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Is freedom more important than security

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Started: 10/12/2012 Category: Society
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From my point of view, security is more important than freedom. First of all let us take look at the definition of security. "Is the state of being secured." Without security, people's lives are at risk. The reason is that people think that they have the right and freedom to do whatever they like, but they eventually end up abusing their lives. so if there is security their lives are much more safer than freedom.


Security is less important than freedom.

Holding back on security, which can often just be driven by the government's arbitrary interest, is less important than freedom, which is a fundamental human right; being protected by a government is not a human right, nor is it vaguely resemblant of one. Also, one cannot have security without freedom; rephrased, people must have the freedom to provide/receive security. Freedom without (or with minimal) security, however, is possible.

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Posted by InVinoVeritas 5 years ago
Note the word limit... haha
Posted by smuggler 5 years ago
i support u bernard go forward buddy :)
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