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Is abortion morally permitted?

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Started: 12/10/2016 Category: Politics
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I'm new to this site but I've always enjoyed a good debate just as a mental exercise. Usually I have no strong convictions either way as I often find myself flip flopping on some topics over time. I'm writing about abortion as I have given this issue significant thought over the years, and I've "flip flopped" on it more than once.

I find myself at the point where I feel I have analyzed this issue thoroughly and though careful reasoning I've concluded that it's extremely difficult to formulate any logical basis or framework to justify abortion in ethical or moral terms. But even now I still find myself conflicted so I'm looking for good honest and open debates with the people on the pro-choice side to see if they can identify the flaws in my logic and reasoning.

So far this debate has been open for several days and no one has accepted the challenge. Is this because I'm a new joiner to the site and there's no benefit for one of the established members to debate a newbie? Or are there really no pro-choice people on a website named DEBATE.ORG?!


I would like to thank my opponent for his time and I believe that your stance is that abortion should not be legalized. I will thus argue against that.
1) A fetus is considered dead, it is unconscious, and cannot perceive anything, thus it is a fact that abortion is not legitimately murder.
2) If I were to say that someone were raped, why should someone live with a child and be reminded everyday of the traumatic events that occurred to her?
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Posted by JoeYYC 1 year ago
That's a fair comment in a very literal sense I suppose.

1. However this line of reasoning is really just an example of applying First Order Logic to support the premise. First Order Logic is one of the basic tenets of logical reasoning and is widely accepted as valid.

2. I did establish earlier that a large part of my argument of the will be based on the definition of the fetus. Bit I don't see why that framework wouldn't be considered as a reasonable approach one could use, and that if the question of "is fetus a person yes/no?" is answered, then at a minimum will provide a compelling argument to the large question being debated.

3. This is also o ,t Round 1 of the debate, and I did say I would be happy to debate the matter where my opponent may not accept my underlying thesis;

A: All persons have rights so willfull termination if their lives is wrong.
B: A fetus eithe IS or IS NOT a person.
C: If fetus is a person, then by A being a fact, killing a Fetus would also be wrong - thus abortion should be illegal.

So perhaps the basis for my argument does primarily rely on, what perhaps you rightly point out could arguably be the official topic/question being debated, sure I would accept that, and I would have no problem that when asked my thoughts on abortion that a better way for me to answer is "my phylisophical approach to the matter relies on instead asking "is the fetus a person", and then using the principle of First Order Logic that by extension I now have an argument for or against abortion, BUT I don't see a significant or inherent flaw to this line of reasoning. However it could be raised in a counter argument that my premise could be weakened as it does rely on acceptance of a different notion being debated, but I do think the vast majority of people would agree with the linkage I'm making, and my debate opponents is free to raise counters arguments to this assumption which does weaken and is an additional possinlm flaw to my whole argum
Posted by rzentmayer 1 year ago
Is your arguement more "Should abortion be legal" or "Is a fetus a person"
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