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Is Solitary Confinement an Appropriate Punishment for an Inmate who Breaks a Prisons Code of Conduct

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Started: 1/25/2015 Category: Society
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1)Solitary Confinement is a form of imprisonment in which a prisoner is isolated from any human contact, though often with the exception of members of prison staff.
2)Solitary Confinement was instituted around 1818 as a replacement for public floggings.
3)It was suppose to provide the prisoner with solitude "to reflect on his/her misdeeds."
4)Prison records from Denmark from the years 1870 through 1920 the staff noticed the inmates were exhibiting signs of mental illness while in isolation.
5)The use of Solitary Confinement produces reduced mental and physical capabilities.
6)Humans are social creatures and need to be around other people
7)Studies show that inmates deprived of human contact often inflict self harm.
(C) Thus, Solitary Confinement is not the appropriate punishment to an inmate who violates a prisons code of conduct

Non Controversial: Premises 1 through 4

Controversial: Premises 5 through 7


1. I agree with the definition.
2. agree
3. Agree, but this form of punishment would make the inmates more mindful
4. agree, but then why are they still using solitary confinement in Denmark?
5. What are some of the reduced capabilities?
6. Agree. Humans are social but also are trying to be brought back into society to not be a menace to society by prison institutions.
7. What kinds of studies are you talking about?
8. How would you handle inmates that need to be punished?
9. Solitary confinement is the only legal way that is most effective to punish the inmates.
10. Showing leniency towards prisoners only allows the prisoners to think they will see no punishment.
C Solitary confinement is a good punishment for inmates.
Debate Round No. 1


3. This form punishment has been shown to actually do the opposite for inmates and cause them to have serve mental and physiological problems.

4. Solitary Confinement is still being used because not enough people are educated on the serve mental effect this punishment can have on a person.

5.) Such as cognitive capabilities, physical strength and cause serves depression that can cause more problems such as anxiety.

6.) This is what rehabilitation is supposed to do rehabilitate people to be able to integrate them back into society so they can follow the norm. But if placed under a condition that can break them down and cause even more physiological problems this contradicts the point of prison.

7.) SHU at Pelican Bay State Prison study. Researchers argue that long-term social isolation "carries major psychiatric risks."

8.) Put them in counseling sessions with a psychologist who can help them recognize their misconduct.

9.) A punishment that can cause much more physiological harm then those most inmates already have is considered an effective punishment? Are you implying that mistreating human beings is an effective way to handle misconduct?

10.) What do you consider lenient? Too vague.

(C) Thus, is not an appropriate punishment of an inmate who breaks a prisons code of conduct


3&7 you state these are risks. These are risks taken into consideration and are reversible when the inmates are helped after leaving solitary confinement.
4Solitary confine has different effects per person and have no concrete evidence it will always happen.
5These are reversible after they learned their lesson(s)
6 Rehabilitation occurs after having them getting rid of who they were and changing them for who they will be be.
8That is done after any punishment, and solitary confinement just gives them time to do it on their own first.
9 The prison system believes that what they are doing is just and within the law. If their have been psychological damages to every person why is it no illegal in the United States?
10 Leniency is when not giving a hard punishment as needed to show they are wrong
Debate Round No. 2


3 and 7: Psychological damage is not reversed after leaving solitary confinement. The inmate is actually sent back to integrate back with his fellow prison mates and left on his own.

5. "After they learn their lesson" drug addicts go through multiple cases and never "learn their lesson" because the point of rehabilitating someone is to help them become the person they can be not to help them learn their "lesson."

6. Rehabilitation is meant to guide a person to be the people they know they can be not "get rid of who they are and make them someone else". Therefore this is not a form of rehabilitation defeating the point of what prisons are for.

8. Leaving someone locked up for 24 hours on their own in a dark room with just a window (maybe) is completely opposite to helping them reflect on their own. Reflection needs to be done in a place that won"t make you feel like you"re in a stress position instead.

9. Why are people getting murdered in jail? Why are people being sexually assaulted in jail? If it"s meant for rehabilitation why is it possible to not come out alive? Since they are criminals" people do not care for their well being like they should. It"s a societal problem. Does not make it correct.

10. A harsh punishment is not justice. Justice is correcting the problem just because you do not implement solitary confinement does not mean you are lenient.

(C) Thus, Solitary Confinement is not the appropriate punishment to an inmate who violates a prisons code of conduct


3. Is there proof that this is what happens to inmates? Have you read anything on it?
5. Drugs addicts do learn their lesson, even though it is a repeated lesson that is harsh on the person.
6. Who they are was not a good person. Who they can be when changed is a form of rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is changing someone to be better.
8. You are describing torture not solitary confinement. The room is lit up and has a nice bed for the inmate to lay and think about their actions. It is a nice calm area to reflect.
10. We pay taxes for them to eat, sleep, read work, and exercise. We give them all that and then they break the rules because someone bullied them. Solitary confinement is a just punishment for taking advantage of the nice prison environment we offer our convicts.
Debate Round No. 3


1.) Solitary Confinement is a form of imprisoment in which a prisoner is isolated from any human contact though often with the exception of members of prison staff.

2.) Yes, the most famous study of 1950's, University of Wisconsin by psychologist Harry Harlow, the monkey was placed in a situation like solitary confinement the monkey ended up being more drawn than the other monkies.

3.) The use of Soliatry Confinement produces reduce mental and physical capabilities.

4.) Solitary Confinement is considered a mild form of torture.

5.) People do not only become criminals because someone bullied them there are also other reasons for this.

6.) Prison is not a rehab because of the violent and terrible approah prisons are taking.

7.) Solitary Confinement is used because the actual effective non-violent methods cause too much money for the government to spend.

8.) Years of this method has proven that this is an ineffective method if people are questioning it today.

(C) Solitary Confinment is not an appropriate punishment to any inmante who violates a prisons code of conduct.


1. Solitary confinement is a tool used in correctional facilities as a punishment.
2. Solitary confinement is the way to help give inmates who break the rules to have the time and space to find out why they were wrong.
3. There have been no definitive studies that suggest damages will occur for everyone.
4. It is not illegal to use solitary confinement.
5. Most people who go into solitary confinement understand what they did was wrong.
6.The correctional system have solitary confinement under strict rule to try not to harm the psyche.
C. Solitary is an appropriate punishment for inmates who break the rules.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Skeletonman1999 3 years ago
I feel solitary confinement is the worst form of punishment a person can go through as of having personal experience.
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