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Is evolution a threat to Christianity?

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Started: 9/3/2013 Category: Philosophy
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First of all, I have no strong views of evolution, I am in the middle between progressive creationism, and theistic evolution. Now, first what we have to look at is the genre of which genesis one was written. I don't think it was meant to be taken literally. I don't believe in a literal six day creation. It is a fact that the earth is 4.6 billion years old. However, just because the earth is old, doesn't prove the Darwinian theory. The term evolution can mean many things. Let's look at some of these.

Decent with Modification: This is obviously a fact, we are descended from our parents with modification.

Natural Selection: I am quite skeptical about this. To say that natural selection operating on random mutations can produce all of the complexity and diversity of life seems to me unlikely. However, we can see micro-evolution happening today through selection. But this doesn't prove macro-evolution by natural selection.

Common Ancestry: This is to say that all living organisms are related to one another, and all share a common ancestor. I see no compelling evidence for this. The only strong piece of evidence for this is DNA. The fact that the DNA is common among species. This is strong, however, not compelling. We could say that God used the same divine plan to create all living things. To give an analogy, a Honda, and a Toyota share a similar engine. This means that they used the same plan to make them, it doesn't mean the Toyota evolved from the Honda.

In conclusion, evolution is not a threat to Christianity.


First of all I would like to start my point with a quote from you "I don't think it was meant to be taken literally." You don"t think? You are making an assumption from the bible that has been translated over and over again, the bible has been edited and re edited that the content means less, and the content lost in translation.Is it safe to make assumptions from the bible?

You then account the flawed logic of the bible, by saying you dont think it was supposed to be taken "Literally?" How do you know? " Better yet why do you think that? Because the bible was wrong. Earth wasn"t made in 6 days, No it took millions of years till plant earth was even habitable. Earth is older then the human race, only the smallest of bacteria could of lived on earth during its younger years. Therefore you must change your perception towards the words written on the bible, for it to make more sense scientifically.

Evolution poses a threat to Christianity, for it goes against everything Christianity believes in. Evolution is a threat that goes to the very heart of Christian teaching. Evolution means that the creation accounts in the first two chapters of Genesis are wrong. That's not how humans came into being, or the cattle, or the creeping things, or the beasts of the earth, nor the fowl of the air. Evolution could not have produced a single mother and father of all future humans" "Common ancestry" and in conclusion that contradicts the entire story of Adam and Eve. Therefore with no Adam and Eve, you have no fall. No fall: no need for redemption. No need for redemption: no need for a redeemer. No need for a redeemer: no need for the crucifixion or the resurrection of Jesus Christ and no need to believe in that redeemer in order to gain eternal life. Therefore if you add it all up, if evolution is true (which it is) it gives us as the human race not the slightest reason to believe in eternal life and god in the first place. In conclusion Evolution contradicts the bible, and in doing so attacks Christianity thus posing a threat to Christianity.
Debate Round No. 1


The reason I believe that genesis wasn't meant to be taken literally, is because the genre of the text. There are many things in genesis that are clearly metaphorical. Such as when it says in that day when God created heaven and earth. There, it is referring to the creation week in one day. Which is a metaphor. Also, even if evolution were the way God created life, it wouldn't change the existence of Adam and Eve. I believe that if God used evolution, Adam and Eve would have had hominid decedents. I also said that I am undecided on evolution. My opponent gave no reason to think that common ancestry is even true.


Julios124 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by sweetbreeze 5 years ago
Well done, Con!
Posted by tala00131 5 years ago
I already said I have no opinion on evolution. I am in between progressive creationism and theistic evolution. Either one is acceptable in my world view. And common ancestry hasn't been proved. If you think I'm wrong accept the challenge.
Posted by Rational_Thinker9119 5 years ago
Common ancestry and "macroevolution" has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. That doesn't mean Christianity is harmed though.....So, I won't accept this debate, even though your arguments for not accepting evolution completely are flawed.
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