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Is/Was Muhammad a valid/legitimate prophet or good role model (under Bible standards)?

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Started: 11/18/2015 Category: Religion
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What I mean by "Bible standards" is: Would he have qualified as a prophet had he lived back when the Bible was still being written?
What I mean by a good role model is: Was he known for having qualities that would be commendable and everybody could agree were good? For example being kind, honest, loving, etc.

I take the position that Muhammad was a false prophet and a bad person to have as a role model. I will only use muslim sources (that are deemed to be credible by large numbers of the muslim community) to prove my position. The winner is the one who makes the better argument. However, we need to only speak of that which is relevant to the matter at hand and provable through credible muslim sources. I prefer to debate a muslim and not someone who merely thinks they know something about it.
I will be presenting a variety of reasons such as:
1. He himself admitted to believing he was possessed.
2. The supposed holy book that was a product of his false teachings promotes hatred, treating women as 2nd class citizens, killing those who won't convert, contradictory verses, that all unbelievers are pretty much subhuman, etc.
3. Teaching that marrying children is ok (as he did).

50 reasons Muhammad was NOT a prophet (in under 5 min.s):

I'm ready when you are.


I agree to the terms of the argument but, your "Bible Standards" must be broken down for my point to make sense :)

First, God appointed Jesus (John 1:32) for the completion of the Bible, therefore if anyone claimed the station of Jesus at the time of an incomplete Gospel, theologically it would have been wrong.

Second God revealed His Message to Muhammad 600 years after Jesus, therefore Jesus adopted and added to the successive qualities Moses brought, and Muhammad adopted and added to the successive qualities Jesus brought, each paving the way for each other (Progressive Revelation).

Third, according to the Bible, a false prophet is defined as Matt 7:15 "a wolf in a sheep's clothing". So..who's Jesus? The Sheperd sent to guide the lost sheep of Israel (Matt 15:24). Who are the sheep? The Jews that will eventually become Christians (John 10:27). Who is the wolf? someone who claims to have the station of Christ but note, in order for the wolf to do damage, the wolf must become a sheep, and therefore a christian (Matt 24:5). Muhammad was not a sheep nor a Messiah nor a wolf because He did not become a sheep (Christian) to affect Christianity in any way. Even if Matt 7:15 said Shepard instead of sheep, Muhammad would still not apply because He revealed a Message from God after Jesus so the only thing left to do is investigate Muhammad's claim (Deuteronomy 13:14, Ecclesiastes 7:25), and not deem Him a false prophet did like the Pharisees did to Jesus.

Fourth, before I answer your 3 very interesting points in my next argument, answer this...Do you honestly think it would be fair to judge Jesus if the only source used to disprove Him was one YouTube video that says "50 reasons Jesus was NOT the Messiah in under 5 mins"? Then please understand that a claim as heavy as Muhammad's is a delicate matter and should be treated as such.

One thing to think about: How would you show a devout follower of Moses and the Judaic Law that Jesus was His Successor?

God bless:)
Debate Round No. 1


OK. So I didn't mean it like he had to take the place of Jesus or be better, etc. As far as the character max I don't think I can alter it anymore. It is refreshing to see that you admit that it is claimed to be basically a "successor" of what I believe in as a Christian. However, that leads to the entire point. There is no way you can possibly combine the two. Jesus wasn't just some guy, or prophet even, He was God in the flesh. So if as you claimed he was a successor to the Bible and Jesus we would expect the teachings to line up. However we quickly find that they don't and that Muhammad would've been stoned for making claims to be a prophet yet falling very short. That's partially my point or the question at hand, How would followers of the Torah have responded to this so-called successor prophet? Would he have been accepted and included in scripture as an authority? Or would he have been stoned and never heard much about again. It would certainly be the latter and here are some reasons why:

1. hatred for Jews and Christians
"O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people." (Qur"an 5:51)

2. self-serving "revelations" (Not something we would expect)

