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Is Thashen intelligent?

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Started: 8/16/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The user known as Thashen has been a particularly bothersome user for many of us unfortunate to accept his “debates”. He claims to have intelligence, and he claims to be funny. Neither of which he has yet to prove. Since he feels he’s superior to me in every fashion, I’ve elected to formally challenge him in a debate regarding his intelligence. If he actually has any brains, whatsoever, let him prove it by beating me , a person he called mentally disabled. The BOP is shared. The debate structure is as follows.

Round 1: Acceptance

Round 2: Opening Arguments

Round 3: Rebuttals

Round 4: Closing Statements.

Thashen is a fraudulent imbecile with no manners, a very limited sense of humor, and no flair for repartee. If he feels he is superior to me in any way, let him prove it by actually showing us his supposed massive intellect. Or let him be cowardly and, thereby, confess his fraud.

Your move, Thashen.



I accept your debate challenge, madame .
Debate Round No. 1


In order to prove that Thashen is not intelligent, I shall utilize evidence from previous debates of his, and, if the opportunity arises, this debate itself. The criteria for lack of intelligence is as follows: 1.) Ignorance, 2.) Grammar and Spelling Errors, 3.) Lack of Reasoning.

I shall tailor all my arguments to fit Merriam-Webster’s definition of intelligent. (having or showing the ability to easily learn or understand things or to deal with new or difficult situations : having or showing a lot of intelligence.)

I look forward to this debate!



The sole reason why I accepted your pitiful debate is to drum into your hollow skull the fact that you should stay clear from the path where my boots walks upon as they have an inclination of engraving their prints across your rear-end . Is that in any way unclear huh you fuucking dom poes ?

Your introduction and up until the end was a personification of rubbish and a solid reminder of what I flushed down the toilet 2 hours ago! Your absurd argument seriously trigger an urge to vomit to those who found themselves in an unfortunate position to read your narrischkeit .

" The criteria for lack of intelligence is as
follows: 1.) Ignorance, 2.) Grammar and Spelling Errors, 3.)
Lack of Reasoning."

I cannot believe you are wallowing under the wrong impression that Grammar and spelling ERRORS / MISTAKES are somehow a determinant of one's intelligence . This is an evidence of sheer ignorance . Not that I blame you in any manner . Idiots such as yourself are notoriously known for misidentifying grammar as the primary determinant of intelligence , which Is false .

I do not have a spelling challenge, I did acknowledge my spelling errors and went on to dubiously impugn your credentials of the language you indirectly proclaim to be guru of by taunting others misspelled words when you aren't grammatically infallible yourself . For what's worth, my vocabulary is far bigger than yours and I cannot crucify you for that .

Because, you cannot measure anybody's intelligence by his ability to speak or spell English words impeccably . I need you to realize that English is an ordinary language just like any other language out there . People who speak English as their main language will obviously speak the English language better than myself ( I'm Afrikaans ) . But that does not mean they are more intellectually endowed than I am ,correct ? That's simply idiocy at it's finest and does not leave room for justification .

Again, asians grate English like mince meat and yet they get the highest grades in courseworks and Exams .

Well, There's honestly nothing to debate here. This is merely homosexual Herman attempting to flutter a sense of retribution after getting humiliated by a newbie .

I'd implore you to fuuck off and die, I seriously do not have time for your kindergarten debates . I'm signing off now, There's still so much fuucking to do with your mother . Hope I won't drown inside her big hole .
Debate Round No. 2


Having been continually busy for the past few days, I’m afraid my arguments will be brief in this round.

1. Thashen has shown his lack of intelligence a multitude of times. Firstly, while his spelling of certain “ten-dollar words” may be correct, their usage is mostly incorrect or contradictory.

For example, in a previous debate he and I competed in, he stated the following: “Anyways a kak laity like yourself would be inclined to be typing unconsecrated nomenclature cause of your lack of ingeniously astute linguistic strings cause your head is hypothyroidism as dispersed even further within your pendulums anatomy boyo but what can we do?” Firstly, his polysyllabic sentence does not make sense. His verb tense and sentence structure is incoherent and improperly stated. Secondly, his spelling is off, indeed. Last, his use of words like “unconsecrated” and “hypothyroidism” are not used properly.

2. Thashen has shown consistent ignorance when it comes to how an actual debate operates. I’d provide examples if sufficient evidence was not available in the previous round alone. I attribute this to lack of intelligence because it shows a great lack of understanding debates, or lack of understanding tact and class.

3. Thashen’s reasoning is shown off by his denouncement of my intelligence. While I do not profess to be a genius, I do know I’m intelligent. Anyone who’s debated with me could attest to this. However, Thashen reasons that I am unintelligent because I beat him in a debate earlier. He even goes as far as to rank me as a 2 and himself as a 7 (because of spelling errors).

