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Is forcing children to do work by paying them money a bribe or a reward?

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Started: 7/11/2016 Category: People
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Con: Think it's bribe
Pro: thinks it's a reward

1st round: accept and argue
2nd round: Argument

I am con, because you're basically forcing your child to do stuff by paying them money. Why is it forcing? Because children want money. They'd basically do anything to get at least one dollar. After you pay them, they'll think you're going to give them money every time they do something nice. They'll keep asking for money. (Which is not good for the parents.) I do not get how this would be a reward... It's obviously a bribe.


First of all, we can't force children to do work.
They have to do it on their own free will, giving them money is simply an incentive to motivate them to do that said work.

If I had a child and I for example offered them 5 bucks to mow the lawn, I'm giving him/her an incentive to do a certain task. My child could easily say no, it would just mean they're not getting 5 bucks. Let's say my child was going to spend the money on soda, or possible save for the new Xbox. Does my child really need that soda or Xbox? No.
My child would still be getting their basic needs food/housing/clothing covered etc. If I had said you're not getting dinner unless you mow the lawn, that would be "forcing" them or a "bribe" to do a certain task.

It's not bad parenting at all, it teaches children money is earned not a right.
Does Molly the college student work at McDonalds part time because she wants to work there? No she needs the $$ to survive, she's more than welcomed to not work at McDonalds if she can generate income in some other method.
Debate Round No. 1


You're basically proving my arguments right. I would be a bribe because your forcing them to do work by giving them money. How? All kids want money. One question to my opponent, "Did you read my argument in Round 1? It doesn't seem like it." And soon, your kid will be obsessed with money, which is not good. Your child will think, 'Oh goody, if I do something well, I will get money.' And then guess what will happen? If you stop giving them money, they'll stop doing their work. So instead, why not you just be happy and be really nice to your child? Then they'll do work and nice things all the time no matter what. They'll think, 'Oh, if I do something nice, I will make my parents happy. So I'm going to do work and MAKE the happy...' That's my point. I'm telling you, why pay the money? Don't you think that's bribing?
Here's a poem:
You give them money,
Then they will work,
Since they do the work,
You are happy,
But if you stop,
Stop giving money,
They won't work,
Cause' they no they can't by a lollipop...
So why not you be happy if they work
And then your children will know
You'll be happy,
Why give them the money?
It will ruin their life.
If they don't earn the money,
Children feel like their stabbed by a knife,
I call this forcing,
And also bribing.

So, how is it a reward? Do you see my point? You give money, they work. You top giving money, they stop working. That's how it goes. Children all want to be wealthy. Instead why not you be happy, and have a good life with your children. Why bribe them by giving them money all the time? That's why I think it's a bribe. That's why I think you should vote for me.
I say paying money to you r children is forcing. If they want to get money, the only way they have to get it, is by working. Unfortunately, they don't want to work. I call that forcing and bribing. Vote for me...


We are not bribing or forcing them at all, we are simply providing an incentive for them.
I did read you argument, I've demonstrated why we are not forcing them and why it is not a bribe.

Incentive- something that incites or tends to incite to action or greater effort, as a reward offered for increased productivity.

If providing money for services is a bribe all employment would be bribes.

If I was an employer at a grocery store it would mean I'm bribing cashiers, deli clerks, maintenance crew etc etc to work for me, as I provide them money for their services that keep the store operating. But in reality I am simply providing them with employment, they are not forced to work there if they don't want to. They are free to do whatever they want but they need the salary I provide to them.

Kids will learn if they want something they have to earn it and hard will has it's rewards. Money is currency, currency is used to purchase items/services/etc whatever people want.
If we hand children free money whenever they want they will expect the world to give them money whenever they need it. Instead we can educate them on employment.

Again it's not a bribe at all, if they want money they can earn it themselves.

Okay I was "nice" to my kid, now that my kid's 18 he still expects me to hand him money for the rest of his life. He was never taught that money is earned not given. I'll end up supporting my kid who's an adult because he was never taught the valuable lesson of with hard work comes great rewards.

Once again if they want money they can get out there and earn it themselves. The world is not built by people who refuse to work.

I'm 18, recently graduated HS. I've reserved a full time job for 4 years which will cover my housing, food, clothing, medical, dental, education etc etc. So in September I'll be out paying for everything by myself without having to rely on my parents.

If my parents spoiled me and gave me $$ whenever I want, I'd be still at home in September, getting them to pay for my college/housing/food etc not really taking any responsibilities in life.

Parenting is not all about making the kids happy, it's about raising them, teaching them life lessons, preparing them for the real world etc not spoiling them.

Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by TheBenC 2 years ago
I will force my children to do work simply to teach them how to have a good work ethic. They need no reward other than a job well done. Many people work hard just to pay their bills and eat some food. There is no extra reward than that.
Posted by joskoo 2 years ago
Yes, I basically am.
Posted by Bored_Debater 2 years ago
Are you talking about chores?
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