it because it is all around us and we are not allowed to ignore the fact that we literally can not function without it. If we sit down our phones, a simple awkward moment is created because we have no one to talk about. Take away the phone and actually observe our surroundings and we may find something relevant to talk about.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanks for posting on time and happy thanksgiving to you too sir! Now lets continue,

Take this into consideration fellow voter, he has not argued the point on why it is not useful. He has only stated the cons about it. Everything has pros and cons, it is reasonably impossible to say anything is perfect. We are discussing the debate upon whether is it USEFUL or NOT. I have clearly stated how it is very practical and used for everyday uses.

The problem with Con's Argument is he is simply pointing out the flaws that Social Media sites are very aware of and actually warn users and other people of. Not like everybody is walking into this blindfolded.


Time to make some Rebuttals...

"Cyber-bullying" -
Even thou Cyber-Bullying and Regular Bullying are two different subjects and I think personally that Cyber-Bullying is a rather silly matter, we are not here to discuss this issue, but since my opponent has brought up this issue I will simply make a rebuttal argument.

This just proves my point, Social Media has added the magical block button for abusive people and such and such. How useful is that? Its just police except for the internet. Should we say that society isn't helpful at times just because there are criminals? No, it is just the evil that lurks in our world. There will always be the good and the bad. But Social Media uses USEFUL tools to prevent these bad people from getting to us personally. See again, Social Media is yet again useful!


"News is most of the time fake" -
The problem con has done is provide no valid sources on how this is fake but blurting out his opinion with nothing to back it up. I don't totally disagree, I run into a lot of fake things and scams, but almost EVERY social media site warns you of these situations. Saying that the news "sometimes" lies is silly argument to make. Not like everybody lies? Remember, Social Media is just our world except virtually. But it lets us stay in contact with each other way more easily and get news about family members, business's, etc. Why let that go to waste for the small things that our world already does with or without social media?


"Yes you may be able to start a business but if you don't have a social media team or many friends willing to spend time spreading the word, it may be extremely hard to start that little business and would be better to start a little mom-and-pop shop that friends could buy things directly from." -

Well, business's are already extremely hard for people to make. Social Media just makes it easier for you to get the word out, yet again proving my point why Social Media is useful! Increasing your sales and letting friends, and the world know about a product you are starting.


"We can never not like it because it is all around us and we are not allowed to ignore the fact that we literally can not function without it. If we sit down our phones, a simple awkward moment is created because we have no one to talk about." -
Its called getting with technology. Tech will always be growing and growing whether you like it or not. But as it grows, it also has made things more convenient, practical and easier communication. I have a lot of friends who do not have social media and I have friends who do. We all talk just fine and have great communication. Its whether your a social person or not and you like to talk to a lot of people or not. It doesn't change the matter, books have made people anti-social and hard to talk to others because they are so addicted to this piece of paper. Guess its not useful either? No. Of course it isn't. Its simply just a negative aspect, but that doesn't make it useless.


For a better debate, lets let our last round be closing arguments, so we can summarize our arguments and let the voters take over in deciding who presented better. Good luck and looking forward to the next round!

Debate Round No. 2


Legend6321 forfeited this round.


Ssosme forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Themeaman909 2 years ago
Social media turns us into mindless sheep! It doesn't matter if it is use full or not, over sociability can easily make us stupid and social media will make us to dependent on tech. It doesn't matter if it makes things easier, because the long way around isn't always the worst. Besides, me and my cousin have been writing letters to each other for years, and we enjoy still supporting our nations few remaining patriotic abilities, The US Postal service.
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