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Is a game console the same as a PC

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Started: 4/13/2016 Category: Technology
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I was on youtube watching a video about PC gaming and obviously it started a console/PC flame war in the comments section. Someone in the comments stated that a console is the same as a PC. Someone else backed him up on the claim. I said it is a computing device but it certainly is not a PC. He also said that a console is a PC but a PC is not a console which makes absolutely no sense in my mind.

**EDIT** So I suppose everyone is in agreement that a game console is not a PC?


I stand that modern gaming console are the same as a PC with minor customization. The architecture is based on PC hardware with a slight twist, but the core feature and architecture are PC technology and therefore its the same as PC.

Anything before the 6th generation of gaming console (slightly before the millennial), it was a thing of its own.
Debate Round No. 1


So by that logic, a smart t.v. is a PC. A cable box is a PC. That's like saying that the computers that came before the PC are the same thing. Just because something is based off another thing does not make them the same. There are fundamental differences between the first computers used by the military and the modern PC, including design and purpose.
1. The design of a game console is completely different from the modern PC. Game consoles tend to use system on chip designs so all their components will fit the way they do.
2. The primary purpose of a console is to play games. Sure you can stream videos and listen to music but that makes it nothing more than a media center at best. There is a reason people still develop games on PC. You can't produce anything on a console.
So just because it uses the same technology as a PC, it does not make a game console equal a PC.


Greeting to you Con and glad to hear back from you along with your presented arguments. Since the rules of this debate was not define, I will respond with rebuttal and some explanative arguments

Components of Smart TV does not use PC architecture base technology and lacks many components that PC and gaming console has. First off most Smart TV uses ARM processors and not x86 processor like PC and ahem some Gaming Console [1][2]. This seems irrelevant to my statement of PC Technology with 6 gen gaming console.

I have no idea why con brought up "cable box". An electronic tuning device that transpose a analog RF signal as channel to analog TV.

My opponent claims there is FUNDAMENTAL difference between the purpose of computer to PC, but did not explain what these fundamentals are.

It seems that con did not even read what I wrote as my argument totally miss the time setting of 6th generation of gaming console along with PC technology of this define millennial epoch.

True that the fundamental design of a "Computer" is different from PC. This is a debate about PC and not computers. Con doesn"t understand the difference between computer and PC. So using "the first" computer as argument is irrelevant. Why?

1. The first computer was humans-beings and was a title to a formal occupation [3]. Nothing to do with PC aka "Personal Computer".

2. Original first modern computers is NOT a PC, but was a wall size electronic computing device consisting of relays, crystal diodes, vacuum tubes, capacitors, and resistors {4] that was later entitle the name of a computer.

3. PC original derived from "Desktop Personal Computer" and now into "Personal Computer" NOT computer that con speaks of.

Lastly about computer. Not only did con claim that there is a differences of fundamental purpose to a computer but does not understand the "fundamental" purpose to a computer which is:

"To compute logical calculation, to store, retrieve, execute, and process data." This holds the same fundamental purpose from the first computer (Human beings), retro computers(ENIAC), early PC(like Altair) and modern PC(x86/amd64), and ahem 6 generation Gaming Consoles.

Finally con did present some "relevant" argument in regard to this debate.

" The design of a game console is completely different from the modern PC "

Completely Different? Meaning is a complete absence of ANY similarity to PC and its design. On contrary I argue it is very similar.

What are main components of modern PC? Let me list some:
1. Case 2. Power supply 3. Motherboard 4. Rams 5. CPU 6. GPU (w/GDDR rams) 7. NIC / WLAN 8. HDD / SSD 9. Optical Drive (DVD, bluray, cd) 10. Input ports (USB) and output ports (DVI, HDMI, VGA), and Audio input and output.

Some components of Gaming Console
1. Case 2. Power supply 3. Motherboard 4. Rams (GDDR) 5. CPU with built in GPU 7. NIC / WLAN 8. HDD / SSD 9. Optical Drive (DvD, blurry, cd) 10. Input ports (USB / controller port) and output ports (DVI, HDMI), and Audio input and output.

" Game consoles tend to use system on chip designs so all their components will fit the way they do. "

First of IF component don"t fit together as they do, it is design is flawed and be a major problem. I hope doesn't TEND to fit together but I hope it DOES fit, no I really do :).

Are you implying PC component are NOT design to fit together the way they do? My PC, everything design to be compatible and fits together down to millimeters, if not less. How do I know that? Because I am using to post this? I am sure your PC or electronic device does to, now unless you're doing this from a Gaming Console!

"The primary purpose of a console is to play games."

I disagree.
Its PRIMARY purpose of a gaming console, like a PC and computer is to:

1. Compute calculations, retrieve and store data, and process data from an application on a media that happens to be preferred for games.
2. Is to kill time.
3. Is to be entertain while killing time.
4. To be purely entertain without the notion of killing time.
5.Support the Economy
somewhere along the line includes to play games. If you take out #1 and perish it from existence, Game console would make excellent door stopper.

"Sure you can stream videos and listen to music but that makes it nothing more than a media center at best."

At best? Really? Here is my argument to "AT BEST" you can install various kind of PC Operating System!
WHY? -> Because HOLY MOTHER OF HALO , "it"s a PC." Don"t believe me? Here is how to do it:

Linux OS on Xbox + instructions

Window XP on PS3 + instructions

Now this really gets me thinking about whether a 6 gen gaming console is a whole new breed electro specides as con preaches. I thinks it quite obvious that the reality is "a very Shy and Bashful PC, wearing a gaming mask".

Looking forward to your response and arguments. Good Luck.

Debate Round No. 2


rellimac forfeited this round.


So to summarize, a Gaming Console anything that before the generation were thing of its own. The early millennial of the gaming industry took a transition to utilize 128bit graphics processing. These technology were also adapted into Gaming Consoles and throughout the years has become basically PC.

A PC is not the traditional computer from the early days before the 60's and 70's but PC are derived from computing innovation that became formally known as 'Desktop Personal Computer' where these were these were newly using microcomputers running microprocessors like we have been using.

I did a comparison of basic components of PC and to Gaming Console and argue there was no difference and using the same technology and components.

I presented many reference and hows to that take 6th Gaming Console and can be install PC OS and have Game Console run just like a PC. My last argument I closed the Gaming Consoles are PC in disguise. Con forfeit the debate, so I will continue with references on why Gaming Console are the same as PC.

1. Xbox is Gaming Console made under microsoft and is a PC in disguised.

2. Xbox one and Sony Playstation 4 is using AMD Jaguar PC processors family

3. Playstation OS is a modded from common PC os system know as FreeBSD, a free version of Unix OS.

4. To concluded my argument that because Gaming Console is so PC'ish, Microsoft has speculated into a Gaming Console into window 10 and be even more of a modular PC.

My opponent did not provide any sort of reference in this debate and with 1 forfeit. I have rebutted my opponents arguments to why modern Gaming Console are PC with a slight difference and made effort explanations. I think Pro should be voted on.
Debate Round No. 3
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