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Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

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Started: 11/7/2012 Category: Health
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hello and thank you for joining this debate whoever you are.

I would like to start this off with these points

-breakfast makes you energized
-breakfast helps you focus
-breakfast determines what you eat throughout the day
-breakfast influences body fat.


Yes, i do believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast can make you more energized throughout the day, healthy as in bagels, whole wheat bread/cereal (Cheerios). One main reason eating breakfast is a must is, if you dont eat breakfast, you have gone at least 18 hours without eating (from dinner to your sleeping time to lunch). This leads on to my next point, breakfast makes you focus. Put yourselves into a persons shoes who has not eaten breakfast. How would you feel? You would feel hungry or tired. You won't be able to focus as much as if you had eaten a breakfast. This then leads you to make rash decisions and just to the fact that you will have a bad day. If you have a bad day, then you will go eat. It is a proven fact that if you are sad, you will automatically reach for a cheeseburger or "soul food". In other words fatty food. Food that can clog arteries and cause cancer. Think about it, all of this could have been prevented if you had just eaten a good breakfast.

All of these links prove what you are saying wrong.

Your first point is that breakfast makes you energized.( If 31 million Americans skip breakfast every day then its effects do not mean much.
More people skip breakfast than any other meal and the most skipped meal is really unlikely to be the best.

Your next point states that breakfast helps you focus. You give no reason why skipping breakfast is any different from skipping lunch or dinner making this point invalid.

You say that breakfast determines what you eat throughout the day. You again have nothing to support this. This is invalid until you can find proof.

You say that breakfast influences body fat. Eating influences body fat. This is not just unique to breakfast.

Contention 1: 31 million Americans do not eat breakfast. The most important meal of the day getting skipped by more than 10% of the population. I really do not think that this is the best meal if it is skipped so often.

Contention 2: Big breakfasts make you fat.( This goes with his point about how breakfast influences weight gain. At a time such as this gaining weight is not good for our society. This is more a early rebuttal.

Contention 3:( Breakfast is the smallest meal and the most important mean should be the largest.
Debate Round No. 1


[content removed by moderator]


My opponent does not attack any of my arguments. He does not defend any of his. I believe that this is an incredibly easy con and report pro for profane remarks.
Debate Round No. 2


Im sorry. He says that eating breakfast is no different from eating lunch. It is different, the difference is your missing 16 hours of energy and food. He also says that it is bad for debate if i use profane language. i did not.

[content modified by moderator]


My opponent gives nothing to attack any of my points. My opponent has dropped all contentions in he second round when he cursed me out.(LOL) He defends his third and fourth with no proof in the next round. My response to his argument is that it is the most skipped meal and is the smallest. Obviously food is needed to live but it is no more important than dinner or lunch.
Debate Round No. 3


Ok, lets put the "mini debate" behind us. I would like to say that taking advantage of your opponent when he cannot answer is bad for debate. That is topicality therefore i win on that. As for my points, i cannot stress enough, breakfast is the first meal of the day, it is what determines what you will do (I will go onto that in a little bit). The reason that breakfast is more important than lunch or dinner is because if you dont eat breakfast you skipped 16 hours of food. You will have no energy. If you skip lunch but eat a breakfast you only skip 8. The last time I checked 16 is greater than 8.

Now onto my points about breakfast affecting what you do. The logic behind skipping breakfast will make you fat is, if you dont eat breakfast you will hungry, now ask yourself this, when you're hungry how many times have you thought, "oh, im going to eat a healthy snack" only a few people will say that. Most people will just reach for a bag of potatoe chips and sit on the couch. All of these lead to obesity. Now onto my point about breakfast making you alert and doing better. When you are hungry it is common sense that you will not do as well when you are full. There is my arguement, you cannot debate that, and if you do it is invalid.

Now i am going to answer your points. When you say that over 10% of the population does not eat breakfast, this is exactly why america is one of the most unhealthy countries in the world. It has the most death rate for obesity and diabetes. Onto your point about BIG breakfast making you fat, i said nothing about BIG breakfasts, i am talking about healthy breakfasts. This leads me onto your point about the most important meal being the largest, first this is completely irrevelant, just because a meal is big does not mean it is the most important. Adding onto that argument, you get your source from a blog, that is not a credible source and anyone can post there. Therefore you should vote for me there. Im going to go onto your arguement about any food affecting fat. Yes any meal can affect fat, but breakfast is the meal that makes the biggest influence/impact. You also say that if the most skipped meal is the least important. That is also an irrevelant statement and probably you just made that up as an analytic. There are many reasons why breakfast might be skipped. The person might be to rushed he does not have time, or he just does not like to eat in the morning.


