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Is a Resource Based Economy better than a Monetary Based Economy?

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Started: 9/23/2010 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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There was a time when money or bartering was the system of choice dating back to B.C. times. It was used as a medium for the exchange of goods and services. Due to the lack of technology back then, humans were living in scarcity. Creating money proved to be an incentive to get people to go out and do grueling work. As years go on and we fast forward to today's society, the usage of money has evolved. We have the Federal Reserve Bank, which makes money out of thin air, gives out loans with interest, they setup the interest rates. We have Wall Street, which is basically a gambling casino that buys and sells stocks. We have banks issuing loans and credit to individuals and businesses. We also have the Real Estate Market, Treasury Bonds, CD's, IRA's, Insurance Premiums, 401 k's, Derivatives, Commodities Market. The monetary system has grown into this complex system that most people would need help just to translate the jargon. The complexity alone will drive you mad. There is a reason only 20% of the U.S. population is getting ahead while the rest of us work basically from pay check to pay check. Right now with the advent of technology; scarcity, waste and inefficiency which are the friends of the monetary system, is starting to lose ground to abundance, environmentally friendly products, and efficiency. Abundance and effiency are the enemies of the monetary system. Why? Because you will never see a company create the best product ever due because they want repeat business. So companies always make products with inferior parts that is tested to break down at an average time period. Usually past the warranty period. This is called planned obsolescence. The monetary system has turned into a me against you system where people will due anything to make money. This need for consumers (the workers) and consumption is what makes the monetary system work. This is the backbone of the system. With the scarcity of jobs due to outsourcing and automation there will be less consumers meaning less consumption of goods being sold. This will ultimately be the demise of the monetary system. The monetary system is a socially ill system creating corruption among businesses, government, and individuals. 95% of all crime is monetary related, 1.9 billion world wide in poverty, 25,000 people a day die of hunger, We goto war to invade countries to make billions of dollars in profits for industries using the fallacy of patriotism. Time for a real change for society. A Resource Based Economy is a society that will share the worlds resources, no jobs, uses no money, has no government, uses the scientific method to arrive at decisions and most importantly uses advance technology to automate as many tasks as possible. If you take money out of the equation people for the first time will feel a sigh of relief never before imagined. The possibilities will be endless. When everyone has access to all the basic needs of life, incentives would change from a competition based monetary system to a collaborative based system, Resource Based Economy. The Human race is just that, 1 race, 1 people. We have more in common than you think. We all need food, water, fresh air, shelter, energy, education. The monetary system is nothing more than a stupid game that plays with peoples lives. A Resource Based Economy couldn't of work maybe 20 years ago, but today with the advent of advanced technology it could be implemented easily. Let's remember that money is a man made creation which is now outdated. Money is nothing more than an obstacle to what we as humans really need, which is resources. To learn more about a Resourced Based Economy goto


I want to thank my opponent for offering such an awesome topic to debate since this in no way has to definite format i shall just do what my opponent does write a paragraph rebutting the subject. When we look back to ancient Rome or Mesopotamia we see huge dwindling cities bustling with trade of goods it needs and has, using of course the resource based economy we trade a chicken for 3 slabs of meat or a bar of gold for a pig, sure it seems outdated and funny but it worked. Now explain to me why, if this type of economy is better then our modern day economy why isn't it happening now? Simple one, Monetary based economy and paper money and credit cards and checks everything my opponent speaks about, all help us buy the items we need and the necessities we need to live, without having to go obtain a whole bunch of gold from trading with merchants or sailing across seas to distant lands to sell your goods, i guess what i'm trying to say is it is more efficient, and efficiency is a huge factor in our modern day society. If we lived in a world with a resource based economy than our advancement in technology and society would have been incredibly slow and dwindling. Now there is one thing you must realize, every society, every civilization will have the poor social class, the class of people who dont have anything, and live off nothing. My opponent apparently doesn't realize this when he talks about the resource based economy in ancient times, but a major reason why it doesn't work as well is because of the gruel bearing work...ok so what if we give the people the incentive to do grueling work and live on bread and wine all month, will this suddenly just end poverty, will it suddeny end poverty if we have to work all year around, not go to school, advance in anything sufficiant, or get a job so we can say at home and grow our crops and feed our cattle, and make our product so that at a specific month of the year we can go walk 20 miles to a market and sell it for heavy bags of gold which a portion go back to the state while the rest will give you enough to live barely. I would certainly think not. Now look at our monetary based economy, we can sit at home and get money, sent straight to our account not gold bars, we can apply for health care, or welfare, that give us money if we don't have enough money, has this every happened with a resource based economy, never. We can invest in our futures, and not focus about the past, we can receive money in an instant so we can use it quicker for our needs. The wall street holds up our economy and keeps us going, why are we the richest country in the world because of our monetary based economy and wall street. Please look at this round and realize one thing, we leave the past behind for a reason, so we can move forward, the system of resource economy surely did work for people in ancient times, but as we evolve we realize more things, we find quicker ways and more efficient ways to do things, why bring the past back, why not leave it be and focus on our future its everyone's future.
Debate Round No. 1


