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Is Technology Killing Our Friendships

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Started: 1/15/2016 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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One reason that people give for technology helping is that you can connect with distant people or make new friends on social media. The problem with connecting with faraway people is that most of the talking that you do with them is shallow and brief, when you could be forming deep friendships with many people who could help you much more in life. You could have 1000 "friends", out of whom you could depend on about 5 people. You could have 20 "real" friends, and you would probably feel much more secure. After all, when life is going rough, nobody cares if tweets are shared or posts are liked. What you need, when your life is not going picture-perfect, is someone you can lean on without falling, someone who will always help you up when you fall. The unfortunate part of this predicament is that if nobody"s bothering to make any of these deep friendships, too addicted to their device, this kind of bonding will never happen.


What kills friendships is being sucky doesn't have morals's you who have it's how you use technology according to your morals that matters
And who says that talking with people far away has to be shallow..I'm awfully thankful to technology that I can talk to my best mate everyday although he is at a college in another distant is keeping our friendship alive and awesome
And tbh you can't really have 20 friends who are going to be with you through thick and thin ..because that would mean that you'll have to be there for 20 friends(unless you suck at being a friend) and that you'll have to be in touch with 20 friends..and if you are in touch with 20 just means you aren't really in that good of touch with anyone
I mean how do you even find time to have 'deep' conversations with 20 people..
And technology could improve your friendship too (if you let it)
You can have virtual sleepovers video games online..could have deep chats with each other at 3 in the case scenario you two post some videos online and get end up like smosh ;)

And if technology is killing your's not because technology is's because your friendship is bad (reads-terrible) ..if it weren't technology would have found some other way to die..

friendship is bigger than technology..but you can use technology to the betterment of your friendship or to the death of it
It depends on you ..not is just an depends on how you use it that matters..and how you use it ..depends on who you really its you on whom the bond of your friendship depends..not technology :)
Debate Round No. 1


Another reason I feel that tech is being abused is that frequent users, as per Wall Street Journal, have higher anxiety levels. The beeps and alarms that are constantly plaguing us, reminding us to whip out our phones, have increased our anxiety levels. This happens because we are constantly thinking and worrying about these addictive virtual worlds that demand all our attention, all the time. After a while, we don"t even need the annoying beeps and alarms to keep our minds on our virtual worlds and keeping our anxiety levels skyrocketing. It is this which inspires many teens to spend all of their waking moments texting, calling, emailing, posting, and all the other distractions that our "wonderful", "helpful" phones give us.


Here's the thing ..people with high anxiety use technology more that's why frequent users have high anxiety rate and not because them using the technology makes them highly anxious..
Socially anxious people are naturally afraid of social is an outlet for them to be express themselves..hence they frequently use technology help their anxiety :)
Hence anxious people choose technology and that's the reason surveys like these are misleading..highly anxious people opt for technology and it's not frequenting on technology that's making them's them being anxious the reason behind them frequentingly using technology

these 'addictive' virtual world you talk about are the ones you's the choice you made..not everybody like the people around them and technology can help them bringing them virtually closer to like minded people..and hence resulting in deep meaningful friendships

Example- This site can be an 'addictive' virtual platform..but people choose to be on this site because they like being on this site..helps them meet like minded people..take part in about things..helps them hone their debating skills etc
While the 'actual' people around them may have no interests in things like these which might make the users of this website feel isoltated with people near them in the real world(which ironically people say virtual enviornment does..but in this case the actual enviornment is resulting in feeling of isolation by one individual)..hence ironically a virtual website makes them feel like they belong..helps them to come out of their shell...even results in meaningful friendships

Also if the people are spending most of their time in the virtual world's because they like it better..which might be because their is sommuch you can do with your friends(the ones near you or the virtual ones)in the virtual world..or because they don't like people around them..whatever maybe the reason they are choosing the virtual world..which means either their friendships aren't being affected by this virtual world..or they don't care much about their friendships outside this virtual world(which means the friendship sucks not the technology)

i would like to reiterate technology is just an outlet..if it's killing your friendship it's because your friendship sucks..not technology..
You can use it in whatever way you depends on who you are..blaming technology for killing friendships is irrational because you are the user are using it according to your will..hence you are killing your friendship not technology.lif it weren't for would have died some other way..:)
Debate Round No. 2


A-Star_50 forfeited this round.


Vote con :)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Dkirkby77 9 months ago
It's depends on who uses the technology. Some use it for cyber-bullying, and some use it for staying connected with friends. I love staying connected with my friends in my opinion.
Posted by Ritik33jain 2 years ago
Ritik33jain forfeited I automatically win..i guess
Posted by Tashasays 2 years ago
It's an interesting debate. Pro's case is that using social media actually makes us less happy, which has been proven t be true. Con was incorrect that people with high anxiety use social media more. However, con's point that technology is just a thing and that user is responsible for how he or she uses it. So it's a double edged sword and both sides are right.

So the question is whether a thing can be blamed for the user's behavior and I believe it can. If drugs we not bad, they would not be illegal but like technology, drugs are only bad if abused. As a society, we hold people accountable for their actions, but we also ban and control harmful objects and substances. I would call it a tie.
Posted by geho89 2 years ago
I don't dispute your claim, but I do disagree that your claim fails to capture the whole picture of the possibility that technology does improve friendships.
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