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Is being realistic important in modern games?

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Started: 3/22/2015 Category: Games
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I believe that being realistic is not important in modern based games due to the fact that many will disregard this when looking at overall gameplay. I would rather play an unrealistic fun game than one the other way round, and i am sure many agree.


Constructive Case
Of course it is important for modern video games to be realistic. Games without any realism would not sell very well.
For example, if bullets flew the wrong direction in call of duty, it would be a poor game. No one wants to kill themselves over and over again in a game. Counter strike has sold well because it is realistic [].

Con claims that overall gameplay is more important. This would be a valid point. However, realism is a direct and key factor which determines whether gameplay is good or bad.

I have made a case, backed it up with a source and rebutted my opponents.
Debate Round No. 1


This is a valid point however there are many exceptions.
As in the game call of duty 2 ( Based on a modern period ) there are many unrealistic factors and it has still managed to be one of the highest selling console first person shooters in the world. For instance the trickshotting mechanic.

If you are unaware there is a huge community where players and youtubers ( e.g. Rain ) compete to spin, switch guns and shoot from the hip mid-air, seemingly impossible in real life. However this has attracted a huge part of the gaming community and shows gameplay thrives. This also seems to be the case with almost instant regeneration of health after being shot less than a minute ago, this is unrealistic but it helps make the game easier and more attracting to play.

Thank you for the debate so far. I also play counter-strike currently, it is a good game.


Thanks Pro!

It's important, first, to fully clarify the resolution: Is being realistic important in modern games? One way of negating this, would be showing that no realism would still make a good game. This is what Con attempts to do.
Despite this, Con's point is actually affirming the resolution, I'll explain by deconstructing Con's argument.
P1: Call of Duty 2 is unrealistic.
P2: Call of Duty 2 sold well, because it was unrealistic.
C1: Realism is not important in video games.
The problem arises in P1, which asserts that Call of Duty 2 is objectively unrealistic, despite predominantly containing realistic mechanics (this is evident from a brief description of it's gameplay []. Some example of realistic gameplay mechanics would be gravity, the laws of cause and effect and time. A game without any of these things would not function at all, as these mechanics are imperative when developing an enjoyable and functional game. Thus, they are important.
Resolution affirmed.

Over to you, Con!
Debate Round No. 2


bensmith396 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


bensmith396 forfeited this round.


GG. Vote Pro!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by BarbieSoFetch 3 years ago
Okay, take Minecraft as an example. Do you think witches are real and that water can create a huge river from an elevating block? No, but the game has been out for several years and it's still selling. The game defies gravity and the law of physics. The game is more illogical than rational. You can't make glass from sand and survive from huge drops. Plus, Call of Duty makes billions of dollars! AW has stuff that doesn't apply to reality. You can't double jump in real life from suits. Also, take a look at the maps and MODS. There is no way someone could go invisible or that there would be exo-zombies at the most. GTA5 has make so much money and you are able to run over someones head twice and they'd survive. Compare Minecraft and GTA5, MC is so illogical and GTA5 has more logical than most released games but they still sell. And in COD, it's not rare for someone to be shot with a bullet that has no realistic way of killing you. Especially the across the maps or simple tomahawks. Someone can die from a tomahawk to the foot! Come on!
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's rebuttal in R2 destroyed con's case, and con forfeited afterward. Thus, pro wins.