I was not taking advantage of you. You cursed me out and got punished for it. Next, I will say to use sources because all that you say is theory and opinions only matter if someone is an expert on the subject.
I will move on to the debate now.
You must provide proof that not eating breakfast makes you fat. Eating less does not make you fat by any means.

To your point about skipping lunch or dinner only 8 hours lost and skipping breakfast having 16 hours without eating is simply not true. I am assuming breakfast is a 6:00 and lunch at 12:00 and dinner at around 8:00. Skipping breakfast is 16 hours as you said. Skipping lunch is 14 hours and skipping dinner is 18 hours without eating. By your logic Dinner is the most important mean of the day.

Your next point says that everyone who eats breakfasts are unhealthy slobs. This is personal choice and has nothing to do with whether you eat breakfast or not.( People eat the same no matter how large the breakfast.

You next say that people who are full do better than people who do not eat. I am not arguing that eating is bad and that people should starve themselves. I am saying that breakfast is not the most important meal.
"There is my arguement, you cannot debate that, and if you do it is invalid." This is If you think this go away.

My first point is that many people skip breakfast and you rebut this by saying this is why America is full of fat people.
( Britan does it too but even more than the Unites States.

2: "that the only thing a big breakfast does is lard on more pounds. No matter how many calories are consumed in the morning, people eat the same size lunch and dinner " and that adds up to more total calories when the breakfast is big, according to the study, which was published in the Nutrition Journal." ( My point still stands. We could lose a few fattys in this world.

3: The most important meal is the largest. You have nothing to refute my source so it still stands.
Debate Round No. 4


Ok once again I would like to point out that all of your points are invalid. I am not going to answer some of them due to pure repetitiveness, i am going to let the audience decide. First, you keep saying that just because the meal is big it is important, i keep stressing that that is not the case, i can make snack time my biggest meal, i can eat 3 bags of potato chips and down 5 6-packs. Does that make snack time the most important meal?

I would also like to rebutt your statement on the time frames. I am sorry to say but i believe your times are way off. First counting dinner when you dont eat lunch is cheating. I am talking about the time between dinner and breakfast to dinner and lunch. You cant just count breakfast to dinner.

The reason i am saying that you cannot argue with one point is because if you argue you are saying that you feel better when you are starving than when you are full. I mean if you want to waste time arguing that sure but i would not suggest it.

Next you say that britain skips breakfast, britain also has fat people/ unhealthy people.

Also i did not say people who dont eat breakfast are unhealthy slobs. Rewording my words is not fair for debate. Yes, i know it is a personal choise but it is a deadly one.

I would like to end this speach by thanking my partner and dealing with my temper tantrum in the middle of this debate.

I truly enjoyed debating with you,


I will just say why i won this debate or in fancy terms use voters. He does not defend his first point about not eating breakfast making you fat. I have support saying that you eat the same no matter what you have for breakfast giving that point to me.(old evidence

He states in his second point that skipping breakfast has a bigger effect than skipping any other meal. He does not defend this and says that skipping meals in general is bad. "You cant just count breakfast to dinner." Then you cannot count dinner to lunch like you have been.

You have no proof that not eating breakfast correlates to people getting fat and as I have proof stating otherwise I win his point.

My first point says that massive amount of people skip breakfast. You say that everybody is a fat slob and give nothing to base it off of. Not anywhere near this amount skip lunch or dinner each day.

He does not attack my second point so that still stands strong.

My third point is that eating small amounts of food does not make something the most important meal. On a side note if you just eat potato chips and soda that is not even a meal. I pretty much drop this argument but as I have won all others vote for con.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by MilesSilvagni 5 years ago
Dear god, I love this website.
Posted by baseballkid 5 years ago
Best response ever LOL.
Posted by island 5 years ago
Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. The most important meal of the day is Dinner, because you can not sleep without eating. This is why the children in Africa that have no homes eat there rice at night.
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