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Is What We Learn In School Useless?

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Started: 12/9/2014 Category: Education
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A lot of students complain that what they are learning in school is pointless because they are never going to use it in real life. But, in my opinion, what we learn is in fact useful because not only does it help us know basic things, but it also helps us figure out what jobs we might want to pursue and what subjects interest us. For example, if you love history, you wouldn't know you love it until you learn about it.


Useless:not fulfilling or not expected to achieve the intended purpose or desired outcome.

Opening statement:

Many things that kids learn in school is not sensible in the real world today.


Many things kids learn today in a school are not sensible in the real world today. In what job would
algebra be used in? Many jobs today don't need the things that they teach in school anymore.

Many if not most kids do not have the enthusiasm to learn. About half of what gets taught to them is not comprehended and nor do many of the kids care.

If you have a carpentar he/she is not going to think back to what they learned in high school or middle school, they will probably think of what they learned in carpentars school, or college.

If a kid wants to be a science or social studies teacher they probably won't look back on what they learned in middle school or high school. They'll probably just look back on what they learned in college.

Debate Round No. 1


While you are right that teachers will probably look back on college more than they do high school, they wouldn't have been inspired to go to college to study what they did if not for what we learned in high and middle school. If they had never learned it in school they would have never been inspired to learn more about it and teach others about it.

Also, you claim that my opening statement was, "Many things that kids learn in school is not sensible in the real world today." when in fact it was, "A lot of students complain that what they are learning in school is pointless because they are never going to use it in real life." You gave me the definition of the word 'useless', but you didn't relate it to how what we learn in school is useless at all.

Also, considering how you misspelled the word 'carpenter' twice, one would assume that maybe you find what you were taught useless because you never even made an attempt to understand it.


While you were criticizing me you have given no argument what so ever. I will give you reasons why what kids learn in school is pretty much useless.

1. Not used in real world

Kids don't need things like L.A or social studies for the real world. L.A would not be used for many jobs. Why would kids be forced to learn about writing or reading. If they want to grow up to be an L.a teacher or writer or things that involve L.A why would they teach it now. They should go to college and learn about it.

. Kids don't remember

Most kids when they are given an assignment they take what they learned on the same day and use it for that assignment but the next day they forget all about it. If tachers give them tests they'll probably remember it for a couple of weeks but then they'll forget what they even learned
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by mentalist 2 years ago
School is prison...get out if you can

When I was at school, learning about democracy and citizenship in school was a bit like reading holiday brochures in prison.
" Derry Hannam
Posted by fridalizbeth 2 years ago
I believe that some of the subjects in school really are pointless. Instead of teaching students about mitosis, teach about how to pay the bills, cooking skills, financial skills, or write a check.
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