To conclude my arguments, I’d like to point out that Thashen has informally concede this debate.

To quote him from the previous round “Well, There's honestly nothing to debate here. This is merely homosexual Herman attempting to flutter a sense of retribution after getting humiliated by a newbie .I'd implore you to fuuck off and die, I seriously do not have time for your kindergarten debates . I'm signing off now, There's still so much fuucking to do with your mother . Hope I won't drown inside her big hole.”

Since Thashen clearly has no investment in this debate, and has no means to argue during it, I implore you to prepare to vote Con once the debate has ended.



I am disappointed beyond measure as Herman's post is far from a direct counter . It's just random statements that are contradictory to his second post . But as the good church boy that I am, I forgive him, for he does not know what he is doing .

" Thashen has shown consistent ignorance when it comes to how an actual debate operates "

Herman have it backward, if anybody is ignorant here, it would have to be him ; He is drowning in a sea of ignorance ,as he miserably fails to distinguish between an actual debate and a diss battle . And I am very certain his parents are very proud of him, because he is not addicted to deadly drugs but ignorance and stupidity instead .
(Humor purposes)

Actual rebuttal :

" His verb tense and sentence structure is incoherent and improperly stated, secondly,his spelling is off "

That is not sufficient ground to state I am not intelligent . A lot of dumb people are very fluent in English. Like I've stated in my latter retort, which you completely ignored, English is just a tool for communication and not an evidence of intelligence . If the inability to use proper English grammar,spelling errors are representative of one's intelligence,Should Albert Einstein even be labeled a genius ?

Various sources states Einstein was a bad speller in both English and native German,However Einstein did not drop any clangers when it came to writing mathematical equations, which resulted in his name to be synonymous with genius .

This only designates that intelligence is a natural phenomenon ,not learned Thus, the answer is NO English is ,and will never be the yard stick for measuring one's level of intelligence.

Hence ; " Bring a case of conflict or crime to a wise
village elder and he would analyze and resolve it same way an iconic justice from Harvard would have. He may not be able to learn English or any other language as much as you could, he may not be able to read or write, but he is intelligent. "

The " mechanic " that fixes cars in my hood has a bad command of English both in writing and speaking ,but very fluent in Afrikaans and still has better knowledge of the car and it's repairs than a lot of Mechanical engineering graduates with their fancy English .

In my defense, English is my second language . I use my language for studying in all academic fields .Being a student at University of Pretoria/Universiteit van Pretoria , which offers academic programs in two official languages, Afrikaans and English. Because, South Africa is a multi-lingual society that has some unique linguistic problems because of its policy of apartheid. The government has since allowed individual school boards to choose the medium of instruction between English and Afrikaans . Straight-for-English schools, and Mother-Tongue schools .

How do you determine who's more intelligent between someone who learned Mathematics in Afrikaans and another who learned it in English ?

In conclusion ,people should judge intelligence based on ones ability to carry out effectively the tasks given to him ,not grammar, because ladies like HermanGomez know how to blow grammar with all sorts of accents when speaking ,but it doesn't necessarily mean the good
speaker will be in the position to do the job better.

Condemn not whom can not master good use of Imperialists Languages! Greek and Latin are unique Languages too so as our indigenous Languages! Speaks yours and master it!
Debate Round No. 3


Thank you very much, Thashen, for actually posting a rebuttal. I’ll admit it was quite a surprise.

To his credit, Thashen has raised very important questions about intelligence and it’s relation to grammar. I’ll concede to his point that not speaking English fluently does not render a person unintelligent. That is quite true. However, like many skills, grammar can be a factor of intelligence. In this case, Thashen may not speak English as his primary language, but he still is fluent enough to supposedly understand everything I post in this and our previous debate. If that’s the case, he does show a significant understanding of the language, which makes his second rebuttal against the cause irrelevant.

Grammar aside, Thashen has failed to address the other arguments I posed. He did not properly address his ignorance when it came to debating, and has failed entirely to address his flawed reasoning. Let me take a moment to address his ignorance on the mater. In his rebuttal, he said, “He is drowning in a sea of ignorance ,as he miserably fails to distinguish between an actual debate and a diss battle.” Firstly, Thashen fails to mention a few key facts. 1.) Other people have done the same thing when debating this with him. 2.) In his opening statement, he did not specify that it was a diss war. 3.) I showed understanding that it was a diss war, and participated in it. However, my insults where on my terms and not his. Secondly, Thashen has also failed to reason his ignorance when it comes to this debate. He accosts me for not positing a proper counter, when it is he who should be countering, and arguing. He fails to understand the concept of BoP, and the concept of debate structure.

Other mistakes of his include the fact that he has yet to submit any evidence proving his intelligence. In the case of shared BOP, which I generously gave him, he’d have to prove himself intelligent as well as provide rebuttals in order to win this debate. He has only provided rebuttals… most of which are weak.

