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Is education necessary for people's future lives

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Started: 1/23/2015 Category: Education
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Education is necessary for the outcome of students. Education provides knowledge, support and insight on the world to come. Knowledge is a gift, one that you can't get off the streets. Most every job requires a multitude of knowledge on many subjects. Support, or encouragement, pushes people to work harder, give it their all, and be persistent. All of these are used to get higher up in a job. One's future doesn't come at them like a sledgehammer. It comes slowly, with much time to consider. Education gives the insight of the world that they will soon enter


I accept your challenge.

Education is probably one of the most debatable subjects there is. Let's review what we know. Education has helped, some not all, forge a path down the road of job opportunities. But is education a necessity for the future?

I will be inferring that "education for people's future lives" means college education, which has the biggest effect on the outcome of people and their jobs. College education becomes increasingly more money, and some people who have big ambitions, can't afford what they think is a necessity.

People in the past, such as Bill Gates, have not needed a college education to succeed in life. He also did not have some sort of magical gift that granted him that success. Bill Gates MADE his success by hard work and determination almost comparable to the most stubborn of donkeys. The sky is the limit when you have an idea and you want nothing more than to make it reality. Education is learning, but ambition is an entirely different thing that can make the best out of the most unlikely circumstances.

Concluding Statement - Ambition can overcome the necessity of education, when the determination is at maximum.
Debate Round No. 1


Again, sorry for this terrible debate topic.

As you said, Bill Gates and many others achieved much without education, and look at what they've done. Amazing. Think about what they would've acomplished if they HAD went to college. Higher education breaks the barrier between 100% and 110%.


Counter Argument ensuing....

College wasn't the right place for Bill's mind. But we are off topic now, let's start focusing on the bigger picture, all people.
True college is a tool to be used that helps us find our way in adulthood, but if you have ideas and motivation, there is no need. With the right ideals and determination, money could be better spent on starting a business that could grow into something beautiful. College now a days is all about getting the diploma that looks pretty to employers. Many of the creative and idea forming types, aren't very good at being employees and want to be in charge of themselves. Not going to college and pursuing their passion enables them to do whatever they want! Where do all great businesses start? In the land of no restraints and boundaries.

I make the argument that higher education is NOT a necessity!
  • Intrinsic motivation is all it takes to follow your dreams and make your own success.
  • Sure you got a Stanford diploma, but is this a predictor for ultimate success in your life? No.
  • All over the world, college is becoming more than just a means of education to better yourself, it is becoming a novelty, a piece of paper that is so desperately craved by people who want to look good to employers.
Whether you are big or small, intelligent or not intelligent, you can make your own success without the validation or "seal of approval" from a college. Choose the way you want to live your life. College is not a necessity, and success is purely decided based on your actions.
Debate Round No. 2


SofaKitchen forfeited this round.


I win it's all over now. Good luck Sofa Kitchen!
Debate Round No. 3
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