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Is The Christian God Immoral

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Started: 12/2/2012 Category: Religion
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Can you truly compare our morals to that of God's. His plans and actions are far to advanced and complex for any man to comprehend. When the Lord put to death anyone in history it was for the betterment of mankind and His chosen people. ("For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,"declares the Lord. "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:8-9).

When the Egyptians lost their first born sons, it was so the Israelites could be set free and ultimately experience the rest of God's plan. And when He had His people wipe out other nations and civilizations, it was not out of spite or hatred, but because He knows what's best. Many times He told His people to destroy other nations, but because of their immorality and evil which could spread and corrupt other peoples. Is it not better to kill a few to save a million? Because of the gain in freedom, the Israelites went on to become one of the most enduring people in history which led to the birth of Christ.

Many people object to commands of God such as the killing of women and children because they have the idea that women and children are innocent and blameless. But women and children are not always so guiltless. We can now compare the children, back then, to the Middle Eastern ones now, they are taught in grade school to hate their Jewish neighbors. Nazi German women and children also held a hatred of the Jews and committed their own hate crimes and murders.

Also, keep in mind, is it actually wrong for God to kill? Is it evil for a computer programmer to delete his creation, or an artist to throw away his paintings? We are all God's creations and whether we are used as pawns or kings is His decision.

This may sound harsh, but to be in His world is a blessing and a gift- one that He may choose to take back... But when He calls His people home, they are rewarded for the sacrifice and suffering (I Samuel 26: 23 The LORD will repay each man for his righteousness and his faithfulness). Every bit of pain and hard work pays off, God gives us retribution (Jeremiah 17: 10 "I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, to reward a man according to his conduct, according to what his deeds deserve").



Just because the Egyptians were holding the Israelites as slaves doesn't make it moral for God to kill the innocent. The children had nothing to do with Israelites being slaves. If God holds life so preciously then why would he kill the ones who had nothing to do with it? It would have made more sense if he actually killed the people who were responsible for this, even though it doesn't make it any more moral. You do put forward a fair argument however that by killing a few you do save a million, but the fact is that the Amalekite women and children were innocent. The idea of slaughtering a child is abhorrent, disgusting and immoral.

Children cannot be held guilty for something they have no control, you cannot blame children for being indoctrinated with hate and dogma, children usually lack perception of the world and they cannot control what they are taught. Children should not be held guilty for being indoctrinated.

Comparing human life to a computer program is ridiculous. A human life is precious, a human feels pain and emotions, a computer program does not. Of course, it doesn't really matter whether a computer programmer deletes his creation or not, because it is not living. However, killing people and families is tantamount to genocide, it is wrong. Whether or not you created it is irrelevant, I ask you this, if I created life and gutted them all, you would feel disgusted?

Just because we are something he created doesn't mean it is moral to commit genocide, for something that demands we follow his rules, worship him he is very sudden to go and break his own moral code that he supposedly put down on us.
Debate Round No. 1


You again either overlook or refuse to accept the fact that children can be guilty. Those children were taught to treat a specific type of people as slaves, taught that slaves were worthless and could be treated as if they were animals. These children were not innocent, an ignorant child becomes a hateful, even murderous, adult.
God has his wisdom, and we do not understand it, but He has a reason. You forget that He had Moses go to the Pharoah several times, had given him several chances, and even gave him several signs to release the Hebrews... but he didn't. God didn't want to massacre those people, but if He hadn't then no one would respect His command to release His people.
Again, life is a gift from God; not a right. We live in His world, He has a plan that will lead to the best outcome.
The children of the Hebrews were killed, raped, and everything else that may come from slavery.


Children are children, they learn from adults what is right and wrong and it is not their fault for being indoctrinated. Even if a child is taught to hate a specific people they are not the bearer of guilt. Anyway, this is irrelevant and has nothing to do with God being immoral.

You are assuming that God exists, I am not assuming this at all. I am trying to make the point that the Christian God is evil and immoral and does not deserve the respect that he deserves. I have other examples of God being immoral that I would like to present. The Binding of Isaac is a good example of God being spiteful and immoral. He tells Abraham to kill his son but he changes his mind just before he kills him. This example makes it clear that God is very impatient and has a short temper, why would an all powerful "moral" entity have the emotions and attitudes as a child.
Debate Round No. 2


So children can't be blamed for their actions and the habits that are pressed onto them by their parents? So when they become adults and those habits are unchanged then they can be held guilty?

The Binding of Isaac was not an example of God being impatient; it was to show that Abraham was a man of God, he loved the Lord so much that he was willing to sacrifice his only son to please his Father. Up until that time people sacrificed themselves and even their children to their gods to ask for something, to release themselves from something, or to be forgiven. In this text, Abraham did the dead strictly because of his love in the Father, a point that you seem to miss entirely. The Lord never had the intention of killing Isaac; He instead wanted to test Abraham's faith, knowing that Abraham would follow. The fact that Abraham was willing to do this and Isaac willing to allow it has given so many Christians stronger faith, a better trust in the Lord, and a more readiness to give whatever He asks.
You may not have looked into this story much, but Isaac was not that defenseless. Isaac was between a the years of a teenager and a man, while Abraham was well over the age of 100; meaning that Isaac could easily overpower his father. Isaac loved the Lord as well, enough to give his life if his heavenly Father requested it (which he was well aware of the situation by the time he reached the top of the mountain).
This story is one that not only helps the common Christian in their walk with God, but also foreshadows the horrendous death of God's son, Jesus, which did not get stopped by an angel.

God did not do this out of spite or hate, but He did this knowing the impact it would have on His people's faith. His plans may not seem to work out like we expect, but they always end up being what is right for the time and future- without contradicting the past. Abraham had waited patiently for his son to be blessed to him (as stated prior- Abraham waited till the age of 100), once he received his blessing, one that he got as a gift for his obedience, God had to show to the future generations that Abraham did not just request something and then turn away, the Lord wanted to prove that Abraham truly did love the Father and hadn't forgotten who gave him his gift (Isaac).

Again, God knows what is best and His actions never lead to an overwhelming circumstance. He only gives us tasks to strengthen ourselves and show to others His love and power to accomplish anything. Nothing is too overwhelming in His world with His help.


DirtySerbianKangaroo forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by popculturepooka 4 years ago
The rationalizations are mindboggling.
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