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Is god real?

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Started: 2/11/2015 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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If god is real he is not a nice being. There are heavily obese people in America and starving people in Africa, people get torchered and killed. *cough* holocaust *cough* and there are so many unfair things going on. If god is real why doesn't he help us?


Ugh, I'm going to have to deal with yet another one of you fools. "If God is real he is not a nice being." How about giving you life, and air to breathe. Giving you a sun which rises each morning. That nice enough? "So many unfair things going on." Right, and almost all of them are human-caused. Killing, torture, and the holocaust as you suggest, were and are all created by maniacal humans, who can't control their desire. God gave us freewill. What do else do you want? He loves us, and wants to draw closer to us, but He can't MAKE us love Him.

And I know what you're going to say. "But what about cancer? What about things we don't cause. Blah blah blah." God sees lessons we need to learn that are beyond our present understanding. Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, God gives us all of these things to overcome, see through, and ultimately draw closer to Him because of it?
My mother died of breast cancer. We prayed and prayed but she still died. Perhaps it's not about what's "fair" or what feeble, stupid, little humans believe is "just". God sees us, and he is filled with joy because he loves us. But look at all we do to each other. That's where the injustice lies.

And to your comment about "obese people in America," don't be ridiculous. It's a choice to eat like a hog and gain the weight of a truck. That's got nothing to do with the will of God.

Well, there's some light reading for you. Understand it, and read the Bible. Read it well. Because it'll give you more knowledge than this pathetic world of human minds could ever attempt to fathom.
Debate Round No. 1


just want to say i was christian for 12 years then i converted. I'm not looking for people like you who are gonna call us pathetic for being less than "God". but I'll live with it

(I'm on mobile right now. harder to talk)

so god is invisible and hasn't been seen. what are the chances some people said that god existed and created us? (warning: yes I havent read the bible because church was dumb and pointless when I was "christian" you're gonna have to live with it without being a bitch, be careful not to sin or your lord of mercy will send you right to hell)
Why are we pathetic? We are creatured who are advancing, perhaps you don't appreciate how we,outselves, have made ways of communication(language). we are making new things rapidly while "god" tests how africans deal with another disease. why does "GodL " favor us so much?

God has infinite power right? Power paradox (god creates something he can't destroy) something can't exist if it has the potential of a paradox. if that could happen, time machine, future people wandering around.

Also i can see you have no way of being convinced so why accept the challenge? I'm open to changing my opinion if someone provides evidence, and you, even if i did have solid evidence could never be convinced. please tell me why you're here.


Uh this is just boring. You want evidence. Here, if you have an hour to spare, which I'm sure you do, watch this There's your evidence. The chance of the "big bang," which in itself even sounds idiotic, or in other words, the universe creating itself, having occurred is 1 part in 10 to the power of 10 to the power or 123, that is 1 followed by 10 to the 123rd power zeros. That's not a lie. That's legit. Look it up, as I guess you won't believe me. In layman's terms, which I know is your preferred speech, that's a number that is too large to write down.

Think of it this way. I'm doing you a favour here by wasting my time to write this, but just think of it like this:
Three certainties.
1. We are here, and the universe is here.
2. Everything currently within time and space has a cause.
3. Therefore, the universe has a cause.
Saying the cause of the universe was the universe is unbelievably absurd.

And to answer your question, why I am here, I'm sorry you changed your faith. It's a great shame. People believe, deep inside, in the places they attempt to hide, that something larger than themselves, an all powerful being, created all of this. They just try to ignore it, because those who don't find something like God worth believing in are the beginnings and the ends of their tiny, insignificant worlds.
Debate Round No. 2


When there are a trillion years to create the universe in any way possible you'd think the universe would have been created sometime. there could have been thousands of failed times the universe was nearly created, maybe a couple times it did then eventually got blown up or something. stop sounding wise all the time with your fancy little quotes. quotes are dumb and untrue but everyone believes them because they sound so wise. I don't think my internal organs believe in god so if I'm right nothing inside me believes in god.