Before I start my rebuttal, your lack of knowledge of what is a Resource Based Economy (RBE) is evident. I will repeat myself to make myself clear to you. A RBE is a totally new social concept that uses the scientific method and advance technology to manage the worlds resource without the use of money and barter. This system was coined by Jacque Fresco founder of The Venus Project in the early 70's. If you don't know the basics of what I'm talking about you'vie already lost this debate for your lack of knowledge on the subject. If you would of read my article thoroughly I gave out the web address to the Venus Project for you can obtain more information about this organization. Getting back to your article you posed a question stating "Why a RBE is not happening now?" As I said in my article a RBE could't have worked 20 years ago because of the lack technology compared to today. There is movement going on right now called the Zeitgeist Movement which is trying to bring awareness to the masses of people about the Venus Project. Once people are educated about the movement and they see the breakdown in the monetary system, hopefully people would look to The Venus Project for the transition to begin. Now to rebut your other point in your article, there is no trading or bartering in a RBE, because there is no money in circulation. My point in starting this debate is to show mainly the failures of the monetary system. You failed in your article to mention any failures of the monetary system only showing a rosy picture. The monetary system is made up of: Capitalism, Socialism, Communism. All these systems have 1 main thing in common and that is they all use money to obtain resources. Now if you take out money it's like taking out the middle man. Usually that makes things a whole lot easier. That's basically what a Resource Based System is like. I said in my previous article the monetary system has been in use for thousands of years with barter and money evolving into what is today. The monetary system has worked to get us where we are today to a certain extent. Yet if you look back at least 10 years up to now, the monetary system is starting to break down. The demise will start from technological unemployment. 90% of all factory jobs are now automated leaving mostly the service sector hiring. The service sector is starting to become automated as well with a variety of ATM's dispensing either money, stamps, food, beverages, movies, etc. This takes the place of human labor and is evident when you walk into any bank, post office, store, that there is less workers attending to customers. Software is being used through out offices in all types of businesses resulting in a decline of employment. Software are able to do jobs of secretaries, managers, general office workers. This trend will only increase due to the fact that it increases productivity and produces more profit. This is considered good business to use automation because you save money on paying salary and employee benefits. Don't take my word for it my sources come from books like: End Of Work by Jeremy Rifkin, The Lights In The Tunnel by Martin Ford, and Designing The Future by Jacque Fresco. The Monetary system is unsustainable due to the fact they will be more people than jobs readily available. This will slow consumption of goods and eventually the top 1 to 20% will feel the pinch. This is one of the main reasons we have recessions. Remember we can't turn back the hands of time on technology. Technology is man's creation, to hinder creation is to hinder progression. I'm only talking about good technology, no bombs, fighter planes, tanks, guns. In a RBE these things will become obsolete. Money is the instigator of war, crime, hunger, and poverty. I repeat from my 1st article money (middleman) is nothing more than an obstacle to what we as humans really need, and that is resources. To debunk your other claim in your article; you said every civilization will have a poor social class. Like I said earlier if you would have researched what is a Resource Based Economy (RBE) you would know there is no social classes because everyone is equal in a RBE. This may sound like communism to some but a RBE has nothing to do with it. For instances communism uses money, has a government, has a military, doesn't use advance technology to better society, it doesn't use the scientific method to arrive at decisions. RBE has nothing in common with communism. To my opponent on this debate, I say to you never debate anyone if you don't have your facts straight or in your case didn't bother to research the material. You can't just say Capitalism is better because you said so with out presenting proof why? You never bothered to mention all the social stratification the monetary system brings with it. I won't bother repeating it. Maybe you live in a bubble and you don't see the many problems we face today. At least The Venus Project has the guts to present the root causes of most of societies problems while our system continues to make more laws (patchwork) and the same problems keep occurring. The U.S. will soon become a fascist state if we continue on this path. The news media and the government will continue to spit propaganda to the masses. The majority have been brain washed believing that the monetary system is the only and best system.


Anger154 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


It's obvious my opponent has forfeited due to his lack of knowledge of a Resource Based Economy (RBE). I would like to thank him any way for trying.

The Venus Project advocates a total redesign of our society not the same old patch work that we always seem to do. This patchwork is a temporary fix that continues to breakdown. We can't afford to live like this anymore.