3. ridiculous statements that anybody can find to be false
"The Prophet said, "Allah created Adam, making him 60 cubits tall." (Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 55, Number 543)

"The Prophet said, "If anyone of you rouses from sleep and performs the ablution, he should wash his nose by putting water in it and then blowing it out thrice, because Satan has stayed in the upper part of his nose all the night." (Hadith, Volume 4, Book 54, Number 516)

"They question thee (O Muhammad) concerning menstruation. Say: It is an illness." (Bukhari Volume 7, Book 71, Number 646)

Muhammad would've been stoned as a blaspheming heretic.


Jesus was a Prophet because the Bible says so(Luke 24:19, Matt 21:11, John 1:45, John 6:14-15+others) and He wasn't God because He constantly refers to His Father who is evidently superior than Him(John 20:17, Numbers 23:19, Mark 13:32+others). He even gets upset why people call Him God(John 8:42-43). Besides, Moses reminds His followers that there will be PROPHET coming (Acts 7:37).

As I said before, Jesus made His claim after Moses and Muhammad made His claim after Jesus. So on the surface Christianity is considered heresy to Judaic Law and therefore "false" because the The Mosaic Law is forever(Deut. 4:2, Psalms 19:7) and He did things that Judaism finds contrary to the characteristics of a Divine.

Regarding your first point (5:51) please understand that everywhere in the Quran, the Christians and Jews are considered as People of the Book. The Quran says that the Muslims believe in the same God as the People of the Book (29:46) There are many instances where Muhammad commands the protection of the People of the Book but understand that during the time, the Christians and the Jews were actively warring against the Muslims and this verse is a warning to the believers and not a command. Nowhere in the Quran does it say to hate anyone.

Secondly, the Hadith is separate from Quran. There are many things in Holy Books that if read with a literal lens, it may seem physically impossible so the spiritual meanings are much more important. The height of Adam was 60 cubits according to this hadith, and other hadiths reports clarify that it was so "in the heavens" (في السماء)

Regarding your conclusion, yes Muhammad would have been punished but only if He was present in the same era as Christ and claimed to have a message from God, which you and I know He wasn't. Similarly Jesus would be punished too if He was present in the time of Moses and claimed to also have a message from God. So God appoints one Messenger until appoints one again when the time is right.
God bless.
Debate Round No. 2


To know Muhammad was a false prophet is easy. True followers of the Word can see that his revelations:
A) didn't even make sense logically / scientifically
B) would just so happen to be self-serving
His child bride Aisha even snarkily stated "I feel that your Lord hastens in fulfilling your wishes and desires."
C) contradict each other

Anyone who knows about true prophecies can tell you that is NOT how God operates.
A) tells the truth
B) wouldn't use prophecy to help a man be sexually immoral and basically get whatever he wants
C) does not contradict himself.

Be honest, if I or anybody else pulled all these stunts you WOULD NOT believe it AT ALL! Another thing to consider is that people didn't convert willingly, it was by the sword. It's not that people were amazed by his holiness or revelations, it was simply convert or die. That spirit is still alive in Islam. Why? The Quran COMMANDS that all "infidels" be converted or killed, many times. In fact, jihad (war against unbelievers) is THE ONLY sure way to heaven according to Islam.

Anybody with some sense can tell you that this man and his teachings have NOTHING to do with Yahweh, the trinity, Jesus, or the Word. In fact they are polar opposites in almost every single way. The Imam Mahdi they are awaiting is the antichrist who was written of long ago in the Bible. He will rule for 7 years just as Revelation describes. Muslims will be lost and follow him. They will take the mark of the beast, Christians however will (should) know better. Is it mere coincidence that this lines up perfectly with our prophecies of the antichrist that pre-date Muhammad and the Quran by 600 years or more?

In conclusion, unless you consider God to be a liar/trickster... then we can know WITHOUT A DOUBT that Muhammad was a false prophet (under any scrutiny [scientific/Biblical]) who forced his blasphemous, self-serving teachings on all.


