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Is chess underplayed?

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Started: 7/31/2013 Category: Arts
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I am a huge chess fan and have played over 10,000 chess games on different sites. I believe that chess is underplayed in the U.S and other countries. Russia takes chess super seriously and it is one of their largest competitions. So do you believe that chess is underplayed?


This is my first debate and so far most of the 'Round Ones' I have seen tend to be dedicated to mere acceptance. I'd rather dive right in if it pleases my opponent.

I do accept the challenge and assert the following:
Chess is not underplayed (in the U.S and other countries). The parenthetical refers to your original position in full.

Opening statement:
I completely understand the sentiment of my opponent. When we think of chess, we think of Russian dominance and relative American obscurity (save celebrities such as Bobby Fischer). There is also a certain romanticism that comes with chess. It certainly is a game of antiquity, boards and pieces oftentimes a work of precision craftsmanship, and mastery only possible by those with keen spatial and mathematical abilities. We revere it and respect it; and the good news is that it is wildly popular and gaining ground worldwide!

The website, which itself boasts over 474,400 members, claims that there are over 200 million individuals playing chess on the Internet(1) today. Furthermore, the World Chess Federation (FIDE), which hosts the annual Chess Olympiad indicates that growth has increased from 16 participating countries in 1927 to 133 participating countries in 2006 (2). When it comes to chess grandmasters, there is no competition with Russia, which has nearly 160 grandmasters. However, it is important to note that the US is only third on that same list with a total of 60 grandmasters (behind Germany's 61 (3)...damned Germans).

Since your topic doesn't specifically preclude other countries (and in fact includes them, to wit: Russia), it is clear to see that chess is played regularly, en masse, and is only rising in popularity. Therefore, I reaffirm my position that chess is not underplayed.

Debate Round No. 1


Chess in clubs, and chess in tournaments held by FIDE and USCF. Those are places that are rare....
I have been all across America and tournaments are very scarce.... Clubs are rare and most schools don't even have chess as an extra curricular activity.


It seems that our repartee is taking on a slightly different form than I had anticipated. Do you have any evidence for your claims or is it just intuition?

Alabama alone has 18 chess clubs (1)...if that isn't enough to convince you that chess is not underplayed, I don't know what will.

The same source shows 90 pages listing clubs in New York, many of which are run through the local PS system. Chess is everywhere!

I reaffirm my position that chess is most certainly not underplayed and implore my opponent to produce quantitative evidence to support his thesis. Furthermore, I request clarification on the initial topic as this appears to have drifted solely to the US, whereas the initial claim does not make such specific mention.

Debate Round No. 2


Europe is really in to chess. America lacks a lot of chess.... Especially Arizona.... Chess is going to keep disappearing more and more due to the electronic rise... Most of northern Arizona lacks chess clubs and tournaments....


I fear my opponent isn't even trying anymore. Pro's argument has devolved from 'Chess is underplayed' to 'Chess is underplayed in the US' to 'Chess is underplayed in Arizona' to 'Chess is underplayed in northern Arizona. See my previously noted source to view 25 pages containing contact information for no fewer than 200 chess clubs throughout Arizona (1).

I once again reaffirm: chess is not underplayed. It isn't underplayed in Arizona, the US, or Europe (as you so kindly pointed out).

Debate Round No. 3


I cancel the debate!


I contend that you are a cheese-eating surrender monkey!
Debate Round No. 4


Yes lol. Good cons you have there buddy!


Thanks. That was fun. Forced me to learn a lot about chess, which was pretty cool. I still maintain it is not underplayed, but it's the kind of thing we should continue to introduce to kids as early as possible. See you around.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by KMKelleher 5 years ago
Totally agree! The measure of a good chess player seems to be how quickly they can make the right moves, but I really enjoy playing against friends without worrying about the clock.
Posted by frio937 5 years ago
Chess seems to be played in private more then you would expect. Nothing is better then sitting down with someone and playing a game of chess. When your not really trying to win and having a casual game its a bonding experience mixed with a brain exercise. When I argue chess is underplayed its by me..I am only down to one match a week. It saddens me.
Posted by johnlubba 5 years ago
GeorgeBlackChess, you should approach Dakotakrafic for a debate about Chess, he seems to love them.
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