masterdrave forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Sorry for the delay, I was just taking a two-day dump, attempting to get your filth out of my system. But anyway, better make this swift.
"When there are a trillion years to create the universe in any way possible you'd think the universe would have been created sometime." Are you actually serious? What are you even talking about? None of this makes an inkling of sense. Trillions of years? Where the hell is that written down? And if you don't believe in God who do you suppose created this universe?
But anyway, that's a good seg-way into my next bout of abuse. "Stop sounding wise all the time." Right, there's our first problem. It would be more difficult for me if you were smarter than the child you are. "Fancy little quotes." I don't recall quoting anything. Where are my quotes? I'm just using my own knowledge. A dangerous notion for you, I know. "Quotes are dumb and untrue but everyone believes them because they sound so wise." Yes, the only thing I've quoted here is you. And I've even done you the favour of correcting your grammar. If it's yourself you are referring to, I most certainly agree. "Quotes are dumb and untrue." Right, what quotes are you looking at? Ones you don't understand I presume. Who quotes do you enjoy, ones from Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus? "Play is the highest form of research." There's a quote for you, from the idiot himself, Albert Einstein. Absolutely absurd, I know.

Look, I get that you're well intentioned, but when you're saying things like this "yes I havent read the bible because church was dumb and pointless when I was "christian" you're gonna have to live with it without being a bitch, be careful not to sin or your lord of mercy will send you right to hell," things that 1. Make little to no sense and 2. Are the result of a shallow depth of knowledge and a straight out rejection, I find it hard to sympathise.

"My internal organs believe in god so if I'm right nothing inside me believes in god." Right, well first off I don't really want to think about your internal organs, but if you truly believe you think your liver is going to lead you to the gates of heaven, I'd suggest nothing less than deleting your account on this website and instead debating with a house fly.

Good night.
Debate Round No. 4


You're just spitting out random things and hoping they form an argument. What makes you think I believe my liver is gonna fly away? Seriously. Learn to debate.


I don't need to hope for anything. And I'm not spitting out random things, and attempting to make sense of the filth you've produced. I don;t even know if what you're saying can be interpreted by God himself. "Learn to debate." I don't even care about debating someone so weak-minded. Why don;t you learn how to read. Then perhaps you'll see what I'm saying. "What makes you think I believe my liver is gonna fly away?" *sigh* it was sarcasm, fool.
If you just want to pretend like everything is fine and happy, go ahead. Ignore everything God put you on this earth for and advance in no way whatsoever.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
masterdave you need to use a little decorum.
Appropriateness of behavior or conduct.
Behaviour in keeping with good taste and propriety.
Posted by UndeniableReality 2 years ago
You haven't demonstrated anything to take notice of yourself.
Posted by SirTinyHead 2 years ago
Also as I said most of this was on mobile.
Posted by SirTinyHead 2 years ago
I just wasn't looking for an anti-atheist, I wanted a nice debate with someone who dodoesn't have to be a jerk about everything.
Posted by masterdrave 3 years ago
It's "debate with this guy" not "against". But I stopped caring too, it's sad to observe the direful intellect of some.
Posted by SirTinyHead 3 years ago
I really stopped caring after I realized I had to debate against this guy.
Posted by Commondebator 3 years ago
Both sides have really poor arguments

And your calling me ignorant, when I am voting? Really?

Both debates are bad, and your going to call me out? Listen up, I am going to give conduct to con already, however do not push me. I am not in favor of Con's argument and push me further with your attitude and I promise you will lose.

And its clear you hardly give 2 sh*ts about winning because of how bad your argument is. Seriously, if your going to act like that go to the religious forums. It stirs up the environment in the debate section
Posted by UndeniableReality 3 years ago
Neither of their arguments suggest a level of intelligence fitting for an adult human in current times.
Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
", but He can't MAKE us love Him." He can make us fear him.
Posted by debater12332 3 years ago
I am sorry Con but your argument makes zero sense.
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