What I was trying to say to my opponent is that the monetary system is inherently corrupt. Government is in place solely to protect the establishment. The establishment of course is the fortune 500 companies, Wall Street, Banks, Unions, Medical establishment. The entities I've mention run our nation. They are the special interests that control our government. Every one is looking for a hand out or a favor. This is how the monetary system works.
Lets not be naive and think that these politicians don't get paid off to look the other way when it comes to issues that face every American. It's just not politicians who are corrupt, businesses as well. The deregulation of banks and business have created the majority of problems we see today due to shady business practices. We all know money talks and b.s. walks.

A RBE with no money in the system will be free of corruption, due to nothing can be gained. For example in RBE every thing is provided free. Let's say a warehouse has 1000 televisions on hand. Average household might need 3 televisions on average, why take more than what you need. You can't sell the t.v. in a RBE because there is no money in this type of society, therefore you can't sell it to anyone. The fact is you have nothing to gain. Once corruption is taken out the system we as a society can function and begin to actually solve problems using the principles set forth by The Venus Project.


Ok well first of all this topic is completely biased, I am sorry if i cant rebuttal a topic you put out and all you have i cant debate it because of its biased evidence and lack of info. But for the sake of the debate i shall point out one thing you say thats RBE requires an advance in technology, well since the 70's we have advanced a lot than explain to me why RBE based economy hasn't even been talked about since know, since you brought it up with a single article from the venus project in the 70's. I suggest the next time you start a debate make it a legitimate topic and give better evidence instead of a single article from the 70's I'm assuming since it is 40 years old your only card of evidence can be disregarded, therefore you have nothing to back you up. vote con
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Wallstreetatheist 4 years ago
Posted by Anger154 7 years ago
right also i didnt post checks straight down like you obviously like yourself to much
Posted by Anger154 7 years ago
40 years ago they said it wasnt possible 20 years ago...and nowhere have i heard a single word about this untill now...and i watch the news a a policy debater.....if you want to make a legit arguement i suggest you have more inherent articles of evidence....more than 1 from 1970
Posted by blueberryskyy 7 years ago
I thought it was lame for Anger154 to vote for himself, so I said to myself, 2 can play that game. For the record, obviously your reading comprehension is subject. In my article I stated it wasn't possible for a resource based economy 20 years ago due to the lack of technology. The Venus Project is still a fairly new concept and it's just beginning to get recognition around the world. The information I provided isn't made up or biased. If you take the time to look at the website, there is a wealth of information stating in full detail what I tried to summarize. Be aware to get a full grasp of what they are talking about on this site, you have to spend a great amount of time researching. There is plenty of material to get familiar with.
Posted by V07768198309 7 years ago

<b>Tract on Monetary Reform</b>

<b>Our economy is slowly dying, your job, lifestyle are dominated by anxiety.</b>

<b> The economy is kept alive artificially. </b>

No one is proposing a solution because no one has the slightest idea of why it is happening and many have vested interest in the present system.

<b>However an objective observation of the phenomenon can help us understand it and provide us with an innovative solution. </b>

Of course we can't solve the problem with the tools that brought us there in the first place and we need a new ideology.


<blockquote><i>- Do you feel that your ideology pushed you to make decisions that you wish you had not made?</i>

<i>- Well, remember that what an ideology is, is a conceptual framework with the way people deal with reality. Everyone has one. You have to -- to exist, you need an ideology. The question is whether it is accurate or not. And what I'm saying to you is, yes, I found a flaw. I don't know how significant or permanent it is, but I've been very distressed by that fact.</i>

<i>- You found a flaw in the reality...(!!!???)</i>

<i>- Flaw in the model that I perceived is the critical functioning structure that defines how the world works, so to speak.</i>

<i>- In other words, you found that your view of the world, your ideology, was not right, it was not working? </i>

<i>- That is -- precisely. No, that's precisely the reason I was shocked, because I had been going for 40 years or more with very considerable evidence that it was working exceptionally well.</i></blockquote>

<b>In order to alleviate those economic woes wee need to create, as fast as possible, a new credit free currency that will solve the credit crunch and bring incremental jobs, consumption and investments to the present system.</b>

<a href="
Posted by Chrysippus 7 years ago
Agreeing with cody here, for once; both debaters are creating walls o' text; and good luck to the intrepid voter daring enough to peel and parse the meaning out of the mountain!

Oh, and Cody? It's been a while; I just wanted to say, that was a very fascist request on your part. :)
Posted by m93samman 7 years ago
@Belle "mouthful lol"

That's what she said
Posted by belle 7 years ago
i never said you said it would change his arguments (mouthful lol). it just seems like an irrelevant contingency on which to base your acceptance of the debate, arguments or character/time limits being the factors i believe to be relevant. since as far as i know there are no character or time conflicts for you arguments was the only factor left. i just hate it when people b*tch about grammar conventions that do little to facilitate understanding...
Posted by wjmelements 7 years ago
I think PRO only intended to advertise his website.
Posted by wjmelements 7 years ago
With Cody.
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