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Is feminism a force for good in America?

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Started: 6/20/2016 Category: Society
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Full resolution: In America, is modern feminism and social justice a force for good in America?

1) DO NOT accept this debate if you will just argue that feminism is just for gender equality.
2) No trolling, semantics, kritkiks, and so on
3) Follow the structure
4) Jf you must forfeit, let us know beforehand
5) Only accept if you will won't quit after a round or two
6) In round 1, five a one sentence arguement explaining your side
7) BoP is shared

Round 1: A one sentence argument and acceptance
Round 2: Arguments only
Round 3: Rebuttals
Round 4: Counter-Arguements and rebuttals
Round 5: Conclusion

My one sentence argument: I believe that in America, modern feminism has devolved into an anti-men group that tries to censor others opinions, attacks minor things, and believes females deserve special privileges.

Good Luck!


I accept.

One sentence argument:
While great strides toward equality have taken place in America's recent history, gender inequality still persists in everyday American life, and feminism serves to both name and solve these critical problemsthereby contributing to a more moral, rational, and productive American future.

Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting! Before I begin, I would like to say that I am writing my arguments on a mobile device, so please excuse small spelling errors; my spell check is terrible.

As I stated before, I believe that many 3rd wave feminists have corrupted the movement and have turned it into an anti-men group, who can't take criticism, and who can't make logical arguments. I will show many examples of this, and I will rebut some common feminist myths, and I will cite some videos explaining my points further.

I will start by rebutting 2 feminist myths: We live in a, "Rape culture", and Women earn 77$ for every 100$ a man makes.

Wage Gap:
Nearly every person in America has heard the line: "Women earn 77 cents on the dollar a man makes." While this has an element of truth, it mistakes "earn" and "pay". Yes, there is a difference. Men earn more then women because they work longer hours, they take higher paying jobs, they are more aggressive when asking for wages and promotions, they take fewer long breaks and vacation from their jobs, and they are usually higher up in the company. What does this mean? Men will earn more then women. Plus, there already was a law passed called the Equal Pay Act of 1964 which made it illegal to pay a man more for the exact same work.

Rape Culture:
Another common feminist claim, "We live in a culture that celebrates and protects rapists." Some of their evidence is that we trivialize rape, we blame the victim for being assaulted, and that rape isn't taken seriously. I found that on geekfeminismwiki (Link below). First off, when we trivialize rape; for example, when we make rape jokes. That is silly. First, just because you make a joke about a bad thing, you aren't trivializing said thing, you are using humor to show the absurdity of the crime. That is what good humor is. Anyway, when you make murder joke, we don't say that is murder culture, we laugh and don't really thing about the joke, or if it is a good joke, it really makes you think just how bad murder really is. Also, there are feminists who believe rape is when you withdraw consent the next day, that there is "Stare Rape", and this Next, people don't blame the victim, but they do say that the victim could of reduced the risk of being assaulted. For example, if you say online you are going on vacation, you leave your door unlocked, and you leave your valuables in clear view, you really can't be surprised when you get home and all your stuff is gone. Yes, it wasn't your fault you got robbed, but you could of reduced your chances of being robbed. The same goes for rape. That hardly proves a rape culture. Finally, feminists say that rape isn't taken seriously, and that few convictions ever happen. First, if rape isn't taken seriously, then why is the mere accusation of rape enough to ruin someone's life? Look at all the false rape cases, many of the accused were treated as guilty until proven innocent. That hardly seems like a culture that celebrates rape and doesn't take rape seriously. Below, I will include several videos about Rape Culture.

Why would I bring this up? Well, some feminists will propose ideas to eliminate the earnings gap and to get rid of rape culture. For example, some feminists believe we should pay women more then men just because they are women. Some feminists also believe we should believe all accusers of rape, which would mean we convict innocent people of rape. Both of those proposals are morally wrong and discriminatory, which proves my point.

Now I will point out some of the dumb, anti majority ideas SJWs put forward, and how they complain over tiny things.

First off, these people can't take criticism.

Like this feminist, who believes criticising feminism should be illegal!

Or when conservatives like Milo Yiannopoulos come to speak at universities and SJWs dissrupt theses events with ZERO consequences. Plus, they demand the college president resign and apologise for allowing a person with a different opinion to speak. And somehow, colleges actually agreee to that! They also support things like trigger warnings and political correctness, and demand apologies when someone is politically incorrect. You may be thinking, "What's wrong with that? If someone says something like I hate all black people, they should apologize for that." No, SJWs want apologies for not including Hindu terms in a political correctness guide. That is absurd. Even worse, they demand colleges adopt their special speech codes. Again, the colleges actually agree to that! Trampling over 1st amendment rights is easily the worst part of modern feminism and social justice.
In this above link, it talks about how a conservative pundit couldn't speak at a college due to a lack of security. That, and with events at other universities, like DePaul, shows that SJWs will get violent to oppose different viewpoints.