1. Implement the same expectations you have for a Jew when he/she addresses Christianity. Go read the Quran and investigate THOROUGHLY.

2. Regarding your round 3 argument, I have fully explained the Marriage to Aisha issue above.

3. If someone were to tell me how God operates I would simply walk away. God only knows how He operates and sends Messengers to show us a glimpse of His Plan and He wants things done. So not anyone can fulfill prophecies because Criss Angel also claimed he had, look where that went. One must FULLY investigate the claims that seem "skeptical".

4. Why do we have Jews in the world today? well, they veil their eyes from the Message of Christ and their soul will pay the price for it. Simple. Understand that your soul is in the same position. Im not saying my soul isnt, Im just alluding to the fact that the same frustration you are demonstrating with me, is the same frustration a jew demonstrates to you.

5. Jesus commands the death of infidels, with no reason or regret(NT=Luke19:27)There are paintings of the violence of Jesus (Cleansing of Temple Matthew 21:12-17). The Quran provides the a clear explanation for such actions where as the Bible doesnt.

6. False prophets is explained above. Please read. The fact that you "jab" at Islam without providing a clear reasoning proves that you have much to study about because I'll tell you right now, Jews do the same thing to Christianity.

For future debates, please respond the opposing sides points. I offered you clear explanations of the issues you brought up however the were not addressed. For the sake of the debate and hypothetically speaking, don't 'jab" then wait for a response. Please use Biblical evidence to support your arguments because it does not make sense to debate with sources you fully disagree with. If you are asking for an explanation then Im happy to provide, but if you want to blindly poke at Islam then, I respectfully ask that you correct your debating approach. Tnx & God Bless
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Soldier_4Christ 1 year ago
If you want to believe that it's your prerogative. I thought it was that many words not characters but oh well. I won't lose sleep over it. I made rock solid arguments in my 2 turns to your 3. Only 1 person has voted and apparently is a muslim so it's kinda to be expected.
Posted by persianimmortal 1 year ago
My good friend, such accusations made to Divinity requires more than the max amount rounds offers. Please understand that the outcome of this debate has nothing to do with you being new to the atmosphere of All I have to say that it doesn't hurt to admit that you don't know and it doesn't make you look bad if you thoroughly investigate something before judging it. May God bless you and your future endeavors
Posted by Soldier_4Christ 1 year ago
yeah I couldn't really spend my time responding as my opponent had already jumped into his arguments from round 1. Unfortunately I didn't expect to need more rounds or characters. I'm new on here.
Posted by Soldier_4Christ 1 year ago
That's why I'm doing this, because God is watching. If you think I haven't looked into it you're wrong, I have. If I am speaking ill of a true prophet sent by God Himself then may He strike me down. However, I know for a fact this isn't the case. There isn't even a shadow of a doubt on this matter. I'm not better or smarter than anybody, I'm just fortunate enough to have found the way that leads to LIFE. May God bless you and open your eyes.
Posted by persianimmortal 1 year ago
"seek the truth no matter where it may take you"
I ask that you do same thing. Please don't ask me to do things that you are not willing to do.

"this is your soul at stake after all"
As is yours my friend, in fact it is double at stake. To the Jews, Christians are misguided to believe in Jesus and to the Muslims, Christians are not informed of a New Message from God since they're still believing Jesus. So you as a Christian are viewed as both Misguided and Uninformed which is a heavy weight to carry. Therefore, you as a "Soldier 4 Christ, should do ONE of 2 things: Either teach the Jews and bring them back on the Right Path OR, fully, thoroughly, wholly investigate a claim that has contributed so much to the advancement of civilization.