In conclusion, Thashen has proven time and again that he is ignorant, in the case of failing to recognize other’s intelligence and in the case of failing to recognize his own losses. He’s shown significant lack of reasoning. He’s shown to have a large vocabulary, yet fails at adequately using it. And he has shown that he has no knowledge of civility and class. These elements prove, more or less, that he is not intelligence.

When voting, consider that he not only failed to adequately rebuff my statements, but that he also never provided arguments to prove he is intelligent. With this information, I implore you to vote Con!



" However,like many skills, grammar can be a factor of intelligence "

" Hermanus has claimed grammar can still be a factor of intelligence, but did not provide any evidence to substantiate his claims let alone specify whether he is referring to Spanish Grammar or Chinese Grammar . Assuming he's referring to Afrikaans Grammar then allow me to say ; My Afrikaans Grammar is impeccable and on point . I'm familiar with all Afrikaans Grammar rules ( It is crucial to first have a solid foundation in one's first language before attempting to learn a second language), and therefore that means I am intelligent .

" He does show significant understanding of the language "

" According to an intelligent person is defined as somebody having good UNDERSTANDING or a high mental capacity ,and since Hermanus makes a presumably unintentional concession that I do have understanding, this means I am intelligent .

" He did not properly address his ignorance when it came to debating "

" One would think a self proclaimed intellectual (Refer to Con ' round 2 post) would be very much acquainted with the fact that people have different areas of expertise and talent, due to our genes, physical and mental aspects . Some people are good debaters. Some are good athletes .Some are good musicians , and some are good at business because of their interpersonal skills . Unfortunately ,this is not the case with Hermanus .

" He fails to understand the concept of Bop "

" Bop is shared, and therefore Hermanus was also obliged to prove I am not intelligent with admissible evidence ,of which he miserably failed to do so considering the fact that he conceded my point that English isn't an adequate ground to label an individual unintelligent .

" And he has shown that he has no knowledge of civility and class "

" How you conduct yourself, both online and in reality is also not a determinant of intelligence . IQ Tests are mostly accurate at measuring intelligence ,not online conduct .

"I believe I have successfully rebutted Hermanus' remarks point-for-point, and disproved his criteria for Intelligence .

"Sadly,people tend to use the last round to canvass for votes, or argue to win, but sometimes it is also possible to argue to learn .
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by really12 2 years ago
Is Thashen intelligent?

After reviewing his rebuttals, I would not say that he is feeble-minded but not particularly intelligent either.
Posted by HermanGomez95 2 years ago
Thanks, provideoman123, for your input. You are right when you said I am not in place to judge whether Thashen is intelligent. However, I"d like to clarify that this debate was not meant as an attack. It was a ruse to get Thashen to formally debate with me. Despite our differences, I actually do not think Thashen is unintelligent. I merely wished to annoy him enough that he"d actually provide a well thought out rebuttal, which he did. His win here is warranted because Thashen has proven himself a more than worthy opponent in formal debates. I do not enjoy making other people suffer (which Thashen clearly did not). If that was the case, I wouldn"t debate the topics I debate. I"m sorry if it seems otherwise.
Posted by Thashen 2 years ago
Lol I do know how to use speech marks bruh. But some characters don't seem to work here . Bullet template

Posted by kingofthewatermelons 2 years ago
Thashen's a fu*kwad but he's an intelligent fu*kwad.
Posted by kingofthewatermelons 2 years ago
Conduct: pro sweared at con several times despite it being clear that it was a debate and not a flame war.

Grammar: Pro doesn't know how to use quotation marks. Several words are mispelt. Con made very few grammatical errors.

Arguements: Pro successfully refuted two of con's points. One wasn't addressed.

1) grammar does not necessarily show intelligence (pro refuted that English was his second language, a lot of geniuses never learned to read, con conceded that "he does show significant understanding of the language")

2) Ignorance of debate structure does not equate to lack of intelligence. Pro refuted that people have different areas of expertise. A genius in mathematics with no knowledge of grammar and debate structure would fail Con's intelligence test.

BOP was shared, but no proof was shared by either.

Conclusion: Thashen is intelligent according to the criteria set by Con. He is rude and homophobic, and his conduct leaves much to be desired but by refuting two of con's points, he has shown himself to be intelligent.
Posted by provideoman123 2 years ago
Mr. Herman

You are nothing but an attacker! You delight in seeing other people suffer from yor actions. How could you claim that you are smarter than this man? Who are YOU to say whether he is intelligent or not? Can you count dice? I bet if I threw a die in the air and it landed on 6, you couldn't even tell me how many dots there were.
Posted by TBSmothers 3 years ago
this should be interesting
Posted by TBSmothers 3 years ago
this should be interesting
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