Another problem with social justice and feminism is how they ignore men's issues entirely. Instead, they bash men, mostly straight white men, and say they have privileges and they are oppressors. SJWs justify sexism and racism by saying they are not white or men, so they can be sexist and racist as they are "oppressed", and white men are the oppressors. That is ludicrous. From another debate of mine, here are a list of female privileges:

1) Women are the gender that is automatically assumed custody of kids in divorce cases, and in order for fathers to get custody, they have to prove the mother is unfit for raising kids. [8]
2) Women have the privilege of being sentenced to jail less for the same crime. [4]
3) Women get sentenced to less prison time for the same crime. [4]
4) When a women claims to be raped, it is taken seriously and the alleged rapist is guilty until proven innocent.
5) Women have the social privilege of having "Women's Days" at resturants where they get food for reduced prices or for free.
6) Women have the privilege of having circumcision being illegal for them.
7) Women have the social privilege of having people help them when they are being abused in public.
8) Women can get an abortion without the fathers consent, even if he wants the kid.
9) Women can have a kid, even if the father doesn't want it, and then he has to pay child support.
10) If a women rapes a man/kid, she can sue them for child support. [5]
11) The courts can order a man who isn't the biological father of a kid to pay child support.
12) Women have tons of affirmative action in their favor that men don't have.
13) Despite men being the victims of 40-60% of domestic violence, there are nearly 0 shelters for them, and when a man reports it, they are not taken seriously. [6]
14) Women have the privilege of living longer then men.
15) Women are the preferred gender for social programs.
16) Women are less likely to be raped, assaulted, and murdered then men. [7]
17) Women are less likely to be homeless.
18) Women have the privilege of having quotas for them.
19) Women have the privilege of having a school system designed just for them.
20) People actually believe that women can't be sexist.
21) Women pay less to social security yet still claim more money.
22) Cancers that only affect women are taken more seriously then cancers that effect both genders.
23) Women have the privilege of not being labeled as creepy when they have an obsession with a man or when they play with kids.
24) There is a pro-women, anti-men movement that is taken seriously by the government.
25) Women have the privilege of it being normal for their gender to not work.
26) Women have the privilege of not having to do manual labor.
27) Women have lower standards in order for them to join the military, police, fire department, and so on.
28) Women's feelings are taken seriously.
29) Women are always the "good guys" on tv and in real life.
30) Men are always the ones expected to pay for dates.
31) Wonen get taken out to dinner and they don't have to pay.
32) It is considered wrong to use corporal punishment on women but not men.
33) Women have lower rates of suicide and death at work. [8]
Links are here:

Finally, SJWs are in favor of affirmative action. Affirmative action is a textbook example of racism and sexism. In affirmative action, the only quality considered is the gender or skin color of the applicant. AA discriminates against whites and men, as minorities are favored over them, even if the minority is less qualified. SJWs want people hired for the sole reason that they are women and non-white. I would elaborate more, but I am low on characters.

To conclude, I have shown that social Justice ignores men, favors minorities, can't take criticism, and uses inaccurate points to make new laws. This is no longer a movement of good, it is a movement of bad. I look forward to seeing why you believe social justice and feminism is still needed.

Good luck!


InVinoVeritas forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Well, that sucks. I was looking foward to this debate.


Oops! Sorry. I procrastinated too hard.
Debate Round No. 3


Argument next round?


InVinoVeritas forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Sigh. This could of been good. Vote Con.



You wanna remake, with the same opening argument?
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by ConserativeDemocrat 2 years ago
I'll remake this debate after I finish my 2 other ones.
Posted by harrytruman 2 years ago
I support equal rights for women- the problem is that Feminism isn't for gender equality.
Posted by Ragnar 2 years ago
If you believe it to be so close to being a truism, you should take the burden on yourself in a pro position to a negative resolution (add the word Not into it).
Posted by ConserativeDemocrat 2 years ago
Ragnar, we all know that there are feminists who are misandrists, and who use inaccurate data and ludicrous ideas to show "Sexism against women."
Posted by Ragnar 2 years ago
This whole debate seems to be trying to imply everyone who applies one name to their beliefs on one issue are a single unified force. ... And worse shifting the burden of this easily dismissed resolution to the contender.
Posted by Heirio 2 years ago
While the definition of feminism is for gender equality, what I've heard and seen suggests that the movement isn't really for that anymore.
Posted by RowanM 2 years ago
If feminism isn't about gender equality, what else would it be for?
Posted by SM29 2 years ago
I was about to accept your challenge and point out that feminism has done many good things in America, but you're asking in the present tense so I can't be on the pro side since I completely agree with your one-sentence argument
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