Know this my friend I'm sure youre a swell guy/girl but let me tell you something, God is witness to all your actions towards the Message He brought to us. If the Jews think youre false, your best bet is to at least find out why Muslims KNOW your misinformed, which doesn't take a lot of effort. Consider this, in this case, the Jews have missed 2 Revealtions from God because they are wrapped in their self imposed veil of false imaginings. Don't let your deteriorate the condition of your soul just because you don't FEEL like investigating. Be like Peter for a change, for if He told Jesus, "I am happy with my fishing and I dont want to come", His contribution to the spread of Christianity would have not existed. Be like Peter investigate the claims brought to you.

Peace and blessing of the Almighty be upon you and your family.
Posted by Soldier_4Christ 1 year ago
we can do a whole new debate if you like with more characters and more rounds but I don't want to extend it here as it won't really count. I know it comes innate to want to defend your faith but don't be blinded. seek the truth no matter where it may take you. this is your soul at stake after all.i don't wish you anything bad I just hope you can see the truth before it's too late
Posted by persianimmortal 1 year ago
I had much more to say but I did not have any characters remaining. I apologize if I did not touch on the subjects provided for they require a semi-extensive analysis. In the meantime, please look at the following:

1.Achtiname of Muhammad is the covenant that grants the protection of Christian monks.

2. Please read the role of women in Islam and understand that the view of women in Christianity is not what you think. Ill let you be the judge of what it means to be 2nd class citizen. Here are some Bible verses about women:
(1 Timothy 2:11-14), (1 Corinthians 14:34), (1 Corinthians 11:5-10), (1 Corinthians 11:13), (1 Timothy 2:11-14), (Genesis 3:16), (Ecclesiasticus 22:3), (Deuteronomy 25:5)

3. Muhammad NEVER taught that marrying children is OK. He had 13 wives but had all 7 children with one of them (except one which occurred after the passing of His first wife). Muhammad had one wife - from the age of 25 to 50. During the remaining 13 years of His life, He married the aged widows of His friends who left many children. The children needed a complete home, with a fatherly figure, and the Prophet provided that. Providing a fatherly figure for orphans is the only specific circumstance in support of polygamy mentioned in the Quran (4:3). Other than marrying widowed mothers of orphans, there were three political marriages in the Prophet's life. His close friends Abu Bakr and Omar insisted that He marry their daughters, Aisha and Hafsah, to solidify traditional family ties among them. The third marriage was to Maria the Copt; she was given to him as a political gesture of friendship from the ruler of Egypt

4 .Please understand that the Hadith is NOT Divine Scripture and merely an account of what the Companions of Muhammad have reportedly heard the Messenger of God say. With that begin said, the clarification of the Hadiths are present and they should be understood spiritually not physically
Posted by persianimmortal 1 year ago
I don't know if it is okay with you Soldier_4Christ, but would it possible to increase the number of characters used for the arguments? Thank you and God bless :))
Posted by Soldier_4Christ 1 year ago
Sounds good. Respect, love, and blessings be upon you also.
Posted by persianimmortal 1 year ago
Challenge accepted. Your views may oppose mine but much respect and luck to you. God bless. :)
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Vote Placed by HardRockHallelujah 1 year ago
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Reasons for voting decision: This debate is titled "Was Muhammad a legitimate prophet according to the Bible". In the Bible there is one specific criteria that destroys Islam at its it is: Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son. (1 John 2:22) Muhammad denied the Father and the Son (Qur'an 5:18 and 9:30); therefore, according to the Bible Muhammad is an Antichrist. Everything else pro has said just went to waste because of how badly 1 John 2:22 exposes Muhammad as a false prophet and an Antichrist.
Vote Placed by rross 1 year ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Thanks for this interesting debate. I gave conduct against pro for saying in the final round that he'd explained the Aisha issue "above" when he hadn't. The framing of this debate didn't really make sense. Pro effectively undermined the idea that Mohammed could be reasonably judged by bible standards. Con undermined himself by arguing that Muhammad would have been stoned to death (hardly an example of good, compassionate behaviour). Con would have done better with a clearer resolution.