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Is The Oral Law Verifiable? Did Moses Relieve It At Sinai?

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Started: 11/15/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 7 months ago Status: Debating Period
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Debatwinnerpro, I challenge you to a debate on Judaism's oral law since you're last opponent I guess never responded or simply just didn't get your message.


Is The Oral Law Verifiable? Did Moses Receive It At Sinai?

In the this short debate (of 5 rounds) I will cite numerous sources from both the Tanakh and Talmud Bavli in an attempt to prove, without error, that Moshe did in fact receive an oral tradition at Sinai. This is paramount for Orthodox Jews worldwide because without an oral law to explain the vagueness of the written Torah, we couldn't be true Jews, and we'd fail in our mission in being a "light to the nations" (Isaiah 49:6). This is not what HaShem had in mind when He first laid the foundations of creation.

Then, I will do my best to prove to you that the Jewish nation did not go into odd bewilderment of the law until the reign of King Josiah. This argument is nothing more than bad fable and can be easily disproven.

Simply put, the existence of an oral law must be verifiable, otherwise, as an example, how could we properly keep Sabbath? Can anyone just decide what "work" is? Would HaShem really be pleased with that?

The Creator of the universe promised us that His laws were easy to keep, He said that we could, "do it!" (Deuteronomy 30:14), and that He did not hide Himself in vain (Isaiah 45:19). So, does it logically make sense that this G-d, who makes such promises to His children, would now just walk away and not take the time to explain just what exactly He wants us to do?

In Judaism, this is unfeasible. Our faith is not unmanageable - we can do it!

Remember, HaShem made a covenant with us to keep the Sabbath for all eternity, He claims that if we don't, we'll be punished. This doesn't sound like a minor nuance. It is serious. I think that dissolves the argument that some laws weren't important enough to prescribe meaning and guidelines to because there is actual punishment for our failure! It is obvious to us that the world isn't flat, we have complexity, and the oral law solves that complexity. Those of us who try to say the oral law was an invention of the Pharisees are fooling themselves, both the Essenes and Josephus recorded that Moshe brought down the oral law from Sinai. It's even mentioned in the New Testament, and it is my personal belief that Jesus, aside from being a good rabbi, was also a pharisees in the truest sense of the word (though I won't argue this position, it's irrelevant to the discussion at hand).

And there is another myth, that there were Jews who are known today as the Beta Israel, who've lived without an oral law for well over 2,400 years. But be careful, for it can once again can be proven that they were once Christians who converted to Judaism around the 14th century, hence, why they never heard of an oral law in the first place!

I will also go on to provide some serious scientific findings which will blow your mind. Based on these alone, there can be no room without an oral law, it just doesn't make sense - where and how did the rabbis know about the deepest corners of the universe? How did they know of the Big Bang, or the age of the earth?

Overall, the oral law is fact, and a Jew is living a delusion if he refuses to keep it. Moshe knew of it, the prophets clearly warned against transgressing it, everyone is talking about this oral law and suddenly a few Jews from the Middle East (Karaites) decide they're not going to keep it? Same with the Christians? Wo decides things around here, G-d or man?

This just can't be, hence why we're debating. In the end, you have to be convinced. . . because it's the only way to serve HaShem. He already made it clear that we should not try to understand His laws because "My ways are not your ways" (Isaiah 55:8). Just because one cannot comprehend a law doesn't mean we're not allowed to keep it! We have to find a way.

We are Jewish, we are HaShem's chosen people. . . it's time we focused on His truth and be a "real light to the nations." Good luck in this debate, it is my sincere hope that you'll discover the truth of HaShem's will, and start practicing true Judaism before its too late.

To that, I say,

Baruch HaShem


i honestly dont know much about this topic.... and maybe Moses had it passed down to him. i never really researched this, also i never read the jewish books
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