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"Is coeducation a psychologicallly healthier learning environment in institutions ?"

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Started: 1/20/2016 Category: Education
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Many parents say that coeducational institutions are not fit to make the career of their kids as they may get distracted or is it just a misconception where the social life wins against the old mythical belief.


I am Sugat Shanker and I accept the challenge .
Recall what co-education means- Co-education is a system of education where males and females are educated together. Coeducation allows males and females of all ages to become more prepared for real-world situations, whereas a student that is only familiar with a single-sex setting could be less prepared, nervous, or uneasy. In classes that are separated by gender, male and female students work and learn on the same level as their peers, the stereotypical mentality of the teacher is removed, and girls are likely to have less confidence in the classroom than they would in a coeducational class. In co-ed, you can be well accustomed to the real life scenario where there will not only be the boys (or the girls) only and they can become well prepared. As you said,"Many parents say that coeducational institutions are not fit to make the career of their kids as they may get distracted". But I strongly defend my point that it is up to the students that whether they get distracted, there is an old proverb that "There is not even a trace of poison in sandalwood tree, although the snakes keep coiled around it". As in the real life, the student decide whether they have to get distracted or not. With these arguments, I end my debate. I hope you may find it convincing for you.
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Posted by I_am_Spartacus 2 years ago
I don't think coeducational is a good thing but I can't argue it in just one round obviously
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