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Is communism a good idealogy for a society.

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Started: 3/11/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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( Sorry for bad grammar )

Communist would be a good idealogy if followed correctly. If the governement would not take the money that come from the communist system ( Erm erm Stalin Erm Erm ), communist could make a third world country the world power. Why ?

1. The money recolted by communist can easily be used to upgrade ministers ( Any ), for exemple, lets take Cuba, which we remember is far from being communist, have some of the bests doctors the word have. Before Fidel Castro came in power, must cuba was illiterate but now have a proper education.

2. All person in the country could easily have healt care, which is something we do not see in, for exemple, capitalist societies with a bunch of sick homeless in the streets.

3. People in the jobs will be real passionate and not only some that come for high income.

The peoples live would also highly upgrade with the 1st point, without having people work in bad conditions without complaining to not be fired, no longer have thousands of people in the street dying, starvation and ect ... would only happen by the people fault of spending their's money on bad places ( Drugs, alcohol ect ... ) and not them not having a accurate education/not finding any job.

Note : North korea IS NOT communist, Cuba and the URSS was not ' totally ' communist.



My opponents opening argument demonstrates a clear misunderstanding as to what communism is- communism is a political and economic system in which all property is owned by the state, the state controls the means of production, and individuals are prohibited from buying and selling freely.

So, enable for my opponent to prove what he claimed in Round 1, he must prove that the Government taking control of the education system would make it better, that by the State usurping the health care system, it would make health care system more efficient and capable of accommodating more people, and that removing the profit incentive for picking a career would be a good thing.

On the contrary, it has been suffiuciently demonstrated by the operation of Military Hospitals and the failure of Obamacare that a Government ran health care system is less efficient
and is capable of accomidating less people than a free market healthcare system.
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Posted by ninjakitty97 1 year ago
Oops, it looks like someone accepted as I was typing that, haha.
Posted by ninjakitty97 1 year ago
Before I decide whether to accept, could you please give your definition of communism? Thank you.
Posted by thebestdebate 1 year ago
Are we talking in terms of pure idealism or literalism?
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