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Is a dog a better pet than a cat?

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Started: 10/7/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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This is a simple and unimportant topic to help me gain experience as a new user.

I will be supporting the idea of Dogs having an overall positive outcome for the owner, one that is considered better than an experience of owning a cat. It may be difficult to discuss this technically.

I don't care if you only accept or state your argument on round one.


I accept your debate,

I will be con and debate that cats are better pets to own in the household over owning a dog.

I will allow pro to present their argument first
Debate Round No. 1


Obviously as an owner of a dog, I am bias towards them, and the same will be true for all cat owners, so I will try to provide my facts objectively.

1-Humans and dogs share a very accompanied history. Dogs have been domesticated earlier and have had a much more varied and helpful synergistic relation to humans. Behaviorally looking at cats and dogs, dogs act more like companions than cats do. This is a result of a human-canine bond existing for a long time, meaning dogs are naturally more friendly to their owners. Most cat owners will admit their cat approaches their owners laissez-faire. They enjoy their own independence, and are prone to aggression quicker than dogs do.
This is a study comparing dogs and cats and their ability to communicate to humans. In the experiment, it proved dogs were able to alert their owners of their grievances, and to alert humans about important happenings. This is a very important skill lacked by cats.
3- Dogs have been incredibly beneficial to human society as a whole. Guide dogs are employed globally to assist those whom cannot assist themselves, unlike cats. Dogs are used by law enforcement agencies to detect contraband. They detect earthquake survivors.
4- Dogs can be easily taught by humans. It may only be simple tricks such as ,"sit" or "roll-over", but cats are not able to learn these nearly as easy as dogs.


As you say "dogs and humans share history" and also "dogs have been domesticated"
yet did you know that domesticated dogs cause higher percentages of harmful attacks than strays? Yes dogs have been used as mans so called 'best friend' and may be beneficial in many aspects of society, but dogs are also highly likely to attack without reason leading to harm and many times fatalities of their owners and strangers.
This argument presents the horrifying case in which a baby was savagely killed by his grandmother's terrier.

Cats do not maul innocent children, attack out of aggression or territorial responses, they will either purr as you pat them or walk away.

Dogs also contribute to a number of complaints in various communities due to barking, dogs are loud and this can be frightening for my people who do not like the animals. Dogs bark at other dogs, other animals and in my own neighbor hood when thunder or fireworks go off. Cats unlike dogs, do not receive complaints from neighbors, cats do not meow loudly enough for people to hear them 2 streets down, they are quiet and friendly, the only occasional meow is when they are hungry.

this file shows the many problematic situations placed upon society by dogs.

Although cats are not able to be used in a police force, cats are still beneficial. if you own a cat, every moth, earwig, cockroach, rat, mouse, spider and for Australian's possum, will be killed and removed as cats are nifty and do not need store bought toys to have fun. they rid the household of pests and enjoy themselves all at the same time.

Cats are easier to take care of than dogs as dog faeces needs to be cleaned up by the owner and is a tiring, smelly and messy job. cats on the other hand will go into your garden and dig a hole and bury their faeces, this shows that cats are far easier to take care of.
Debate Round No. 2


You bring up valid points, and to address your dog viciousness, but whenever a dog is hostile towards the owner, the dog is usually provoked by either mistreatment ( same case you linked to), or a mind-altering disease. These are environmental factors, and not a fault of a dog's nature. Cats are less likely to attack, because of the fact that dogs are better suited to fight than cats. Cats, however, are aggressive under similar circumstances. They commonplace scratch their owners, not very harmfully of course, but as a defense mechanism to alert the party opposed to the cat about the cat disliking the treatment. In the discussion about how dogs vs cats interact with their owners in regards to violence, Dogs are more capable of harm, but are less likely to attack.

You link to the many problematic situations upon society by dogs is not a url, but instead a direction to the png file within your computer. You may want to re-write it.

Being able to dismiss how Dogs assist the police, disaster rescue teams, guiding impaired humans, etc, as less important as the fact that cats are able to entertain themselves, is an arbitrary and probably unpopular argument. Your logic dictates that Dogs need store-bought toys to have fun, which is untrue. Cats have a useful, although not frequently used talent at home, killing vermin. Dogs are more versatile in home use, wholly. Being able to preform tricks, responding to commands, remembering and using knowledge give by the owners. Dogs are uncomfortable with strangers because the dogs are concerned for the owner's health.

The two points I cannot deny are:
Noise problems with dogs.
Feces upkeep.

But theses are incredibly small bonuses in the face of everything dogs have to offer, and everything I have described.


baiz forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I rest my argument.


baiz forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by TimeToTroll 2 years ago
It matters what type of person you are, what you want, how much money you have, and if you want to take Care instant walks outside or not.
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